Are the Pundits overreacting? They might be. 

Or are they Attacking to Protect the Orthodoxy?

It might be helpful to know what they are attempting to say Trump is stupid to oppose. Was this agreement a good idea for America and the World in the first place? 

  • Non binding
  • Specifically Extortive to ‘richer countries’
  • While Specifically Exempting some of the world’s worst polluters 
  • Potentially costing us Billions, maybe Trillions of taxpayer dollars…

… For an uncertain, unspecified and unknowable difference in global temperatures. We now know why our previous President didn’t try to take approval of this thru the Congress. Then the People he was hired to serve would have known what a horrible deal and bad idea it was. We would have said No. 

“I was elected to serve the people in Pittsburg, not Paris”- President Trump

So Obama did what he always did when Congress either said No or he thought they would… He did it anyway. He knew better than the People he was supposed to be working for. Of course He did. He thought it couldn’t be reversed. Or maybe he just expected a different successor. Obama was wrong.

But there may still be options for renegotiation. Calm, thoughtful, respectful… Adult discussion and reasoned negotiation. Thats how Democracy is supposed to work. Not Religious-like attacks on anyone who dares to question. 

The Paris Agreement was a Bad Deal. Let’s make a better one. Remember, someone once said recently…. “We’re Stronger Together”.



8 thoughts on “Are the Pundits overreacting? They might be. 

  1. I am going to have to disagree with you on this point.

    Solar technology in concert with battery development is what the world needs. Thankfully most the world, even in the U.S. will move forward in this direction regardless of Trump’s decision.

    I used to question man-made climate change, but now no longer. But even if we are not sure surely it is wisest to take precautionary action.

    When Trump was elected I thought people should at least give him the benefit of the doubt, but on this count also I have made up my mind. He is an appallingly bad leader, and a hypocrite attacking US allies like Germany whilst mollycoddling the real enemy Saudi Arabia. A complete and utter joke.

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    • I’m not questioning global climate change. The specifics of the agreement are the issue. It was a Bad Deal that we have no way of actually knowing will affect the global climate like we expect. We can do better. We have to do better.
      How will exempting China, India and other countries from the requirements of emissions reduction actually aid in the accomplishment of that goal globally?


      • Can you cite where China is exempted? My understanding is that under the agreement each country set their own targets for Co2 emission reduction and there’s no penalty for not meeting it. Also the targets can be self-adjusting without reprisal.

        My understanding is also that the targets are set in 5 year increments and that China had set a fairly aggressive goal to reach by 2030 with they are on track to meet years before that.


        • Just so, Ruth. In fact China is way ahead of schedule AND has taken a leadership position in solar mass producing ever improving solar equipment with skyrocketing sales. This is what Trump isn’t delivering to the American people because he believes otherwise and refuses to face this new reality. Renewables are a tremendous growth industry. China has already created far more jobs in this one industry than all the coal, gas, and oil jobs combined in the US. That’s a fact. Reporting on it then becomes labeled as ‘fake’ news… another Trump denialist strategy.

          In addition, this positioning in the explosive growth of renewable energy makes China and not the US the country most of the developing nations are turning to for both trade and industry. Trump and his supporters seem to believe that getting rid of trading partners and not producing goods highly sought is how you grow an economy. The level of shortsightedness by not just the current US political leadership but the millions voters who blindly have accepted the patent lies and distortions spewed by them over this issue is truly mind boggling. In a nutshell, this kind of political leadership is how a country as a whole regresses into second class nationhood, believing in their belief while claiming reality is the hoax. And the supporters of Trump simply can’t see it happening right before their eyes; instead, they double down on the lies and distortions and believe in the truth value of what they are told aligns with their beliefs. It really is mind boggling.

          The cost to the environment by the US federal government rejecting Paris isn’t as bad as it first appears. But it does provide a list of those who future generations can then directly blame and marvel at the willingness to go along with the greatest policy stupidity ever endorsed by so many… because that is what this is: the worst possible response to an oncoming extinction event for all the very worst of reasons: delusional thinking.

          Fortunately, state and local governments in the US and all but two other countries in the world will continue to implement the Paris agreement because they know the real cost of not doing so far, far, far, exceeds the cost of meeting these targets (which guarantees ‘only’ a 3 degree C rise in global temperature mean). Trump and those who support him are making America the laughing stock of the world, giving up leadership, and hurting their own economy believing in the lies and distortions. It would be funny if it weren’t so very, very pathetic.

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          • In his speech President Trump made the statement that China doesn’t have to do anything for 13 years. Their targets are set for 2030. You can’t just take 2030 and subtract 2017 from that. If they plan to meet their targets, which it very much appears that they plan exceed their targets, they can’t just wait until 2030 to get started. So the idea that they don’t have to do anything until 2030 is absurd. What’s more, they don’t have to do anything at all since this accord is completely voluntary. Neither to we, for that matter.

            We could have done so much better than pulling out of this accord. There was an incredible amount of flexibility within the agreement. There are myriad reasons why a country might not be able to meet their targets. We could have adjusted. The money we pledged is another area where we could have re-negotiated within the terms of the agreement. The agreement also didn’t outline how to reach the targets set. The idea that we were somehow “hamstrung,” or “required,” or “forced,” to do anything is a non-sequitur.

            The fact of the matter is Donald Trump completely played to his base’s victimhood mentality and “stuck it to the man” in their minds. That’s all that this was. His political posturing is weakening our position in the world, but somehow his base feels vindicated and strengthened by his arrogance and machismo. I remain unimpressed.

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            • Ruth,
              Your comment reflects what I’ve been reading on other pieces; the vast majority of people are appalled by his machismo – in this arena as in others. I am getting to the point of not wanting to watch the news because I will be subjected to his ongoing idiocy. It completely boggles the (sensible) mind. 😦

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  2. I’ve just read a comment on someone else’s blog which suggests that China is happy – now they’ll be the leader among world leaders as far as doing something about climate is concerned.

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  3. Just for anyone who might still care about facts, I’ve commented about this US administration’s policy and procedure to lie and distort and misrepresent inconvenient facts in order to align them with highly partisan beliefs… beliefs, I should add, erected by the Republican party and maintained over the past two decades to disrupt and cause maximal damage and resulting mistrust to every major public institution for their partisan beliefs. Towards that end, I invite anyone to check the ‘facts’ that Donald Trump espoused in his Paris speech here.

    The takeaway? Trump lies. He lies all the time about everything with which he disagrees. That seems to me to be what constitutes his character: chronic lying without any regard or esteem for what’s true, for what harm he causes. He’s the epitome of what constitutes a perfect Republican. He is their product.

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