For TJs Household Haiku: Drift and Air

Tj has a wonderful Haiku Challenge that he proposes on a weekly basis, usually on a Friday. This week, his prompts are the words Drift and Air. I’ll let him explain.

“The prompt words for this week are “Drift and air”. You can use the prompt words or anything from the picture as an inspiration for your own haiku.”

His Haiku was magnificent.

Caught in the sunlight

Floating in the musty air

Drifting memories

These are my entries for this week.

Aloft and Adrift

Aloft with the Birds

Powered by our Hopes and Dreams

They carry us Up

Silent and Peaceful

We trust the Breeze to take us

Where we need to be

Ups and Downs, we are…

Almost never in control.

Wind is meant to Ride


Why not give it a try yourself? The Haiku and the Baloon Ride? Nothing to lose but… Control.



10 thoughts on “For TJs Household Haiku: Drift and Air

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