A Silly Question Answered Honestly

Recently posted on a Christian blog

“So, Mr. or Ms. non-believer, if the God of the Bible convinced you of His existence with all the evidence you could ever ask for, would you fully obey and serve Him?” –James, Internet Apologist Extraordinaire

Since I cannot trust the blogger who asked this question recently to not edit replies or even create whole cloth comments for me that I did not say, I’d like to open the floor to his question and also share my answer as a recently deconverted, 34yr christian and 25yr disciple/avocational minister of Christ. 

My answer would be a resounding “NO”, and here’s why

If in fact the meglomaniacal, uber egotistical and cosmic scale level God described in the Bible, both Old Testament and New, actually existed… 

… you know the one, genocidal maniac (see genesis and joshua), rape and murderer excusing, first born baby murdering, (see 2 Sam 12) and pagan human sacrificing for ‘sin’ (see Genesis ‘abandon your first born and kill second’ Abraham, and the gospel of Jesus ‘substitutionary atonement’ Translation: ‘human sacrifice’), i could literally go on and on… but THAT one? 

If THAT one actually existed and you could Demonstrate this with actual EVIDENCE, not just philosophical arguments from ignorance and incredulity, or more germane to your question… Reversing the Burden of Proof you bear to those who don’t believe and justifying your unwillingness and inability to meet it by ASSUMING the dishonest response of those you haven’t been able to convince yet…

James, my boy… you’d win the F*ing Nobel Prize. 

But instead, you’re just taking dishonest, arrogant and condescending ‘pot shots’ at the integrity of anyone who doesn’t have the unthinking and fearfilled credulity to believe Unproven Claims on not only BAD evidence, but literally NO evidence… and a LOT of evidence to the contrary for the existence of the God of the Bible and the historical and archaeological accuracy and reliability of that collection of Bronze and Iron Age Mythology and Religious Fiction. 

So first of all buddy, you know full and well you have no way to actually prove, demonstrate or show such a thing as you are loading your question with. You are only asking it in such a way to assert and imply that anyone who does not believe in, love and slavishly serve your particular version of God is in reality rejecting it for purely personal, emotional or disingenuous and dishonest reasons. 

I call Bull S#!t on you James. Your question and how it’s nuanced is pure unadulterated Bull S#!t and you know it. You have college degrees, you’re not an idiot and neither am I. 

“In almost all cases, they demand scientific proof. They say they want tangible, testable evidence that can be verified using the scientific method. Unfortunately for them such a demand in itself is scientifically impossible.” –James, Internet Apologist Extraordinaire 

Actually, it’s unfortunate for YOU. But I will answer your question, James.

No, I wouldn’t serve the God of the bible anymore even if you could demonstrate His actual existence. But I do have some questions for you as well, Brother James.  

  • Why would you serve someone simply because he is more powerful than you? Would you serve Hitler’s Germany if you lived in 1939 Czechoslovakia?
  • Why would you worship a person or entity whose whole purpose for His existence, it would seem, is to be worshipped, adulated, grovelled to and fawned over for all eternity by everyone and everything? 
  • How could you EVER actually enjoy thoughts of Heaven knowing that the vast majority of people who have ever lived, and will ever live, are either in Hell or will be when they die simply for not believing in, accepting as Master and Lord, and Worshipping the ‘Right’ god or worshipping and serving him in the wrong way? 
  • And you will spend eternity with the person who is their Eternal Torturer. How could you EVER “Laugh in Heaven” while untold billions are being Eternally Tortured and Immolated on orders and express designs and plans of the God of the Bible?
  • Have you even read the Bible and the descriptions of the God you serve and what it says He has done? Murder, genocide, baby killing, both personally by Him and for Him on His orders?

If the God of the Bible does exist, He’s a Monster and the most cruel sadist and narcissistic bastard in the whole universe. 

I dont worship, serve or grovel to monsters. They are not worthy of worship, not even if They are more powerful than I am… not even Universally and Infinitely more so. I would spit in His immaterial and invisible eye as He tosses my carcass over the cliff into the flames below. 

But of course, there is no such danger of that actually happening, now is there James? 

If so… meet your burden of proof with actual Evidence, not nuanced slander and slurring of the characters and integrities of those less inclined and willing to believe what uuounare selling without it. Now Bugger off James, like a good little A$$hole.



47 thoughts on “A Silly Question Answered Honestly

  1. Well if the alternative was to torture me for all eternity in Hell then I would find some way of grovelling, but there would be no love or worship only craven fear.

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  2. Zande and pete…………..

    …………..the wonderful combo that would embarrass even Dathan and Abiram.

    Grumblers and murmurmers sitting in judgment of the living God.

    Pathetic. But I do like the idea of the first earthquake in this regard, so tkx for the memory.


    • Address this without your usual song and dance

      The Moral Autonomy Argument

      1. We are moral agents with moral autonomy and a responsibility to exercise it
      2. Abandoning one’s moral autonomy is immoral
      3. God is a perfectly good being worthy of worship
      4. Worship is the recognition of one as inferior and subordinate to a greater being
      5. Worship of God includes the total abandonment of one’s moral autonomy in favour of blind, non-questioning obedience of God
      6. This is immoral, unless we can continuously be sure the being we are worshipping is (perfectly) good, and that the being we are worshipping is indeed a (or the) “God”
      7. To continuously evaluate whether a being is good requires moral judgment, which requires moral autonomy
      8. Therefore it is not possible to continuously evaluate if a being is good while also worshipping it
      9. Therefore, worshipping necessarily requires abandoning one’s moral responsibility, which is immoral
      10. Therefore, no being is worthy of worship
      11. Therefore, God does not exist

      In short – worship makes it impossible to know the object of worship is good, and a non-good object of worship isn’t worthy of worship. It is said that it can be known that God is good, and that God is worthy of worship, which is a contradiction, which cannot exist.

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      • The biblical God is not worthy of worship or adoration. Only contempt and destruction. The factbthat he doesn’t really exist makes my life much easier and less stressful

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      • No 4 for now john.

        Are ants inferior to grasshoppers? Are locusts inferior to honeybees? Are hyenas inferior to eagles?

        Until you decide how and why something is ‘inferior,’ your point will always be moot.

        And btw, just for kicks and giggles, who are you to decide what is moral?

        Same sex marriage is moral? A man marrying his horse is moral? A man stealing a loaf of bread to feed the hungry?

        So you see, one can hardly adjudicate the righteousness of God, when his own mind cannot decide right from wrong, and left from right.


          • Uh hello? It is you who arbitrarily decides what is convenient, having no sense of what is absolutely right or wrong jonz of the andes.

            I know it is absolutely wrong for two men to ‘marry,’ as a matter of fact, it is impossible.

            So it would appear it is you who knows not up from down, left or right, right from wrong. Me? It is easy determining right from wrong.

            You cannot win an argument john, against the logic of scripture. Ever.


            • Cs, it incorrect to say anyone chooses between right and wrong by arbitrary methods. And you as a christian can claim to have a truly moral compass for such choices if those choices are made unquestioningly solely no the pronouncements of another person… in your case the God of the bible.
              Given the character of the person making those pronouncements based on other situations, actions and ethical standards displayed by Him in the old testament and new, I would challenge that they are moral or good in any objective or true sense of the words Moral and Good.
              But but you are obligated to obey and follow them ‘arbitrarily’, independent of any such deliberation.
              So it YOU who are the one making the arbitrary choice and decision on right and wrong, not jz


              • Sorry mike.

                You are not paying attention. Maybe YOU too can answer the recent comment to johnz of the andes.

                ANY answer will hang your attempt at making sense apart from absolutes.

                Once more, you lose. Sorry, but the tenure of scripture wins EVERY time.

                Two men MARRYING? Please. Even you must agree with the absurdity.


              • Really mike?

                How about the union of opposites for starters?

                You have a male and female bolt in construction work. They ‘marry’ in ways which would be otherwise impossible.

                Things the ‘same’ cannot marry in any sane world of thought.

                Surely it won’t kill you to agree. Or does ‘deconverting’ include throwing out part of your brain?


              • So… what about male and female couples who marry, but don’t have children?
                I think marriage is more about a voluntary, loving partnership and respect… a commitment to sharing life than just ‘sex positions’.


              • Hey john.

                Your circus tricks may work with others of lesser means, but they do not pass the truth muster with me.

                Sooooooo, johnz of the andes, how do YOU determine the morality of two men marrying??????

                The six questions marks are for your consideration, as you will seethe in ignorance with ANY answer.


              • I don’t see two people who love each other joining in a permanent union recognised by the state as a moral issue. It’s a matter of basic human rights.

                But do tell me, John… Do you honestly think your god would punish two people for loving each other, and praise you for hating people you’ve never met?

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              • John-
                Forget the ‘love’ part. Would you reject the ‘love” a man has for his turtle and refuse to recognize his ‘marriage?’

                Can you not see the ridiculous position you are taking?

                I am not speaking of human rights. Go ahead and hook up with a turtle, or hook up with another man. Whatever floats your boat.

                But get your own dictionary, and choose another word for this alleged ‘marriage.’

                Here’s an idea: mirage.


              • Cs, are there only those two types of love? Love for a marriage partner and love for turtles? I think you are intentionally dumbing down the conversation. Stop it. You are smarter than tha

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              • No mike, the point has already been dumbed down by you two.

                My absurd idea about the turtle makes perfect sense. Or maybe you havn’t heaerd about the woman who ‘married’ her horse……..

                ‘Love’s’ got nothing to do with it.


              • I can understand how you would think that. Used to believe that way too. And for someone who admittedly doesn’t care about outside the bible corroboration or refutation of their beliefs, I totally get where you’re coming from. 🙂


              • You didn’t answer the question. Please address it without further delay:

                Do you honestly think your god would punish two people for loving each other, and praise you for hating people you’ve never met?

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              • No. 1, I do not recognize your attempt at thinking that ‘gods’ and God are twins.

                2ndly, I hate no one, and the issue on the table is the definition of marriage.

                Therefore, your interest in answers is moot.


              • John, cs would never agree that two men or two women could love each other in that way. He would probably refer to it as unnatural lust, mistake for love.


              • John.

                You are not deaf are you?

                Marriage, per the word itself, is the union of opposites; in this case, male and female.

                Surely you are capable of understanding this; personal opinion be damned.


              • No, it is the state recognised union of two loving people, and all the benefits associated to that, such as hospital visitation rights.


                Now please answer the question put to you without the diversionary song and dance.

                Do you honestly think your god would punish two people for loving each other, and praise you for hating people you’ve never met?

                Now, you said you do not hate anyone. I’ll have to take your word on this, so now please answer the first part of the question: Do you honestly think your god would punish two people for loving each other?


    • Brother CS… while you’re in the neighborhood, care to fill in some of the gaps left by brother James of Isaiah? Have you any evidence or proof for the existence of the God of the bible?


      • Evidence? Proof?


        The same resources that you have at your disposal:

        Life itself.

        The accounting of Genesis is sufficient to anybody with a brain larger than a pea, who actually engages it.

        Common sense. Facts of history. Logic. And of course, the testimony of scripture.

        But you already know this. 😉


        • Cs, you’ve No idea how nonsensical that sounds. You haven’t offered anything. just bluster, assertions, bs and aggression to those who won’t believe you


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