Wednesday Question on “Meth”

Would you have to be High?

Three questions really…

  1. Do you really believe Methuselah lived for 969 years? 
  2. Why do you believe this?
  3. Why would Mark Twain say that the kids would see more in 50 years than Methuselah saw in his whole lifetime?

Think about it and give me your best answers in the comments below.



9 thoughts on “Wednesday Question on “Meth”

  1. Question 1: No. Question 2: Perhaps because people in Methuselah’s day were so horribly bored by the lack of things to see in that era that they had nothing better to do than spin tall tales and throw stones at heretics. Just a guess.

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    • My best guesses… no, Methuselah did not live 969 years. And 2nd question? Why Twain said that the kids would see more that Methuselah did ‘in his whole life’? Because methuselah… never lived and the kids did. Just sayin’

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  2. According to some sources the name Methuselah means “his death shall bring judgment”. Which is interesting when one observes that the year of his death is apparently the same year that the Flood started. Some pastors see this as being linked with Methuselah’s ‘walking’ with God.

    When I called myself a Christian such links impressed me of the truth and insight of the Bible. But now have left faith I see it as exactly the type of story to be expected in a mythic tale created by humans.

    Reading between the lines I suspect that Mark Twain was really saying that Methuselah was a fictional character.

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    • You are right about his death coinciding with the flood. I always taught it’s why god allowed him to live so long. God was holding open the door of opportunity for the world to repent for the world. But of course, it’s all just narrative.
      You’d have to be on Meth to believe he actually lived for almost a millennium


  3. @mike

    I’ll take the certainty of scripture every time over the ignorant opinion of Mark Twain.

    969. Cont on it.

    Moses. 120. Bank on it.

    Of late, three score and ten. And of course, many today are living north of a hundred. And btw, the amount of information is no substitute for learning. Heck, look at atheists today. Incapable of forming rational thoughts while having a world of resources that prove God’s word is good.


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