Wednesday Night Shave 

I sure love my Merkur 34c Heavy Duty. Did you see my new (goodwill) shave bowl in the back there? Here’s one with it loaded up.

It’s a recent acquisition for about half a buck on half price Saturday. Hand thrown pottery, it’s even signed by the artist on the bottom. I particularly like the rainbow glitter effect in the glaze. The ridges on the inside make whipping up a good creamy lather easier. Love it!!

I’ve also recently acquired a synthetic shaving brush, trying it out to see if I can ditch the Badger Silver Tip for a more Vegan, cruelty free option.  That’s it on the right. It seems a bit more work to whip the same amount of lather as the Badger, and it doesn’t retain moisture the same way. It’s also not as efficient at distributing the shaving soap where I need it in the right amount, so I think it might be a bit of a learning curve to dial it in. But it’s only my second and third go around, my head and then my face. I’ll give it more time and see if the effort pays off.

As you can see,  I still haven’t had the courage to break out the Vintage Dovo Straight yet. Maybe soon. Are you a classic wet shaver too? Why not share your experiences and favorites in the comments below and…

Have a great shave, have a great day!!



5 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Shave 

  1. Cool post. Where’d you find the stand for the razor and brush? I remember my dad having one, but haven’t come across one yet. I love my badger brush, but I have to lean it up against various things on the counter to try to get it to dry without bending the bristles or soaking the water in the base of the wood handle. Thanks!

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