Black Collar Crime?: I guess ‘Georgie’ is coming home after all.

Hat tip to Bruce G.
What did he know and when did he know it? Uncle Frank can’t protect you forever, buddy. So… “Come Home Cardinal Pell”.



The Believer’s Dispair of the Truth

Fear of the loss of his Innocence drives him to continue believing… regardless of Evidence and Historical Truth…

“… God’s Word trumps…”

In answer to the question “Should the Biblical creation story be viewed as literal or figurative?”

AUGUST 19, 2016 AT 9:35 AM
Wally Fry
Hey Lynn

Interesting question, and I am going to chime in! I am one of those “fundamentalists” First, I’m not here to debate any one one your blog, nor will I.

I happen to believe creation happened just as described in Genesis. Allow me to add some thoughts. Let me say first that I understand the reality of what seems to be compelling evidence from history and science that this account can only be figurative. Again, that’s an entire other subject. Being the fundamentalist that I am, I would simply state I believe God’s Word trumps.

The Believer denies evidence because to do otherwise… invites despair and disappointment… and deconversion…

Why does a literal creation matter? Some thoughts.

We we rule out a literal creation as just not possible we imply that God really couldn’t do all that. Well, if He could not speak the worlds into existence, then he is not much of a God.

Genesis 2:7 tells us God formed us with His own hands and personally breathed life into us. We were created in His image. Frankly, the entire evolutionary model, while seemingly compelling, destroys the very thought that humankind is in God’s image. The implications of evolving into God’s image are outstanding. That would imply that somehow we are, over time, able to become more God like and in His image. That would be no more than us working our way to salvation, by works. Toss grace out of the window. We didn’t evolve into God’s image, He created us that way.

And the full extent of the believer’s dispair… crescendos yet higher…

If there was no literal creation, and no literal garden, and no literal Adam and Eve…then there is….nothing. No Adam and Eve…….no fall into sin…..then no sin. No sin problem, then no need for Jesus, because if we aren’t sinners no need to any payment to be made. Frankly, Lynn, without a literal creation, then the entire rest of the narrative unravels as well.

Then we roll right back into we don’t need God, we don’t need Jesus. We just need to work hard and eventually we will evolve and change into something better.

I was wrong, Brother Wally. You DO understand…

It may seem at times that the literal account of Genesis is very hard to believe, but I maintain that it is a vital part of the entire Word of God upon which our faith is built.

You are just Afraid. Like I was. Like I am. But fear is no foundation for life, peace, joy and fulfillment. 

“… by the mouth of two witnesses…”, from an earlier post on The Resurrection

“Without a bodily resurrection, our entire faith simply melts away. Without the Resurrection, Jesus was not God; he was just a martyred prophet. Without the Resurrection, every single prophecy about it is false; that renders the Bible false. Without the Resurrection, even Jesus’ own prophecies about His death and Resurrection were false, making Him not even a real prophet, but a false one. ” – Wally.

I’m sad for you, Brother Wally… and hopeful .

Because if you understand what’s at stake, the devastation to your Faith in accepting evidence and historical truth… then even though for now… you maintain your Faith, later… Maybe not much later… you may understand where I am in my journey. Maybe even… you’ll join me, where the Evidence leads away from the Biblical God and to…


Truth ™ is sometimes… Askew to some people. But eventually, it all seems to straighten out and align with… 


My hope for you, Brother Wally, and all who are now as I once was. Bound by fear of Truth.


Xtian Haiku: Memories on a Shelf


Worlds of adventure

Mom and dad in the front room

Journeys of the mind.


This is all I have left of the hundreds of books that lined the bookshelves of my parents home. I’m sad to say that because we have so many of our own and a total of seven bookshelves throughout our home, when my mom passed in April of 2013 we could only keep a few. I had to decide which books meant the most to me and spoke most clearly of my parents love for reading, their favorite authors, the genre that most accurately reflected their styles and tastes, or at least what I remembered them to be.

It’s fair to say that they were readers of a variety of books, mostly fiction with an historical anchor. They loved Clavell, and Michener, and LeCarre, and Robert Ludlum’s ‘Jason Bourne’. My mom and dad did read Lustbader’s version, but they pined for the ‘real thing’ after the death of the original author of the original trilogy. They would have hated the movies had they stumbled into a theater to watch them. They also liked Ken Follett, whom they posthumously introduced to my wife in the form of one of their books that we brought home. His Pillars of the Earth started her own love for the author and has led to us buying and reading others of his since. Mom and dad, were readers. They loved the adventures that stories and books contain, ready to sweep us off into adventures and high stakes intrigue between their covers and at the turn of every page. 

Yesterday passed the seventh anniversary of my father’s passing in 2010 and the things I remember about him have mostly to do with his books and reading. I carried to work with me his Zippo lighter and wore the watch mom gave me for Christmas many years ago. But among all the stuff and things that are still scattered around the house reminding me of them, in have memories of them on my shelf that I can pick up and retrace their steps in my own as I read what they read. I can hear their voices, see their faces as they were buried in their pages and consumed in the reading of these books, now on my shelf that were once in their hearts. And as I do, both the stories and my parents come alive again.

We miss you mom and dad. But we have your memories on a shelf and in our hearts. As long as we do, you will always live in our home. 


Tie Tuesday: K-State Birthday Edition 

This one is late… sue me.

This is the other one of my birthday ties that my wife bought me. Ain’t it grand?

Our household is a two college home. She’s an ASU grad and I’m a Kansas State Wildcat, sadly never finished. But I definitely represent my State, Teams and favorite school. 

Hope you enjoyed the day. I’m beat dead tired after a long day at work. 

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Mug

((Reposted 6/18/17 for a Father’s Day))

My ‘Late’ Offering 


For some reason, TJ’s wonderful Blog dropped from my Reader. I looked and it had dropped from my Followed Blogs as well. My apologies, but this meant that I did not see the Challenge for last Monday and thus did not prepare my submission, “je suis désolé” 

My Mugs

One my Father gave

the other I gave to him.

The calf was his dad’s.


I’ve been recently enamored with DE Safety Razor Shaving.  My ‘mug’, the one I got from Dad, is pretty sensitive and I want to protect it from nasty chemicals and ingredients in those spray cans full of instant shave cream as well as the damage that multi-blade cartridges can do to it.

About 2 and a half years ago, I went to a DE Safety Razor for Economy, Ecology and ended up enjoying the Experience of a close shave.  Like my earlier post with the same picture expressed, I even picked up a new safety Razor, Brush and Cream at The Art of Shaving in the mall nearby. I spent WAYYY too much, but I guess I could consider it an early Birthday Gift to myself.

Of course I don’t have the courage yet to try these…

But maybe one day 😉

Enjoy the day and “Have a great shave, have a great day”