Sweet Dreams of dad

I had a dream last night 

I was going thru my dads stuff and tool boxes. He’s been gone 6 years now. Everywhere I looked Stuffed in between crevasses here and there…

Was candy. 

And yes, I Snickered a little in my sleep. It was funny I guess. The things we think about when we’re not thinking. 



5 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams of dad

  1. Dreams are an interesting subject. I think dreams are the minds way of trying to make sense of all the data it gathered in a period of time. Ron thinks dreams are portents and have their source in “powers” and they are telling us a message. What do you think of dreams? Why do some seem really to be dreams and others seem so vivid? I would love your thoughts on dreams. Hugs

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    • I think dreams are ways to organize and make sense of input, just like you. But there is a way that dreams can be a window into our fears and concerns as well as our hopes and dreams.

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      • Thanks. So it seems it is a bit of both worlds. How to decide what the import of a dream is. I have read several dream meanings books and they contradicted each other. So for me, I look at the dream, pick out the points I think are most important, then figure out how I feel about that issue or subject. Hugs


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