Ironic Memes: “Humanity in Action”

… When God is not

God does the most when everybody does something

I’m sure that the brother who posted this meme thought it was a good idea. But I obviously have a different idea and take on it based on a simpler unbiased reading and examining the other side of the coin. 

Allow me to explain.

When brother Wally says that God does ‘the most’, you might be correct if you read it ‘God does less’ when no one does anything.

I wonder if Wally believes that for some reason, God is somehow Limited, either by us or by himself. He is either  unwillingly or, if he is Sovereign and All Powerful… Willingly Limited to some extent to aid or help humanity without our cooperation. Its as if Humanity’s ‘something’… anything at all… somehow makes God’s ability and Power “more” than He would be by himself and without our contributions. God is more with us than he is without us in his ability and Power to affect the world and other people’s lives. It’s almost as if… Humanity gives God His life and activity. Or to paraphrase a new testament favorite of mine…

“In US he lives, and moves and… has His Being”

The sentiment Wally is trying to express and give God credit for is Humanity Helping Humanity. 

Humanism, humanity healing humanity, does more than God can or is willing to do. 

It might be implied broadly by some that this meme implies that… Humanity created God and Gods not the other way around, since as many Apologists repeatedly refrain “the Creator of the other is logically required to be at least as great and powerful as the creation”. 

Why give credit to the Biblical God when there is no evidence of his actual existence, when even Wally seems to know by his meme that Humanity is most responsible and most powerful to assist humanity’s needs and cries, God being either limited or limiting himself without our involvement? Although as a Christian in was ‘all in’ on this explanation, It literally escapes my understanding as a Deconvert. 

“There and back again”

I once thought and believed and even repeated the mantras and memes that brother Wally does and for the same reasons, with the same level of unthinking repetition. 

“But when I became a man, I put away childish things”.

 Such as blaming humanity for being less than perfect and assigning perfection and authority to One for whom we have no Evidence for His actual existence. 

I’m not anti-theist or even atheist. I no longer believe in the Abrahamic, Biblical God or the Jesus portrayed in the New Testament. Based on further review of the Actual Evidence, I believe neither actually exist. There may in fact be a God or gods out there, but I no longer believe we would ever know or be able to demonstrate their existence with Evidence. 

I currently consider myself… 

  • Agnostic as far as Knowledge of a God or gods existing,
  • Atheist in regards specifically to the Abrahamic/Biblical god, 
  • and a Humanist in regard to how I live and interact in this present world with my fellow humans. 

So I agree with the ultimate meaning of the Meme. 

Humanity is humanity’s best hope. Humanity in action, when God or gods are not. 

Thanks Wally for helping me clarify my positions a bit more and for helping me help you clarify yours.



20 thoughts on “Ironic Memes: “Humanity in Action”

    • Hi Peter. I was trying to turn Wally meme into a positive post. Was I successful at filtering the possible mean spiritedness I have sometimes been accused of?


      • Mike I find with folk like Wally that ‘mean spiritedness’ is in the eye of the beholder. Wally is sort of looking to be offended. Twice I recall he has taken me to task for being nasty to him, on the first occasion I was complementing him (but he took it as an insult) and the second occasion I referred to James and CS and refrained from mentioning Wally but he decided I was referring to him.

        What it comes down to is that when a persons world view is attacked they feel that their worth as a person is being attacked so what they see as being mean spirited we might see as being an objective observation.

        Mike I’m afraid that Wally is predisposed to see everything you post as being ‘mean spirited’ and will no doubt interpret this through that lens.

        When I called myself a Christian I used to think that Richard Dawkins was mean spirited, which of course was ridiculous.

        I don’t think your post was mean spirited. What I would see as mean spirited is actions failing to allow Christians to enjoy the celebration of their major festivals like Christmas and Easter.

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        • Stop it mike. You post a thousand comments, I nix one because of your ‘into the weeds of irrelevance,’ and u cry foul?

          You have no case. I have tolerated more of your nonsense than most bloggers combined.


          • Well, why not prove the existence of the biblical God right here… on my post, where comments will not be deleted? Go on then… we’re waiting… chop chop funny boy


              • Ah, just as I thought. Gutless and arrogant. Oh the irony of you marking others as ignorant when younnarebunwilling and unable to based your claim for the existence of the biblical God on actual Evidence. Go back to your flat earth blog


  1. Experienced this same thing with John Branyan when he told me his god changed its mind on slavery. That means his god evolves; it learns, it adapts, it grows and, ultimately, it improves… Which sounds an awful lot like human societal evolution

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