The Bible is a Novelization of Ancient Mythologies

Just one of many such videos, some better, some worse. 

The Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses… Jesus and His Disciples depicted in the Bible never really existed. They were literally ‘written into history’ by people who wanted to make others believe that the Mythology of Ancients was actually History.

The Internet: Where Religions come to Die

Watch the video, think it thru, do your own research and Wake up. Christianity is built on “cuningly devised fables” meant to bring Mythology into Reality. But it’s no more True ™ than Mythraism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism or the Worship of Baal. It’s just another Mythology born from the stars and seasons.

We were Afraid, so we made up stories to comfort us

In the days when Ignorance and Fear of the unknown ruled, we might have had an excuse, but in today’s modern light of science, technology and discovery, we no longer have such luxury or right to keep ourselves, our children, and others in the Dark Ages.  It’s time we embraced real Reality. 

We are still afraid, but now… we have better options than Ignorance

I don’t know if there is a God or gods out there. I doubt we would even know if there were since they seem to do a good job of keeping hidden or staying beyond our ability to detect their presence or trace their effects directly back to them beyond our Natural World. At which point, for me anyways, the question itself now becomes meaningless, pointless and utterly irrelevant.

Abraham is an Absentee Father…

I do know that the depiction of the God of the Bible and his Only Begotten Son Jesus is pure fiction and “fairy tales for grownups”. None of the Abrahamic Faiths and their multitudinous extrapolations, permutations and splintered off sects and denominations hold any Historical or Reality based foundations. 

“Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin”. 

They have been measured and found to be lacking. 

… and Yahweh is a Deadbeat Dad.

The stories and tales in the Bible are efforts of the ancients to bring Mythologies, astrological and otherwise, into Reality ™ to make them more believable to the masses so they could be brought together and controlled for sociopolitical and religious reasons and for purposes of cohesion of identity as a people group. 

It’s the World that has been pulled over your eyes…

Please wake up from the Dream. Reality is out there. The Recovery Awaits.



Happy Birthday, Emily

I much agree with her this morning. We woke too early after going to bed too late, having watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone last night. Actually, my wife would identify with her words better as she is the one most heavily attracted to blissful sleep. 

For Emily Bronte ( July 30, 1818 to December 19, 1848) this morning in honor or her birthday, enjoy.  -kia

Ah! Why, Because the Dazzling Sun


Ah! why, because the dazzling sun 

Restored my earth to joy 

Have you departed, every one, 

And left a desert sky? 

All through the night, your glorious eyes 

Were gazing down in mine, 

And with a full heart’s thankful sighs 

I blessed that watch divine! 

I was at peace, and drank your beams 

As they were life to me 

And revelled in my changeful dreams 

Like petrel on the sea. 

Thought followed thought—star followed star 

Through boundless regions on, 

While one sweet influence, near and far, 

Thrilled through and proved us one. 

Why did the morning rise to break 

So great, so pure a spell, 

And scorch with fire the tranquil cheek 

Where your cool radiance fell? 

Blood-red he rose, and arrow-straight, 

His fierce beams struck my brow; 

The soul of Nature sprang elate, 

But mine sank sad and low! 

My lids closed down—yet through their veil 

I saw him blazing still; 

And bathe in gold the misty dale, 

And flash upon the hill. 

I turned me to the pillow then 

To call back Night, and see 

Your worlds of solemn light, again 

Throb with my heart and me! 

It would not do—the pillow glowed 

And glowed both roof and floor, 

And birds sang loudly in the wood, 

And fresh winds shook the door. 

The curtains waved, the wakened flies 

Were murmuring round my room, 

Imprisoned there, till I should rise 

And give them leave to roam. 

O Stars and Dreams and Gentle Night; 

O Night and Stars return! 

And hide me from the hostile light 

That does not warm, but burn— 

That drains the blood of suffering men; 

Drinks tears, instead of dew: 

Let me sleep through his blinding reign, 

And only wake with you! 

True Independance and Coffee

Freedom to Be

Coffee in mom’s mug

Pictures of family pets.

Peace makes Holidays


True Independance awaits for all who would refuse to be Slaves. When the life you lead is not truly your own, but given over completely and without reservation to another to do with as He wills, regardless of His intentions or desires… simply because He is more Powerful that you, threatening you with torture and eternal burning for not submitting to His demands, this is not ‘Freedom in Christ’, my brothers and sisters… it is willing Slavery to a Soul Rapist and an Eternal Marquis de Sade. 

Isn’t it a very good thing that there is no Evidence that such a Monster as the God of the Bible actually exists?

Come good Christians… Recovery Awaits.


It’s Monday again… I have a Team 

Superman in a Shirt and Tie

More calls coming in

Cringing, but not shrinking back.

Real People Need Me


Some days it feels like the Steel has become ‘pot metal’ and as hard as I try to remold the day to make it conform to my expectations and design, the more it wants to stay just ‘pig iron’.

I realize of course that it’s not all on my shoulders. There are many others who bear the same weight with me to varying degrees of responsibility, knowledge, experience and skill. I am not alone, I have a Team. But some days, as I go about saving the world for that particular day, it feels I’m trying to hold up a world that doesn’t want to be held. 

Its Monday again. Let’s see what today wants to be, shall we.


There is No Wisdom in the Bible?

Who said that?

It seems as if a comment I made on one of Ark’s posts has taken wing as a post on one of CS’s. We were in discussion back and forth regarding the benefits and efficacy of believing Prayer when CS touted the “Wisdom that far surpasses” which he gleans from the Bible. To which I answered with a question of my own… which by the way was not answered directly there.


July 18, 2017 at 15:40

Wisdom from the bible? You mean the same bible that allows, regulates and NEVER condemns the owning of other humans as property and slaves? The one that actually encourages parents to ‘stone to death’ their unruly children? The one that commands genocide against unbelievers and pagans and tells us ‘not to suffer a witch to live’? The one that tells us to “beat the child, he won’t die”?

You mean THAT superior ‘wisdom’, cs?

Enjoy that sense of irony and cognitive dissonance. -kia

To make matters perhaps worse… I re-commented my question on Cs’s follow up post on Wisdom and got this reply from Tom,

Citizen Tom says:

What God has made is like a bright diamond with an infinite number of facets. We were each made to gaze into different facets. None of us have the capacity to fully explore what God has made. Much less do we have the capacity to explore the nature of God Himself. However, our Lord gave each of us the capacity to explore and enjoy something He has made, and it is our joy to share what we have found with others.

Are you enjoying yourself? Are choosing to explore or just refusing to see?

Like Creation the Bible is a diamond with many facets. If we wish to deny the Bible, to pretend it is a merely a broken piece of glass, a shattered relic from a bygone age. We can steadfastly gaze into one facet and blindly ignore all the others. Instead of seeing a whole and perfect diamond, we can pull verses out of context. Then we can self-righteously proclaim the Bible endorses slavery, child abuse, genocide…. Because we refuse to see, we can blindly affirm our faith in many absurdities.

If you are what you claim to be, you should know very well Biblical scholars have already competently dealt with each of the issues you mentioned. Why do you choose to be blind? When you have eyes, why do you refuse to see? When you have ears, why do you refuse to hear?

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Then a follow up comment from CS marking his appreciation for Tom’s “answer”. 

ColorStorm says:

Isn’t it amazing mike (kia) how my so called non- answer gave birth to CT’s insightful answer here now. The idea of the gem being thought to be a piece of trash when it is not seen in it’s proper setting is a rare gift for you to consider.

I thank CTom immensely for taking the time to write such a thoughtful, deep, and true remark.

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So… I responded… and it’s being held in Moderation, of course… so I will share it here 🙂

Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

Actually cs, neither you or tom really answered the question honestly or directly.



Neither comments were actually answers to the questions raised by the Wisdom from the Bible I had referred to, so I guess we will open up the floor here for unedited, unfiltered and uncensored discussion. What say you all?


Would you call these things Wisdom?

  • To allow, regulate and never directly condemn the practice of owning other people as property and slaves?

Is the practice and regulation of Human Slavery in the Bible “Wisdom” to you?

  • To tell parents to drag their unruly and rebellious children outside of town and with the rest of the townspeople, neighbours and family members… to stone them to death?

Is the practice and command to kill your rebellious children if they don’t submit to you or obey… “Wisdom” to you?

  • To commit genocide and mass murder of the inhabitants of lands you want for yourself because they don’t worship the same God that you do?

Is it “Wisdom” to you to command mass murder and genocide for not having the same religion or worshipping the same God or the same way?

  • To tell people not to allow Witches to live, but to kill them To protect your people from their influnce?

Is it “Wisdom” to command murder of individuals who follow different religions and serve other gods, if you feel they may possibly have some future influence over the thoughts and beliefs of your children or society? Is it “Wisdom” to order and command Proactive Murder?

  • To tell parents that it’s not only acceptable and right to beat their children with rods, but it’s also beneficial for them… because they won’t die?

Is it “Wisdom” to command parents to beat their children with rods, short of death, as punishment and for their benefit? 

Is that Wisdom from the Bible that CS and Tom are defending with their indirect and evasive answers? Are you able to answer these questions directly when defending the Wisdom of the Bible? Let’s have an honest and direct conversation about the Wisdom found in the Bible, shall We? 


A Friday Thought On Knowledge, Belief and Faith

Wally, How can you ‘Just Warn, not Threaten‘ others with a place you don’t Know… but actually just Believe to actually exist in Reality?

I wonder if People of Faith will ever someday suddenly wake up and see the utter Arrogance and Dishonesty of claiming to Know what they only Believe by Faith? I finally did, how about you Wally? 


Xtian dropping Logic Bombs like a Boss… on Faith

Does everyone have Faith?

“Faith is the excuse people give for believing in something when they don’t have a good reason.”

 Matt Dilahunty 

And for kickers… Hitchslapped 

Christian, do you have Evidence for the existence and reality of the God you serve? Not just arguments or philosophical surmisings and suppositions… Evidence that REALLY Demands a Verdict in the Positive? Share it with us in the comments below.