“Vegan SLAM Poetry (with subtitles) ANIMALS – By Jaimie G

For those upset today because President Trump himself, without congressional approval, took us out of the Paris Accord that President Obama himself, also without congressional approval, signed us up for…

“… animal agriculture is worse for the environment than all travel put together…”

Statistically and undeniably Very True. 

So why aren’t you more pissed off that the U.N., “Trump’s America” and the Paris Agreement have zero… ZERO… to say about raising Animals for Human consumption and the impact it has on our water, air and Global Climate Change? Here’s a big fat dose of Inconvenient Truth for you…

You can’t continue paying people to kill animals for you without sharing in their Murder. (There is no Humane way to kill someone who doesn’t want to die)

You can’t keep Eating Meat and Animal Products without sharing in the damage it causes.

You can’t Truly be an Environmentalist and continue supporting the Major Cause of the degradation of our Planet’s Ecosystem. 

You love animals, you love our home, you love your families and want them to be healthy. I get that. So do I. 

If you REALLY care about Climate Change and want to do something daily to lessen your own impact… Go Vegan, or at least Vegetarian or Plant Based. It’s as easy as picking up a Fork, and putting down the Knife. 

  • For your Health
  • For your Family
  • For the Animals…
  • For the Environment
  • For the Planet



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