Tie Tuesday: Golden State gets Revenge for my Celtics

Thank you very much

As promised, this is one of my birthday gifts from The Wife ™. 

As I woke up this morning at 245am for work, I was just hearing the GREAT news that the Warriors finished the deal by dissing the King James Cavaliers… Yup, instead of replaying the reversal of last year when the Cavs came back to win their first… And hopefully ONLY Title… helped I still think by the NBA ‘fix is in’, the Warriors were able to dig deep and find themselves again after the game 4 ‘implosion’ loss by twenty plus points to Defang the Preening and Self Important puppy.

Again, I’m not a Warriors fan, but…

And get some sweet revenge for my Celtics that nearly got swept the same way by Cleveland last month. I think the Celtics should have won at least one more during that series, but it just didn’t happen. This last finals just goes to show that even though The King is not quite dead… he can’t crow too loudly if all he can say is that they’re the best in the East. 

Now let’s see what happens in the the NBA Draft later this month. Can Boston resist Trading away their number one pick to get a Future Super Star? I hope so. They need to get better if they have any chance at getting to the Finals again. But me? I’ll be Sporting my new tie for The Tuesday.



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