For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Calendar: “All is Now”

((Reposting from ‘earlier’ last year. Enjoy. -kia))

Time Blends into One


This week, for TJ’s HaiKu Challenge, he has chosen the theme of “Calendar” as a prompt for the Haiku we enter. He has said in his post…

This week’s prompt is “Calendar”. See what you can do with this. You don’t have to be literal about the prompt or use the word in your haiku. You could be writing about an actual calendar, a picture on a calendar or the idea of time itself. It is all about having fun and being creative.

So in the interest of creativity and consideration of the larger theme of Time and how we Mark its passing in various ways, including with Calendars, Watches and other such tools… I remembered a Youtube Video on VSauce I had seen earlier last year on the way we perceive the events that we call “Now” and the split second difference in how our senses pick up the information and input from around us and the Brain’s actual experience of those inputs.

Here’s another really cool Video about the brain’s ‘editing’ of how we experience the sensory input we receive. Amazing stuff.

“Time in a Bottle”… not so much

In a way, what we experience as Now is actually microseconds in the actual Past. And in the actual Now, our senses are gathering, as from the Future, what we will eventually experience as the Now, but again will actually be just ‘Echoes’ if you will of microseconds in the actual Past.

Dilly Dali-ing Around with Time

We think of Time, the passing from Past to Present in expectation of the Future, as a solid and concrete concept. Much like our Calendars and Watches. But in actuality, the marking of Time by

  • Seconds,
  • Minutes,
  • and Hours,

everyday by our watches and clocks, and…

  • Days,
  • Weeks,
  • Months
  • and Years

by our Calendars is a Tool we use to measure and demarcate what really has no definite boundaries, at least not in our Present experience. The truth is that Time is a Tool we use. We experience the Present as echoes of the Past gathered as from the Future.

So without further ado… my entries for “Calendar”

Party Invite

Future me echoes

what only Past me can hear

We are always late.


A Step Beyond

What is sensed as Now

is experienced after

Just beyond our grasp.


Calendars of Futility

Past and Now are One

Time is not Limited by

Boxes on a Page


I hope you have enjoyed spending Time with these and with The Recovering Know It All.



8 thoughts on “For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Calendar: “All is Now”

  1. Brilliant post! I found what you wrote, write, am writing (I don’t know which is correct now!) so stimulating. The whole process of making meaning and experience is fascinating. Thanks for making me think! Love the haiku too! Hope you experienced/experiencing/experience a great week!

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