It happened again… We are the Matador

Spanish matador dies after being gored during bullfight

Ivan Fandino lost his footing after tripping on his cape and suffered a fatal wound to the torso while performing in France

— That was from The Guardian and Reuters. Now a word from our Sponsor, Kia.

The matador may have gotten a quicker more gruesome death, but when we eat animal flesh and consume their secretions (milk intended for their babies) and ovulations (eggs that are intended for their reproduction), both science and medical histories tell the story that we still “Get the Horns” in the end health wise.

Most of the top chronic health issues, including the very tops of heart disease and cancer, are directly related to our raising, killing and eating animals for nothing more than tradition and culture and “what we’ve always done”.

So if you are horrified by the thought of bulls being bred, raised and trained for our amusement and finally tortured and killed… if the thought of a matador (literally translated in Spanish as a ‘Killer’) being gored to death by the bull he was intending on killing, just remember…

We are the Matador. We are the Killers being Killed by our Traditional practices of Animal Agriculture and eating Animal Products.


9 thoughts on “It happened again… We are the Matador

  1. I agree. Such a horrific sight. Public execution by slow paralizing pics to the spine, then comes the “sporting” kill when the bull can no longer defend itself. Absolutely horrific

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  3. Can’t for the life of me understand how bullfighting and boxing continue to be so popular. Bullfighting for the reasons you listed above and boxing (and ultimate fighting) because it is the only “sport” where the total objective is to render the opponent unconscious by way of temporary (sometimes permanent) brain damage. Never could figure out how why it’s called “The Sweet Science”, unless science involves pulverizing an opponent into a bloody pulp.

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    • Al, my brother and I used to watch boxing with my dad on the tv when we were kids. It’s the whole rocky thing I guess. Until you consider it happening to you… then you consider whats happening to them. And you grow more and more disgusted with the whole thing.
      When we put the same mental energy to whats being done to the animals as if it were done to us… then we might all become vegetarian or vegan overnight too. How bout You? Have you become vegan or vegetarian?


      • Not so far. According to science, eating meat is what made our brains grow and us the intelligent species. Which begs the question. If we did all become vegans overnight, would our brains shrink to the point that we do longer needed religion? If I knew that for sure, I’d hop on that vegan train and as Lennon said, “the world would live as one.”

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    • Starting over begins one fork at a time. Personally, I don’t think the animal agricultural industry will ever be gone, but we can all make that choice for our own families, our health and the planet/environment. And of course, make sure we aren’t supporting or causing the torture and deaths of animals for our meals, fashion or use. One fork at a time


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