My Journey pt 6: Choosing Blindness… Really? pt 2

“I Can’t Imagine or Accept what Science says against my Faith”

Posted as a Comment on A Disciple’s Study regarding Tim Challies’ article. Let’s see if it shows up on the blog or if the blog author just deletes it, shall we?

“i think the last bit is telling…
“If we admit and endorse an ancient universe, we see a vastly purposeless universe that for the great majority of time had no human beings to bring purpose and order to it. We see that humanity’s role in the universe is late and incidental rather than timely and purposeful. We see God’s creation existing for a million ages without the purpose and presence afforded by the one being created in God’s image. And, for me, that is one powerful argument for a universe that is only as old as humanity.”
he thinks the “unthinkability” of such a conclusion reached from evidence and scientific inquiry is an argument against the conclusion. in the end, Faith wins and he chooses to continue to conform his view of reality to the bible, against the evidence to the contrary. he finds it just too uncomfortable a thought to consider the bible is wrong about almost everything it says with regards to science and the real world evidence, so he refuses to see what he does not want to. he has chosen the blindness of ‘seeing’ by faith over the sight of knowing by evidence and scientific inquiry. What can truly be said for such a position?”

Again remember, neither arguments from Ignorance nor from Incredulity are arguments to support either

  • A) that the scientific evidence that opposes your Faith Convictions are incorrect or
  • B) that your Faith Convictions and Beliefs are in fact True

Even if the current models of Cosmology, Naturalistic and Evolutionary understandings of how the universe (this current universe even) began and developed into what we see and are today could ALL be proven wrong and deficient… the Biblical God and the Stories it tells about Creation, Adam and Eve, Sin and the Fall, Jesus and the Redemption of Mankind by the One Time Human Sacrifice of God in the Flesh on a Roman Cross… wouldn’t be True ™ “just be Default”. You STILL would bear the ‘Burden of Proof’ that in fact your Beliefs are Historically True and Accurate and you would still need to defend them from the Evidences against them by what Science, Historical Records and Archaeological Finds stack up against them.

Just saying that you can’t bear to think of the consequences to your Faith is Evidence itself is Stupifying and dishonest, both intellectually within yourself, but also dishonest with how you communicate to others. Pretty typical for Christian Apologetics though.

What would you say to Tim or the Blog Author? Did you have anything to contribute or tell me? Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment below. Thx again.



3 thoughts on “My Journey pt 6: Choosing Blindness… Really? pt 2

  1. So what amount of evidence does it take for a person to actually ask the question about the Bible?

    I suppose I can answer that question from my pwn experience, actually an awful lot of contrary evidence.

    To some extent I see some hope at least in this case as there is a recognition that science is telling a different story to the Bible.

    But my pet peeve is those Christians who accuse atheists of being wilfully ignorant and ignoring evidence. At least Christians should have the decency to admit that the evidence is on the side of non believers.

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    • thx peter. exactly the iron i have been trying to point out by the two posts.
      the evidence that got us going was initially about the physical resurrection of jesus and then the utter lack of evidence for the historicity of the exodus.


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