Game Five: 135 to 102: Celtics Win

(((Update post-series loss to the Cavaliers)))

Well sports fans, even though I wasn’t able to watch the game last night, no TV in the home for 4yrs now, I was able to follow the progress on my tablet, and check the final score this morning as I’m waking up at 3am for work… yea, three o’clock.

With the final result ending up as many, including myself, predicted… the Cavs wrapped up the game strong and with it, the series. King James passed Michael in all time playoff scoring and the Celtics without Isaiah Thomas looked like they had no answers. 

However the Celtics still won. They won our hearts throughout the season, making the playoffs and even getting to the ECF with a ‘small ball’ squad, then following it up with an incomprehensible and unexpected first pick in the NBA Draft Lottery. Time to look towards next season and the future of Boston Basketball. 

Until then we still have the Red Sox, but the Boston Cetics are done for the year.

– kia


5 thoughts on “Game Five: 135 to 102: Celtics Win

  1. I have to say I’m still a Cavs fan. Despite the accident of my ending up in Cleveland in 1992, I decided they had enough crappy sports teams to garner my support. I was there when the big controversy over signing LeBron right out of high school was raging, but everyone was thrilled that he chose to stay close to home and help his momma. He’s been about the only good think Cleveland has had to be proud of in decades!

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    • You have to give him, the cavs and Cleveland props. It won’t make me root for them, but obviously the best team won.
      Here’s to the number one draft pick, next year and the future greatness of the Boston Celtics

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    • I heard a news report yesterday where economists are studying the ‘LeBron effect’ saying they have a unique opportunity because he left and came back again.

      The short answer is that impact of LeBron James on local hotels and the like is huge, when he left many laid off staff and went broke, when he returned business went through the roof.


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