Even as a Christian, you must admit…

Noah’s flood is a myth

… and this

… and this

There’s just no evidence for it and alot of evidence against. We didnt know as Christians how much of the ‘evidence’ we were being fed by Kent Hovind and Ken Ham was just flat out wrong. We never understood how much actual evidence was out there that contradicted our biblical flood story until we started investigating for ourselves. Enjoy the take down.



92 thoughts on “Even as a Christian, you must admit…

  1. But the ice age, climate change and flood water gorges all show how a global flood could have made our world the way it is through a very rapid movement of huge volumes of water. *

    * no I don’t believe that, I’m just thinking like I used to. 😀

    Hopefully I’ll remember to watch the video when I get home later. I can’t watch it during office hours.

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  2. Yes they must admit it, but do they?

    I wonder what James’ position would be?

    It is indeed ironic that non believers are criticised for being closed minded by the religious apologists.

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      • So at least you can understand their thought processes ad what caused you to change your mind.

        In my case whilst I used to see the Bible as true and divine, I always had an uneasy relationship with the first 11 chapters of Genesis (up to and including the Tower of Babel). I really did not know what to do with these arts of Bible as I really struggled to accept them as literally true, however I never really worked out how to categorise them. At times I saw them as a piou myth, at other times I wondered whether they were simplified versions of a more complicated reality.

        I suppose I sided with Calvin who argued that they were “God’s” children stories where God conveyed deeper truths through stories that were not literally true. Wiki describes it this way:

        ‘Accommodation (or condescension) is the theological principle that God, while being in His nature unknowable and unreachable, has nevertheless communicated with humanity in a way which humans can understand and respond to. The concept is that scripture has accommodated, or made allowance for, the original audience’s language and general level of understanding.’



  3. You are entirely too narrow minded mike, and completely out of touch with the account of the scriptures.

    How do you know it snowed 3 thousand years ago mike? You do not. You cannot prove it, but only an imbecile would deny or doubt t it.

    But I know it snowed positively, because I have the testimony of good men who were not liars. It is irrelevant whether you believe that the flood of Noah occurred. Perhaps you should talk to people who were affected by monster flooding which took their houses and spouses away in mere minutes, and having rained only for an hour.

    40 days and forty nights of deluge, from above and from beneath. Yeah, some serious water there. But you will laugh because you know more than God……….after all, you are the knowitall………..

    And guess what? You can post a thousand vids by your heroes of so called science who deny the flood that then was, and I’ll show you either a thousand misinformed men or liars.

    Hope that helps. There are no flaws in God’s word.


      • You will note that in my earlier comment I referred to JAmes and not CS. That was because I still hold out hope that James at least takes science seriously, even if he does not accept outcomes that cast doubt on the Biblical record.

        But as to our friend CS, well I have no such hope.

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      • Sure it’s possible. You missed the ‘good men’ part. I read their work, as they were simply ambassadors of another’s message, so unlike the vapid writings of the godless.

        But you know this already. ‘The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things, who can know it?’

        It is pure deceit to deny God’s creation as well as flood, and the attempts such as mike promoting his comedy is desperately wicked.

        Not my words, so enjoy. And to pete: take note that my initial observations at nates place were 100% spot on.

        After links, comments, more links, nothing was settled, and the hard hearted remain hard hearted.

        But you the scriptures right? Let him that is ignorant, let him be ignorant still.

        God ALWAYS has the last word, and He is never wrong.


        • Men are liars, including you.

          You can’t know with any certainty that the books of men you read of things alleged long ago are anything other than claptrap and invention to impress.

          Your god has been silent since I pronounced it a monster of imaginary proportions. I had the last word there and that is how it shall remain.

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          • I pity a man who says ‘there is no God………..’ then boasts that he is interested in ‘truth.’

            Truly a carnival act of epic proportion. Maybe the atheist can explain which came first the stomach or the liver, the heart or the brain, the large intestine or the finger……….

            Yeah, that’s right, this is what stupidity looks like apart from the Designer.

            Go ahead and continue to be as lost as London fog, your choice, but back on point, Noah lived, there was a flood, and God created the eagle to fly, the whale to swim, and the hyena to walk, and to be testimony to the snickering mouths of the godless.


            • Atheism doesn’t say ‘there is no god’. Not an atheist myself, but atheism just says they don’t believe. Evidence of course could change their minds.
              As far as christianity and the bible, that is crystal clear. It’s prove a myth by the evidence.
              The bible is a man made and culturally contrived book of books, filled with myths that stretch the imagination and credulity. The only way you could believe that what it says is absolutely true is by nothing more than faith blinded to any evidence to to contrary…
              (-Kia drops the Mike)

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              • Man made and culturally contrived?

                Listen carefully mike, godlessness provides zero answers and ignores ten thousand answers that have already been given.

                You are indicting yourself by crying that the genius of Genesis was ‘man made,’ since they were light years ahead of you in industry, manufacturing, and life span.

                They were artisans of brass, when have you made a brass instrument? They made harps. When have you made a harp? What have you contributed to the cultural advancements of the human race, doing things never done before?

                you have traded and borrowed on others labor and genius, yet bitch that they were stone aged idiots. Guess what? You could not compete with the knowledge of Adam, the wisdom of Solomon, nor the grace of God shown thru Paul, once Saul.

                Your lack of logic is embarrassing to anybody without bias; but go ahead and play in the sandbox of foolishness.

                The bible is man made and culturally contrived? What a joke.


              • Every skeleton and otherwise preserved body dug up from history has been considerably younger than the improbable years of the old testament.

                The last hundred or so years have shown age increases in line with mans medical advancement.

                The evidence of the world, that be can tested and verified and validated all contradicts the words in a book, written by men who lie.


              • The trustworthy source belongs to He who created your brain, and gave you the ability to deny Him.

                Your choice. God is blameless. Read and study God’s word for 30 or 40 years and watch your gripes disappear one after the other.


              • Men who lie claim their god is trustworthy.

                Men who lie can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

                Men who lie who claim their god is trustworthy are not being truthful or trustworthy.

                Their god is not trustworthy.

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    • “But I know it snowed positively, because I have the testimony of good men who were not liars.”~ColorStorm

      And how did you go about making that determination? (i.e. that you have the testimony of good men who were not liars.)


      • Sure, here’s a few:

        –And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam [became] leprous, [white] as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, [she was] leprous.–

        –Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.–

        So it seems back in the day ron, snow was observable, verifiable, and obvious.


          • Just as easy to believe that Paul the apostle sailed the seas, Methuselah died at 969, Moses at 120, and the days of our lives today average threescore and ten.

            So, if there is a problem, it is entirely yours. There are no defects in God or scripture and you will never win a single argument.

            And btw, you continue to embarrass yourself on your own blog, citing any other book as comparable to the Word of God, then again, it does appear you have no shame.


          • Sorry ron if this went over your head. The point was rather plain.

            Only the Word of God ALONE presents the grace of God in its simplicity, perfectly consistent from Genesis to Revelation, confirmed by nature, arithmetic, history, geography, the alphabet, common sense, and your own God given conscience, a conscience not given to hyenas.

            Back on point. there was the deluge of Noah, and I could not give a whit at how may so-called scientists said it did not occur. And God’s word is final. See how easy.


            • Science is valuable only as it confirms your bias. Otherwise, the bible trumps reality confirmed by scientific evidence… sounds about right. I’m sure bin Laden felt the same way


              • For the love of God mike, how many of your genius friends who dated things as billions of years old have been found as fraudulent, since they were found in somebody’s garage and proven to be not even a hundred years old.

                And no, don’t ask for links, do your own work. But at the time, they sure sounded smart. Sound familiar???

                Godlessness is the drug taken by the rebellious. Simple.


            • Oddly enough, Muslims adamantly assert the word of Allah is the one true way. Given that neither side provides an objective standard with which to evaluate the merits of these competing truth claims, your assertions convince no one other than your respective followers. Bummer!

              “A god that does not manifest in reality is indistinguishable from a god that does not exist.”~Matt Dillahunty


              • But cs, you’ve already said it doesn’t matter want science demonstrates to be True in regards to the accuracy and Truthfulness of the biblical record. You’ve decided with Winston Smith…
                “… I love Big Brother”.
                What do you know of Truth? I don’t think you really care about truth at all.


              • Truth knowitall, apart from God?

                Now there is a joke for the ages.

                Answer mike how you know 2 plus two equals 4, and you are on the path to absolute truth, as revealed in God Himself.

                The whole world knows the absolute immutibility of arithmetic. Why don’t you?

                You ignore what is simple and obvious, and traffic in the absurd.

                ‘He made great whales too……’


              • ColorStorm,

                I might have asked you this before, but I’ll ask again:

                How many adult non-believers have you won over to Christ with your brand of proselytizing? Right now, I’m guessing it’s zero.

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              • Winning is no goal. It is pure presentation. The Lord as He wills, draws.

                I’m just happy to assert God and His word have never lost anything to creatures big and small.

                You can deflect all you want ron, but God’s word is blameless; if you spent more time examining its contents……….your concerns would disappear.


              • Cs, now that’s funny. Your assumption that Ron and by extension all those who reject the bible has done so only by not carefully and fully examining it’s contents. Amazing


              • Yes that’s true. Try engaging the heart, instead of the opinions of they who say Nazareth never existed in the time of Christ.

                See how easy? Your heart knows the account is true, but you have traded truth for the dry and rotten opinions of godlessness.


              • ColorStorm,

                Let me rephrase the question:

                Jesus commanded his followers to go out and make disciples of all nations. How many people have you baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit?

                I spent the greater part of my early life examining the contents. That’s why I no longer believe.

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              • Hey knowitall, do you wake up and think of how many ways you can portray evil as good? Does it come natural? You are clueless as to scripture, God, His purposes, His people, and you will spend your days trying to convince yourself of any shortcomings in God or scripture, and it simply proves God and His word have your number.

                Pride and rebellion are such poor friends that blind humility from giving God the courtesy of existing.

                You are a trespasser on His earth, yet you resist, minute by minute. Good for you. Meanwhile, He gives you breath after breath. He is good like that.

                Back on point. There was flood, a deluge. Maybe you need to be caught in a flood to wake up. It may change your tune.


              • A global flood did not happen. Its just a myth from the bible, echoed in many other religious traditions as well.
                It was no more real than the flood you threatened to wake me up with.
                So again, how long have you been a christian and how many times have you read thru the entire bible in that time?


              • You apparently do not know know the scriptures nor the power of God.

                God promised NOT to destroy the earth again that way.

                Therefore my comment to about MAYBE being caught up in one escaped you……as does most of scripture escape you.

                If I told you I memorized the New Testament would you be impressed?

                I would rather enjoy one nugget of truth from God’s word in truth and understanding, than have all the tea in China.

                Cry all you want about you inability to believe God’s word. God’s word foretold all about scoffers. No surprise.

                Your concern should be how could God possibly know the reactions of men who despise Him………….

                You keep receiving gift upon gift yet your recalcitrance rejects the package. Your choice.


              • This is neither the time nor the place to discuss dispensational truth, since no one in these parts as much as gives God the courtesy of existing.

                And for you or mike to put God’s word in the same sentence with the ko-ran tells me you are not in the least bit serious about Truth.

                Back on point……even as it is was in the says of Noah……they mocked, they bitched, they complained….they cursed…..they said there is no God……they said there were many gods……they laughed………

                .until the rains came……..and once more proved, just like today, that God’s word is true.

                It’s also a pity watching everyone on this thread try to dismiss the God of creation.

                Gotta love God’s providence by giving a heads up on the behavior of the rebellious.

                But to your question, try engaging the heart, that little voice of truth which knows God’s word is true.


              • ColorStorm,

                A simple “none” would have sufficed.

                And we don’t need to discuss dispensational truth, because Mark 16:16-17 provides a handy litmus test for determining who is and who isn’t a true believer—a test we both know you’ll fail . . . miserably.

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              • I am well aware of the scripture. The problem is, you pretend to believe it, while not understanding it, while I believe it, and understand it.

                And it is irrelevant for you to ask for ‘trophies,’ as any reasonable person would tell you to ‘get lost.’

                Being the reasonable person that I am, I’ll forego the’ take a hike’ part.


              • ColorStorm,

                I think your problem is that we all understand it and none of us (save for a few crazy Pentecostal snake handlers) believes it; so you make up excuses for your lack of faith to save face.


              • Hey ron. The topic of post? The flood of Noah?

                Spoken with absolute credibility by the same Lord Jesus Christ you are referencing.

                Please sir. You have NO credibility on this issue.

                Do you notice how it is I who brings the subject matter full front, and ALWAYS proves God’s word as true.

                Your distractions are meaningless.


              • Jesus also claimed the stars would fall from the sky and the moon would not give its light. If he’s that ignorant of cosmology why should I believe his historical claims.


              • My unbelief is hardly a secret. I’ve openly admitted it on many occasions. Glad you’ve finally caught on.

                Jesus’ ignorance reflects the lack of scientific knowledge of his era. What’s your excuse?


              • The Lord Jesus Christ gave you the ability to understand science which you are obviously wasting.

                I’m going with His accounting of the flood, not yours, nor ten thousand of so-called intellectuals who when combined cannot make so much as an acorn.

                God always has the last word, and His patience in the face of such blatant rebellion is stunning. Then again, scripture says as much.


              • ColorStorm,

                Science discredits the plausibility of your ancient fables at every twist and turn. And Christians openly display their lack of faith in God’s divine providence every time they visit a hospital, don safety gear, install security systems, carry weapons, etc. If you really believed what you claimed, you’d sell all your possessions and go preach the gospel in all the nations like Jesus commanded, instead of wasting your time arguing with non-believers on the Internet. Your faith is a complete sham, and we all know it.


              • There is nothing worst than an atheist with a bible in his hand.

                I suppose you never heard of Luke the beloved physician………..or the advice of Timothy to drink some wine for his stomach ailment……

                You are lost as fog when it comes to scripture, and I will point it out every time you TRY to show a defect in God’s word, to your own shame.

                But thanks for the compliments. Christ was said to have a devil and Paul a madman, so thanks again.


              • I think you meant there’s nothing worse for an Internet apologist than a well-versed former theist who’s read and studied the Bible from cover to cover, multiple times, and knows all your apologetic maneuvers.

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              • Colorstorm has the following note prominently taped to his monitor:

                “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” —W.C. Fields

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              • Even the devil believes in God ron, so what? At least he is not so stupid as to deny the existence of God.

                And if you were well versed, you would not confuse the scriptures with the poison of the -koran.

                Apparently you do not know the contents nor the God of the scriptures.

                If you did, your gripes about the petty ko-ran would never be mentioned.

                Or maybe you are not aware that the imposter al-lah offers no love to unbelievers, such as the God of the scriptures has done so already…….

                For so loved the world……….

                Al-lah knows not the love of the Creator. False gods are a dime a dozen, and they can neither speak nor hear.

                Back on point. There was a flood.


              • ColorStorm,

                Yes. There was a flood. In fact, there have been thousands of floods; just not the one described within the Bible.

                We know this for a variety of reasons: the geological evidence doesn’t support the occurrence of such an event; the diversity of plant and animal life cannot be sustained within one enclosed homogeneous environment; the historical records of other civilizations continue uninterrupted during the time span this flood is said to have occurred; the unseaworthiness of vessels built of wood to those dimensions; etc.

                I know you can invoke “God magic” to dismiss each and all of those objections, but then we’re left wondering why an all-powerful being would expend so much effort ridding the world of undesirable people when it could just as easily have “poofed” them out of existence and been done with it.

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              • Hate to break it to you ron. Their word is far better than yours.

                I recognize the voice of truth, and can easily discern the static of godlessness.

                The same truth is available to you; you merely choose to tune it out. Very simple dilemma you have.

                Thanks for trying though. No magic needed, except in the minds of the godless who deny the Creator the courtesy of existing.

                And btw, your lame crying about geological records is purely laughable. How many global floods have you been in whereby you can compare notes…………..

                God’s word has settled every gripe, then now, and every one to come.

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              • Your bluster cannot hide the fact that you cannot demonstrate the attributes possessed by a true follower of Jesus. You talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. Doesn’t that concern you?

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              • Facts, logic, empirical evidence and reason guide my judgment, ColorStorm; not the superstitious screeds of ancient desert dwellers.

                Your walk is entirely your business. Just remember, Jesus warned that “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

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              • I sense that CS, like most apologists, prefers to follow the gospel of Paul rather than the gospel of Jesus. By their fruits you shall recognize them.

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              • Cs is very different. He trusts only in the bold assertions of the bible, not in attempting to defend them, either honestly or dishonestly


              • Mike. Be honest. The ko-ran is uttered to mu-lims only. God’s word is offered by way of grace, to every tribe, kindred, and tongue.

                The -ko-ran knows nothing of grace. And the true and only God is no respecter of persons.

                You should know this.

                The two are not even in the same galaxy.


  4. Dream mike? You should take your comedy act on the road. It is you who somehow thinks that the greatest guests of the oceans (whales) grew from tadpoles or once walked on earth like prairie dogs.
    It is the knowitalls of the world who have hallucinated with the alternate reality. You will never win a singular argument against scripture mike; one would think you would tire of blowing so much hot air.

    And oh, did you hear the latest front page comedy by the so-called atheists? Nazareth never existed at the time of Christ?………. Are you still laughing? Your atheist kin should embarrass you with such stupidity.


      • I don’t traffic in speculation. But rest assured, the 14.3 billion year guess work lauded by pseudo intellectuals have not a clue either.

        Eh so what right, at that number, one could be off a few billion years off and still sound credible!


        Furthermore, time belongs to the Creator, not you or your friends can determine a day let alone light years.

        And a hundred years from today, NEW scientists will cite today’s men as frauds, how they lived in the stone age junkyard of the internet……….

        See mike how easy it is to debunk guesswork.

        But back on point. There was a flood, and a great one at that. He who is the TRUTH affirmed it so, and since His word is better than misfits, I’m going with He whose understanding is infinite.


          • Oh how wonderful to rely on such specialists that cannot even get right a three day weather forecast…….

            This will fly right over your head peter, but your hero friends were not there………..in the beginning.

            Their guess is as good as yours, or as bad as clowns in a circus.


  5. Mike over on Nate’s blog CS make a lengthy incursion in one discussion thread. Nate observed:

    Guys, I think we’re just wasting our time with CS. I’d never tell anyone to stop commenting here, but (watch — I’m going to give a prophecy!) any continued debating with CS will get absolutely nowhere, other than net us a few more “He made the stars also” quips. He’s just not going to engage with real discussion — he’s here to snipe. Feel free to continue, if you like. I just suggest keeping expectations to a minimum.


    When I was a Christian, his comments would have worried me. If he’s a Christian who’s familiar with the kinds of arguments we’re raising (as he obviously is), but is refusing to offer any kind of rebuttal or evidence to resolve the problems, it would make me think that there’s a good chance that there simply are no good responses to these issues. In other words, his comments would have done just as much to make me doubt my faith as any of the other comments here. And I don’t think I’m alone in that. Most Christians I’m familiar with don’t buy into the presuppositionalism that ColorStorm seems to deal in.

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      • Here ya go you knowit all, a piece from my first comment at the post you are referencing, which is true, irrefutable, and entirely relevant to your gripes here.

        :You go on to say ‘both versions cannot be true………..’ and it is irrelevant to explain it to you. But don’t you tire of wasting time and resources in that which you find detestable? Are you not embarrassed to traffic in that which is the pride of the atheist?

        Truth be told, you cannot rid the scripture from your conscience, as this effort here suggests. Reminds me of the young punk who tried to sink a submarine with a pea shooter.

        It may be a type of therapy for you, but rest assured, there are no defects in scripture. None.’

        Ah yes, the consistency of a believers testimony who actually believes the records and God’s ability to preserve His own word.

        Btw, last time I checked, the Tigres and Euphrates rivers are still intact, per the book of Genesis. Doncha love the history, geography, and geology of the word of God……..

        But you too, mike, enjoy your therapy.


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