Heroes of the Realm: Wally again…

so… Brother Wally’s newest meme post ‘intended’ to encourage, but really just reinforcing the Threat of Eternal Punishment from the God of the Bible.

The overriding hope and purpose of every believer should be the salvation of the lost.

My first response on his post…


June 11, 2017 at 13:28


Salvation from Whom, and what is He going to do to us?

The idea of the post and meme wally posted was that all people need to be saved, and that god wants us to help Him do the saving. Of course Wally is not as honest, or knowledgeable, enough to slow down long enough to explain from What or Whom we all need saving. If you weren’t thinking clearly, you might get the impression that What the Biblical God wanted to save us from, namely Hell and Eternal Torture, was something outside of His doing or setting up in the first place… when Biblically speaking, it is not. So i asked the question above to see if Brother Wally was willing to be a bit less opaque about the Origin and Situation he says people should be out there ‘beating the bushes’ and the ‘highways and byways’ trying to Rescue others from.

To which he responded…

Wally Fry

June 11, 2017 at 13:38


Hi Mike

Well, your very question indicates your intent.

Have a nice day!

Of course, for someone not really willing to be that open about the True Villain of the Damnation/Salvation story, he couldn’t just answer directly. That would kind of minimize the whole “God loves you and has a Wonderful Plan for your life” Schtick. So… he just didn’t answer, assumed my motives were Evil again, and bid me adieu. To which I retorted… of course I did: 😁


June 11, 2017 at 14:57

And your answer reveals yours as well.

Brother Wally then tried to rope me back in to a discussion, that of course he had just refused to have, thinking that I’d be willing to Trust him on his own blog when he’s repeatedly blocked and deleted my comments in the past that he has deemed either Rude or offensive or otherwise not worthy of other readers viewing, considering, or thinking about.


June 11, 2017 at 15:08

Sorry wally, I don’t trust your site or discernment in allowing or not allowing my comments, in order to have a free and uncensored exchange here.
You have a record of deleting or blocking comments that you say are rude and offensive but in actuality are not.
But your refusal to answer my questions honestly regarding you post does indeed tell me a lot about your intentions. Perhaps I will do a response post for all to comment freely without the fear of blocking or deletion. Great idea.

Which in turn gave birth to this post where no one gets blocked or edited or deleted. In fact, I’ve only had to ban one person, that was someone who chose to post rude and aggressive comments as Anonymous, without any accountable ID other than an IP Address in the Alexandria Virginia area, who nonetheless tried to post my personal information he’d somehow cobbled together on the internet, without my permission. I gave fair warning and tried to encourage the person to be respectful and not post my personal informarrion without my personal permission, but he/she/it persisted. And I put their IP on the blocked list for comments. All this for illustration, one person in 4yrs and three different blogs. He had to work pretty hard to get blocked.

Wally Fry

June 11, 2017 at 15:14

I call hogwash on that preacher. I have never altered or deleted anything you write. You are a liar. Sometimes I have ignored you rather like one sometimes ignores a pesky child.

You lie.

Of course you will do a response post LOL.

It is YOU who lacks the courage to stay on a blog and actually discuss the comments you make.

So, let’s have a discussion Mr. minister for 34 years. You KNOW the answer to your question you opened with. Why did you ask it?

Now, man up and let’s have a conversation.

Have a nice day!

Wally then tried to claim he’d never deleted or blocked in moderation any of my comments in the past. Something he knows to be not truthful.  Besides that, is this the response or conversation style of someone who is willing or even able to have an honest, open and respectful conversation with someone who disagrees with him? I think not. Your mileage may vary, but other than small comments and questions here and there, I don’t trust brother Wally to have a Rational, Intelligent conversation with someone who disagrees with him or challenges his beliefs. Nope. Not at all.

But what about you?

  • Do you believe God is sending Christians to Save you from a Place or Consequence He doesn’t want to happen?
  • Is the idea of Eternal Torture and Punishment in a Place called hell… which the Biblical God designed, has control over and maintains as the Sovereign of the Universe… the ONLY way he could deal with those who refuse His “Loving” advances?
  • If God doesn’t want people to go there, could He just simply… not let people go there?
  • Could He instead allow non-believers to simply ‘cease to exist’ after death, rather than Eternally and Infinitely Torture them for Temporal and Finite offenses done during our Limited lifetimes?
  • Why the Ruse of saying God wants to Save us from Himself and What He Himself will do to us unless we bown to His “Loving” Nature? 

Pretending God wants to save us from Hell and Eternal Torment as if He has nothing whatever to do with Setting it up, continuing to Maintain it, and could in no other way “turn off the Fireplace” and Save us by possibly… I don’t know… maybe Extinguishing the Threat, is disingenuous and dishonest at the very least. 

And that’s the point of memes like Wally’s. 

To convince Christians they aren’t being Heroic enough in their efforts to Save the Lost. And make no mistake… Christians dont ‘share Jesus’ and want to save the lost because of Altruism. We all want to feel like the Hero, it’s about US saving the lost… by sharing the Gospel. Reading Wally’s responses to me, would you ever get the impression that this is a Compassionate, Empathetic man just trying to Love people into the Kingdom? No… didn’t think so. 

He does what he does for the same reason a lot of christians do, even myself when I was still one,  a sense of Adventurous Heroicism. Unknown to them, and me at the time, there is a sense of Pride and Self Motive hidden in the “you’re not doing enough”. Missionary stories and powerful preaching, ever competingly ‘True Life Testimonies’ set Christians up to see these people as Heroes and then want to be heroes themselves. Unconsciously, they feed into the Pride of Self that they say they are turning away from. It’s a direct opposite of Godly Humility and activities motivated by Selfless and Unconditional Love and Compassion for others. Pride Turned Inward leads to Threats turned outward on those who reject or turn away from the Gospel and are willing to talk about why they did.

That is one reason why when people reject the Gospel, or turn away from it like I did after 34 years, people like Wally take it personally, as if I’m rejecting or turning away from Them. And when I try to ask questions that encourage them to rethink and reevaluate their beliefs and why they hold them, people like Wally take it Personally as if I’m trying to drag them Personally to Hell with me. As if I have an aggressive, rude or Nefarious, Satan Spawned agenda, rather than just helping them see outside of the Bubble they are in that I shared for most of my life. 

So what’s it going to be? The ‘you’re not doing enough” or the repeated Threats of Hell, when according to Biblical Teaching… God is the one who set it up, maintains it and has the Sovereignty to “Save the Lost” from it by simply doing away with Hell in the first place? 


Replich he responded…


5 thoughts on “Heroes of the Realm: Wally again…

  1. Mike

    Your implication that I have ever edited your comments is a lie.

    That has never happened. Period. Making your saying of that a lie. Making you a liar.

    I have, at one time blocked you entirely. You know why. And it’s not because you scare me LOL. I have NEVER deleted your comments. That also is a lie, which again would make you a liar.

    Finally, I didn’t decline to answer your question because I don’t know the answer. You do know it, unless of course you have also lied about your 34 years as a minister.

    I won’t waste my time over year either. Just clarifying that no comments of yours have ever been deleted or edited. You were blocked. For about 2 days.

    Have a nice day!


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