False Impressions Answered Honestly: Transference Much?

My Apologies to the original author who shall remain nameless unless he would like to respond in the comments section: Slightly Nicked and Switched around to the Correct Understanding of One Self-Styled ‘Internet Apologist’. Just a  Joke. Enjoy the Original HERE 🙂

‘Repentant’ Christian blogger begins 24/7 online crusade to inform every Christian and non-Christian on the internet that he is an arrogant and authoritarian A$$, and he’s sorry… kind of.


Smalltown USA—  A month or so ago in a moment of quiet reflection at 1030 pm over yet another Red Bull (it gives some people Wings I hear) self-described “Atheist Slayer”, William Wallace, aged 26 (going on 13), came to the realization that he could no longer, in good conscience, behave like a rational and well-adjusted member of civil society, and hadn’t in some time.

“If you look at how I’ve treated people who disagree with me lately, be they Atheists, Deconverts from Christianity or just simply Rationally Thinking non-Christians, it’s abundantly clear that I’ve become a Self Important, Authoritarian, Censorious and Comment Censoring pain in the A$$. I know it, my wife knows it, my readers know it…and by God I won’t get up from my computer until every single Indoctrinated Christian and on the web knows it too. I especially want to ensure that every Non-christian, Agnostic and Atheist knows it so I can apologize to them for being such a D!@k#@*d.

It’s not Christlike, doesn’t reflect the Fruit and Evidence of the Holy Spirit active in my life and it’s not what I want for myself, my kids or others to see. I realize that my Faith mandates that I Repent and treat others with decency and respect, but that’s too hard so i’ll just blame those Nasty Atheists and Unbelievers for making me this way”,  William recently wrote in a lengthy and semi-coherent blog rant.

The Devout Christian full of the ‘Love of Jesus’, who for more than 15 years has tirelessly waged an Unreasonable and much less than civil Online War against the “man-made myth of Atheism” has apparently reached the end of his excuses, lies, diversions and misinformation in dealing with

“Gol Dang Dawkins following, New Atheist ‘Evidence Seekers’ who don’t have the common decency to shut the Heck up about the ‘fictional Jesus of Nazareth’ character already.” “I mean, He’s totally REAL… the Bible says He is!”

“I’ve tried to be nice.I’ve tried to get them to read The New Testament.I’ve tried to get them to objectively examine the Facts ™ as I’ve Cut and Pasted them from Internet Apologetics Sites.I’ve tried to get them to see what Good Indoctrination can do to… I mean FOR kids…. ”, he wrote…”but, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

William closed his semi-repentant yet still Militant Manifesto with the following invective.

“Since I obviously don’t have Sound Reason, Logic and Evidence to get the “Hell Bound Sinners” to willingly reject their Scientific Naturalism for Faith-based and non demonstrable ‘Super naturalism’, then, by Norm Geisler’s books and Matt Slick’s CARM, I won’t sleep a wink until the whole lot of ’em realize what a steaming pile of Bovine Excrement I can be.”


“and… cut. Great delivery William, it’s a wrap”

Apparently William had reconsidered giving up his blog after all. Let’s see if James does




8 thoughts on “False Impressions Answered Honestly: Transference Much?

  1. Yes I recall the original post over at James’, about the zealous atheist. At the time I wondered whether it was an apocryphal tale. The reality is the religious generally approach these issues with more zeal than the non religious.

    Most of us who are now non religious are given to the very human trait of becoming worn out and wearied by the process.

    I am not on any conversion crusade myself. Though I do find that pointing out the errors in the Bible and the illogical arguments of people of faith acts as a sort of therapy as I seek to overcome the damage that decades of faith did to the wiring of my brain and indeed to my finances and life in general.

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