The Psychology and Rationalism of Veganism and Carnism

This was a wonderful video with a very educated and understandable PhD on the subject of Veganism and what she calls Carnism. 

When she asked about the soup made with golden retriever at the beginning, i thought of an earlier conversation had with a cab driver in Seoul, South Korea when I was still in the army, as I was leaving to come home to Arizona on leave. 

In advance of the 1988 olympic games they would be holding later that summer, I was explaining to him that it was difficult for Americans to to accept the concept of eating Dog meat. Traditionally and culturally, Koreans have eaten dog meat, from specialized canine species, raised just like cattle on farms, for decades and even hundreds of years. Dishes like Boshin Tang and Kea Gogi were traditional delicacies like our Duck soup and Filet Mignon. But, as I explained to him, Americans saw the practice of eating Dog meat was disgusting and offensive, thus the Korean government was trying to minimize the ‘optics’ in advance of the World Spotlight.

The cab driver simple smiled and told me that Koreans feel the same about… Veal, which is baby male calf, pulled from it’s mother at birth, to later be killed still before adulthood and maturity for our plates, and our traditions and our delicacies. Instantly… i got the message. I gotnit and never ate Veal again. 

It has taken a few more years and decades to begin making the same connection with the fates and cruelty of eating the flesh and consuming the ‘byproducts’ of other animals. I’m still in transition to a more vegetarian and vegan diet and lifestyle. Perfection has not yet graced this Human Animal. I have been Vegetarian and mostly Vegan since January 2015, still changing, growing and making the transitions needed. Primarily for me, it’s been a Health and Environmental thing for me, but also I am conscious of the cruelty and inhumane treatment that the animals are subjected to, all for our Tastes and traditional choices. 

“It is impossible to Humanely Slaughter someone who does not want to die” -kia

Not unlike Religions, there is an identity and tradition and psychological mindset and worldview that must be confronted, and made to be accountable to reality and the Evidence for and against eating our Fellow Earthlings. I hope you will watch this video with an open mind and heart, thinking of your own Health, the Environmental Impacts of Animal Agriculture, and of course… the Animals that are needlessly and cruely made to serve our ‘needs’. Some other good resources that would help you understand are 

  • Earthlings
  • Forks over Knives
  • Conspiracy
  • Diet for a New America

All of these and many more are available on the internet, just a Google search away. If you have a family pet, maybe a dog or a cat, that you have invited into your home and now consider one of your family… Please consider the questions: 

  • “Why do you eat cows and pigs, but play with dogs and cats and horses?” 
  • “If you put a baby chick and an apple into a baby’s crib, which would the child Play with, and which would she try to Bite into?”

Make the Connection. -Kia


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