Happy Birthday, Emily

I much agree with her this morning. We woke too early after going to bed too late, having watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone last night. Actually, my wife would identify with her words better as she is the one most heavily attracted to blissful sleep. 

For Emily Bronte ( July 30, 1818 to December 19, 1848) this morning in honor or her birthday, enjoy.  -kia

Ah! Why, Because the Dazzling Sun


Ah! why, because the dazzling sun 

Restored my earth to joy 

Have you departed, every one, 

And left a desert sky? 

All through the night, your glorious eyes 

Were gazing down in mine, 

And with a full heart’s thankful sighs 

I blessed that watch divine! 

I was at peace, and drank your beams 

As they were life to me 

And revelled in my changeful dreams 

Like petrel on the sea. 

Thought followed thought—star followed star 

Through boundless regions on, 

While one sweet influence, near and far, 

Thrilled through and proved us one. 

Why did the morning rise to break 

So great, so pure a spell, 

And scorch with fire the tranquil cheek 

Where your cool radiance fell? 

Blood-red he rose, and arrow-straight, 

His fierce beams struck my brow; 

The soul of Nature sprang elate, 

But mine sank sad and low! 

My lids closed down—yet through their veil 

I saw him blazing still; 

And bathe in gold the misty dale, 

And flash upon the hill. 

I turned me to the pillow then 

To call back Night, and see 

Your worlds of solemn light, again 

Throb with my heart and me! 

It would not do—the pillow glowed 

And glowed both roof and floor, 

And birds sang loudly in the wood, 

And fresh winds shook the door. 

The curtains waved, the wakened flies 

Were murmuring round my room, 

Imprisoned there, till I should rise 

And give them leave to roam. 

O Stars and Dreams and Gentle Night; 

O Night and Stars return! 

And hide me from the hostile light 

That does not warm, but burn— 

That drains the blood of suffering men; 

Drinks tears, instead of dew: 

Let me sleep through his blinding reign, 

And only wake with you! 


True Independance and Coffee

Freedom to Be

Coffee in mom’s mug

Pictures of family pets.

Peace makes Holidays


True Independance awaits for all who would refuse to be Slaves. When the life you lead is not truly your own, but given over completely and without reservation to another to do with as He wills, regardless of His intentions or desires… simply because He is more Powerful that you, threatening you with torture and eternal burning for not submitting to His demands, this is not ‘Freedom in Christ’, my brothers and sisters… it is willing Slavery to a Soul Rapist and an Eternal Marquis de Sade. 

Isn’t it a very good thing that there is no Evidence that such a Monster as the God of the Bible actually exists?

Come good Christians… Recovery Awaits.


It’s Monday again… I have a Team 

Superman in a Shirt and Tie

More calls coming in

Cringing, but not shrinking back.

Real People Need Me


Some days it feels like the Steel has become ‘pot metal’ and as hard as I try to remold the day to make it conform to my expectations and design, the more it wants to stay just ‘pig iron’.

I realize of course that it’s not all on my shoulders. There are many others who bear the same weight with me to varying degrees of responsibility, knowledge, experience and skill. I am not alone, I have a Team. But some days, as I go about saving the world for that particular day, it feels I’m trying to hold up a world that doesn’t want to be held. 

Its Monday again. Let’s see what today wants to be, shall we.


Do you have Doubt?

“Doubt, in the real world, is synonymous with Humility and genuine care for truth. In christianity… it’s the Devils voice in your head that will never lead you to discovery, but always to denial of Christ. Therefore it must be avoided whenever possible and excised when not” -kia

Do you have Faith?

Hebrews 11:1-6  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. 

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear… 

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” 

-the Apostle Paul, Hebrews 11, vs 1-6 with some omissions.

Contrary to what the writer of Hebrews is trying to say, Faith is not Evidence. Faith is not a Substance or a Substantiation for the Truth of anything. 

Faith is not Knowledge. And it’s not a reliable method of determining what is actually True in any meaningful or accurate definition of that word. Faith and Knowledge deal with two entirely different questions.

I realize that most of you out there in the blogosphere already know this, but some of you who are still ‘faithful’ may just not be ready of willing to fully acknowledge or accept the implications of these statements of Truth. Here’s another difficult statement on Faith…

“Faith is an exercise of the Will to Believe something to be true without sufficient evidence to demonstrate that what you Believe to be true is actually True, and sometimes inspite of any and all Evidence to the contrary…

The Biblical definition of Faith is not just Trust in the evidence… or what would you need with Faith? 

It’s trust without evidence and even inspite of contrary evidence.” -kia

Read that again… Faith is not Knowledge. It is not a reliable method of determining or judging the Truth of statements or Beliefs. Faith is an action or exercise of the Will to Believe what is not or cannot be proven to be True by the Evidence for it. And sometimes Faith is used to overcome any and all Reasons, arguments and actual Evidence against a statement or Belief. 

Faith cannot lead us to Truth, it can only tell us what we Believe to be true, regardless whether that Belief is actually True or not. Then we actually Trust, Rest, Rely and Build our lives on that ‘Rock’… or not.

So Believer… 

  • Do you have Faith or Evidence for the Truth of your Beliefs? 
  • Do still care whether what you Believe is actually True? 

If you found out that what you have Believed by Faith to be True was not actually True in the truest sense of that word… 

  • Would you accept the Evidence against what you Believe and change?
  • Or would you still Keep the Faith?

Feel free to respond in the comments below. Let’s have an honest conversation today on Faith.



The Most Unanswered Prayer that no one Admits to

((Reposting for cs this morning, the evangelical ecumenical wanna be. Enjoy. -Kia))

“And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love…”
While one amateur Internet Apologist Extraordinaire recently blogged that Jesus Prayed like Someone was Listening, and I did a repost post to it… 

… another Christian blogger CS suggested recently that Unity could only be found among Christians by ignoring their differences and treating them, at least in conversations on the Net within earshot of non believers, as if they were too small to matter.

Recently THIS not so funny guy is saying that God Hates Denominations. I think he’s not completely being honest about the full implications of his ironic post. The issue isn’t as much that Christians can’t get their S#!T together… it’s that Jesus’ Prayer for Christian Unity in John 17 is… 

“The Most Unanswered Prayer that no one Admits to”.

I do think CS has got one thing right though. That the only way to have Christian Unity would be by completely ignoring the glaring and sometimes Huge differences in how they view (ie. their church doctrines) God, Jesus, Scripture and Salvation itself. Do pay a visit to CS’s and JB’s posts though. And say Hi for the KIA while you’re at it. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled programme. -kia


When God can’t even get His Prayer answered…


“I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.” -Jesus, Son of God, God in Flesh, recorded in John 17:23 KJV

The trouble with saying that God illumines scripture for believers to “rightly divide”, is that there are so many different believers “rightly dividing” with different opinions on what God has illumined them to understand.

The first indication that most Christians get that there is more to the story is when they start encountering and mixing with other Christians of different stripes and denominations.

The obvious answer is that the Biblical God is not able to illumine anything to anyone because He simply isn’t there to consult.

And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked.” -Prophet Elijah, 1 Kings 18:27 KJV

A different pseudo-apologist stated once that only believers can rightly interpret and understand scripture because God gives them insight. If that were true, One God… One interpretation and insight.. One understanding and doctrinal stance. Right? Apparantly not.

A test for readers here:

1. Oneness pentecostal or trinitarian?

2. Gifts of the Spirit operating today or ceassationism?

3. The Catholic Mass a continuation of Christ’s sacrifice or only a symbolic remembrance and Tradition?

4. Pre trib, post ,mid-,no trib, pre wrath, partial rapture, amill, post mill, no mill, ?

5. Hell, no hell, annihilation, purgatory, conditional eternal life, eternal security, OSAS, apostasy possible, ?

6. Five points, no points, 4 points, 3 points, Arminian, Amyraldism,

7. The list goes on and on and on….

“Honesty, is such a simple word” -Billy Joel

What will it take before some Christians realize that MOST of us who don’t believe in their christianity or their Bible USED TO BE JUST LIKE THEM? Yeah, it’s true. Most of us who challenge them and refute them and give them the biggest headaches trying to come up with excuses why we should just “shut up and believe them…” we’re once active and very involved believers in Jesus just like them. Some of us even in ministry roles for decades.

You can’t explain away the glaring inconsistencies or paper over the chasmous holes in the “Greatest Story Every Told”. It matters little how many people believe it and for how many centuries it has survived or the good impact believing it has on those who do. It just

“isn’t True, it isn’t History, it’s just more Astounding Rubbish from the NewTestament”- Ken Humphreys, Jesusneverexisted.com (and Old Testament too, I might add -kia)

Enjoy a bit of Cab Calloway this morning with your humble pie.

Xtian HaiKu: “17,574 days”

My twin brother passed away at the age of forty eight,

Three years ago this morning. And I miss him

  • He never got the chance to see his middle girl graduate nursing school.  I did that for him.
  • He never saw her walk down the aisle to marry the smart guy with movie star good looks.  I did that for him.
  • He missed out on the birth of their first baby boy. So did I, but I got the pictures both of the ultrasounds showing the development before birth and the ones after. (I got you bro. Picking up your slack)
  • He couldn’t be there with me and our two Uncles graveside to say good bye as my Grandmother, surrounded by lifelong family and friends, received one final expression of gratitude and blessing for all she was and had given to us.  I did that for him.
  • He didn’t get to celebrate our 50th Birthday with an Old Fashioned Barber Shop ‘Straight Razor Shave’. I did that for him.

I gotta admit, he wasn’t always the best Son, Brother, Husband or even Father, but by all accounts, he loved his Grands. He wasn’t always the easiest to get along with in just about any situation imaginable, but he was My Twin Brother and I loved him.

These are my reflections this morning of Life with and Without my brother, three years on.


Signs in the Heavens

Almost antichrists

that’s what we said to ourselves

two life long twisters


Half an Hour Counts

had my own room twice

top of the hill, on garfield

then when Pam married


Nine Months and Eight years

we were once so close

our choices drove us apart

dad died, we promised


“Left, Left, Left…”

not a Great Father

I was not the Best Brother

Nascar made us laugh



“Hello… who is this?”

“How do I tell Grandma?”

Uncle Mike cries last.


Borrowed Time

I am Half of Two

But there’s a Hole in the Whole

… Heard his voice just now