Xtian HaiKu: Killing for God… again

(((Updated 6/03/17 for the London Attacks last night)))

Lives ended by Faith.
Death for being not like Him.
There is no Allah.

It would seem once again that the Peaceful Religion of Islam (translated Submission) is at it again. This time it’s in London, not soon after Manchester and after the attacks in March this year. My thoughts and best wishes are with the families and the victims of the most violent of crimes against humanity. 

Killing for God.



34 thoughts on “Xtian HaiKu: Killing for God… again

  1. Makes one wonder what sort of character they think their ‘God’ has. How could anyone worship such a being? I suppose one could fear that sort of ‘God’ but never worship.

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    • No need to wonder, they will show you what kind of character He has. They’re just following in the footsteps of Muhammed in how he founded the Religion of Peace. Islam means submission.


  2. -mike

    Just an observation.

    You are sly. Sneaky. Deceptive. Probably intentional.

    There was no killing in the name of God @ Manchester as you allege.
    If you brought this charge to a court of law, you would be found in contempt of court.

    The slaughter was done in the name of al-lah not in the name of the biblical God as you allege. So nice try with the massacre and bloody usage of language and words. Words mean things, and your inference is frightening to any body who knows how to read. Or should be if they have the least amount of fairness in their bones.

    You may as well say that Pete Rose is kept out of Canton, or that he was an apostle. A pure lie, a fabrication, and a clearly mindnumbing ‘attempt’ to identify christians with the bastards of is-lam.

    But no, of course you will not apologize. You made the point you want to make. Nice work mike, and one more proof that you are clueless as to Christianity. And I will not dignify your stupidity with dialogue, other than to point this out……….unless you apologize.


    • Carmen, Allah is just the Muslim version of the abrahamic/biblical God. Same God as Christianity and Judaism. Cs is trying to delude himself and others because he refuses to see the connection. Christianity has done horrible things in the name of God thru history when they could get away with it. Christians are either ignorant or just plain dishonest about it. Cs is just dishonest


    • Sorry Carm. I actually know how to read, and can comprehend (unlike others around here) that Al-lah and God are not synonyms.

      While al-lah and the bastards of that religion demand diabolical acts and the destruction and maiming of children, the God of scripture, ie, as revealed in, through, and to the Lord Jesus Christ, demands no such thing, and brings forth the very opposite: grace and truth, with proof such as patience, tolerance, and love toward enemies.

      And who are these enemies but they who plot devildom toward believers? I dare you to support your ignorance with a command by Christ to commission believers to as much as swat a fly, let alone kill a child.

      Go ahead, and weasel out of this, as you squirm like a worm to try to defend al-lah and God as being twins. If you make no distinction between raw sewage and pure water, I suppose you could defend such stupidity.


  3. Hey mike-

    Why don’t you have the guts to name your post here: killing for ALLAH?’ Didn’t think so.

    A little too close to home perhaps, and a far cry different than the God of grace and truth……..or is this your way of saying that Jesus Christ approves of the killing bastards of is-lam, bam bam, and ramadamndam,

    Some unthinking people may not see the devious connection, but sound minded individuals can see right through the nonsense. And btw, al-lah, and all his buds collectively can neither count to three nor tie their shoes. Hope this helps

    So a tree is known by its fruit. Beheading monsters and the killing of innocents is some pretty rotten fruit. And go ahead and play the fool, and mention the New Testament.


    • Thx for the comment color storm. And the God of the bible definitely does approve of killing innocent men, women, children… even babies. Just read it without the biased eyes of someone trying to excuse his behavior. Apologetics is for real fools trying to stay Christian by lying for the God you serve.
      Have a wonderful day


      • Tkx for the well wish mike, but stop it. That is a bold faced lie and you know it.

        Christianity is revealed in, to, and through the Lord Jesus Christ, IF you know one iota of truth regarding Christianity.

        Your blog, your freedom, but I for one will take you to task every time you assert your egregious lies regarding Christianity.

        Don’t ply your evil craft with me.


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