TJ’s Midweek Gratitude – Event

Good Happy Wednesday morning from Kia. 

My good buddy TJ has recently initiated a Weekly Event inviting others to express their Gratitude. I’ll let him explain…

“If you would like to share three things you are grateful for this week then add a link to your post in the comments or include them straight into the comment section and I will share them next week.”

And now for my three things I’m thankful for this week: LIFE and HEALTH

Today is the last day before my 51st Birthday, so it stands to reason for me that my First Gratitude is for Life and Breath. My family history is not kind with health issues. For various reasons, heart disease, cancer and stroke issues seem to follow. I’m Grateful to be still reasonable healthy and happy. I changed a lot of my diet and lifestyle decades ago, including going vegetarian two years ago, in order to try not to follow in my family’s footsteps. So far, it seems to be working. In the words of Sir Elton John, “I’m Still Standing”.

My second Gratitude this morning is for Air conditioning.

For the last 29 years now I’ve lived in the Phoenix area, thirty three if you count my 4yrs calling this home coming back for leaves while in the Army. Let me tell you somethings about this area… It’s Hot in the summer and you never get used to it. Just doesn’t happen that way. 

One of my First years here, I worked for a local airline out on the tarmac when we reached 123 degrees. Outside walking and working on the asphalt, it feels much hotter. Your shoes stick to the pavement and it’s like a furnace and you’re cooking. 

I’ve also worked A.C. and Plumbing here during the hottest parts of July and August. A hundred and twenty on the tar shingles roofs and 150+ in the attics. Its Hot!! Let me tell you… I’m grateful for Air conditioning. 

And lastly, I’m Thankful for my Family. 

The Wife ™, my sister, my wife’s Father who is still staying with us ‘temporarily’ since just before Christmas… even my Mother in Law, truly a strong personality and a great woman… no kidding…

Family is one of the most important gifts and resources and benefits to life. I increasingly love them and appreciate them the older I get and the more of my family members pass away. It reminds me to be Grateful for my own life and health.

So what are you grateful for today? Why not chose three things and comment below. Or even create a post yourself and post the link here and at TJ’s. And have a Wonderful Wednesday.



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