Piranhas and Lions Create Deconverts and Atheists, James

((Reposting for Wally this morning))

In answer to a comment from on CS’s post the other day answering another Christian on who exactly ‘creates’ atheists and non believers…

Atheists don’t create other atheists as much as they provide support for people who already believe exactly the same way they do.

To which I replied… or would have if I trusted the blog host to not edit or slice and dice my comment πŸ™‚  …

You are correct James. Atheists don’t create atheists. And non Christians don’t create Deconverts of Christianity. For that it takes Evidence and the ‘help’ of Christians like yourself. You ‘create’ non believers with your behavior and lack of understanding. Thanks for helping me see that there is no truth in Christianity.-kia

and it’s true. “These are the wounds I received in the house of my friends” could easily be said of how Christians such as I was are treated for asking questions ‘outside of the lines’ or trying to be honest with the answers and evidence.

A word from the Christian in the middle hot seat this time

silenceofmind says:


If atheism, not Christianity, reigns supreme in Western Civilization.

If atheism has no basis, why has it replaced Christianity.

Apparently, Christianity has even less basis than atheism.

One of his more salient points of the conversation

The proof of what I’m saying is how the W, CS, and IB Trio treated and ganged up on SoM… a Fellow Believer in Christ… for trying to correct CS and his understanding of scripture, doctrine and Catholicism. 

My own story of abusive treatment at the hands my ‘loving brothers in Christ’ happened a couple of years ago when i was still a Christian asking questions on James’s and Wally’s blogs trying to get honest and better answers based on new information I was learning on the internet and other non Christian blogs about the very foundations of my Faith.

Instead of answers, I got treated like and called an atheist, a ‘not a True Scotsman’, and a malicious and ‘hate-filled person just wanting to bash christians’ when in reality… none of that was true. I was a 34yr long Christian, 25 of those in various ministry roles, who just wanted better answers in the face of new evidence. I was a Christian when they treated me this way, just like SOM.

So the Truth of the matter is James, Wally, CS… he’s right. Atheists don’t create atheists and Deconverts from Christianity … 

You do. Congratulations, your Saviour would be proud.



101 thoughts on “Piranhas and Lions Create Deconverts and Atheists, James

  1. Mike

    You give me far more credit than I am due. The very idea that such a spiritual lightweight as me could possible make a Christian superstar such as you loose faith is ludicrous. Also ludicrous is your assertion that you would have commented if Colorstorm would let you. Shall I paste and copy your comments from over there.? You can comment, you just don’t want to.

    You made your choice to reject God, and now are looking for somebody to blame it on. You are responsible for your choice, not ANYBODY else.

    You claim want conversation? Then, come have one on the post you have a beef about. See you there good ole blogging buddy LOL.


    • Sorry wally… don’t trust cs or you to be honest or fair with my comments after what james did to my comments at his place a couple weeks ago. It’s Gere or nowhere


    • Wally for all of us there is the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

      In my case it was when I read an article by Biblical scholar Pete Enns who explained why the Bible was not historically accurate. But there had been many issues and factors leading up to that, but that was the final tipping point for me.

      After that I became involved in the atheist/christian debates on blogs. I sort of held out a vague hope that I was wrong and that ‘God’ would speak to me through the Christians on the blogs to show me the error of my ways. But after a few interactions with James and Colorstorm I realised that hope was forlorn.

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      • Hi Peter. Good to see you. Look, the only point I came here to make is to challenge Mike on his statement that I and anybody else were somehow responsible for his loss of faith. Mike never came asking questions. Mike came in from the get to trying to make a case the people’s beliefs were false.

        Peter, nobody has ever refused to talk with you, Mike, or anybody else. The problem with all of you is this: If a person refuses to go along with what you say, or Lord forbid support their position vehemently, then they are shutting things down.

        You and Mike both made decisions. What you both spout about coming to common sense after years of false belief is hogwash. You found something you loved more than God. Period.

        And now, your friend Mike has made it his mission to take as many with him as he can. In fact, that was why he came to my blog and James’ in the first place, to get some company for his rejection.

        And your own accusation Peter? Hogwash also. You have NEVER been treated with less that respect and consideration at my place. Just because you ask a question and I stand my ground does not mean you have been treated wrong.


        • Wally I specifically mentioned ColorStorm and James rather than your good self in my critique.

          You are correct in regard to one matter, I have made my decision. But as to finding I love more than ‘God’, well that really depends, if ‘God’ does exist then perhaps you are correct, however if the ‘God’ of the Bible is a human creation then clearly this could not be the case, unless it is possible to love a fictional character.

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    • What an uncomfortable position for SoM… he cannot really justify the criticism he has about the divorce from reality CS suffers from regarding the flat world idea (he knows its asinine) without undermining to some small degree at least his own certainty regarding certain asinine religious ideas he maintains.

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      • I had that thought, as well. It cannot be easy to be on the Jesus team and be at odds with one of the players. Perhaps it will serve as a tiny sliver of doubt? One can hope. . .

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      • Ha tildeb, you crack me up. It is you who boasts of ’empirical evidence’ and ‘science……..’ yet you deny both the evidence and the science which lays bare your false claims.

        Perhaps you have SEEN first hand the earth spinning at 1,000 mph, and orbiting at an absurd 67,000mph…….

        Didn’t think so. But you do have your hearsay. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ and your unprovable theories.

        And I suppose you have seen a man walk on a basketball like an ant……….and I suppose you have seen a hundred mile lake with a huge bulge in the middle…….. πŸ˜‰

        In the world of logic, observation, common sense, science, and scripture, water always, Always, ALWAYS finds its own level.

        Stop embarrassing common sense.


        • Are you able to actually write a comment that makes any sense at all or are you, as SoM so eloquently points out a … barbarian Pagan in the post modern age, posing as a Christian?


          • This coming from someone who demands proof? Ha! Too funny.

            Prove the earth moves one yard, no. Prove it moves one inch, and that water exists other than level. Prove it. No hearsay. No suppositions. No theories. Prove it by testable observation.

            Maybe there is a hump in your pond that you are not noticing!!

            The science of water condemns your ignorance.

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              • Mike-
                You remind me of a kid who has chocolate oozing from his mouth, the candy behind his back, while he shakes his head saying ‘Nope. Didn’t take it.’

                He thinks his mother is an idiot, oblivious to the evidence that proves him a liar. What’s the point?

                That you and your friends are oblivious to your own argument, and when presented with point blank facts, you shake your head.

                I suggest you study just exactly what sea level is, and how water ALWAYS finds its own level. An inconvenient truth for you I’m sure. Start there, and don’t be happy being spoon fed with Farina. But like I told your friends, maybe you can walk on a ceiling like an ant, or walk on a basketball……….

                As you were wrong about CT and your goofy mischaracterizations, you are clueless as to the very terra firma you walk on. It’s not a matter of Christian or atheist, but one of the laws of observation, which are testable, and do not defy logic or common sense.

                You may want to talk to airline pilots, surveyors, map makers, ship captains, and the canal builders who know of a certainty that there is ZERO curvature. Zero, As I said, you can accuse all you want, but your ignorance only tightens the noose around your petulance.


            • Oh, I think Som already did a much better job of condemnation … But I really appreciate your efforts to champion this flat earth stuff. It is marvelous to read.
              You make the late Sir Terry Pratchett look like a positive lightweight with the Discworld. And unlike Terry, bless him, you have Yahweh on your side , of course, don’t you?
              Seriously, I can imagine Insanity bytes already scratching her head, and burbling something unintelligible, Tricia is ever-so-slowly edging away and on the verge of making circular motions by the side of her head with her index finger
              Tom will be marshaling his thoughts on how to post yet another vague response with lots of little Avatar pictures, and Wally will continue to grin and just reel off his now almost famous ”Tell me where I lied!” line over and over.

              You got this one Colorstorm.

              Run with it my man …You’re one of God’s special little people, without any doubt.

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              • I forgot James.
                But then … so should everyone.
                You should visit Nate’s blog more often. I would truly love to see you engage unklee.
                As you are a former pastor I would even pay money to see!

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              • I’ve read unklee. Seems to be a sane person, just a bit fuzzy and dodgy on his theology and bible.
                I was never a Pastor though. Never in paid ministry. I did various ministry roles over 25 years, but never a Pastor of a church.


              • Ooh, thou art persuaded to become a catholic. Ha! You have found common ground with a believer. Nice. What an alliance!

                Next thing you know it, you will admit that Moses lived! There is hope yet!

                Yay.Ark and SoM agree on something. Quite the dilemma for you eh.


              • Cs, if you really knew the origins of the particular brand of jesus following that became christianity, you would know that you are Catholic too


              • Tkx mike, but I’m pretty familiar with what transpired in the upper room, both on the night in which the Lord was betrayed, and at Pentecost.

                The gospels and epistles are enough. Fortunately, I know how to read.


              • Ah… but cs. The upper room is just a small vignette in the farce and fiction called the book of acts. The real story is where it all came from in the first place.


              • Which gospels and which epistles though? That should be your next question and why didn’t the other 40 or so odd (and I do mean odd) gospels not make it into the “official” bible?
                Who determined what was and was not authentic and how did they make that determination? By what standards and who’s ideas?
                Great stuff, to say the least. ‘The gospels and epistles’ are not enough to understand how jesus following became the ‘catholic’ universal christianity that both you and som follow.


              • Ooh, thou art persuaded to become a catholic

                Hmmm…. unlikely. However, did get married in a Catholic Cathedral and I remember the priest wore a dress that was almost as posh as my wife’s.
                Of course Moses lives. Ed Moses is now 61, a former Olympic hurdler who, if you look at old footage of him running the 110 metres, is proof that the Earth is flat. As you so eloquently stated.

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              • Usain definitely ”ploughs through the field” like a better class of prophet, however, as he is a Catholic this puts him firmly in SoM’s camp and must gall you a bit.


              • Ha, ark if you only knew. I extend a right hand to believers of all stripes, appreciating differences as well as similarities. Folks on a train are all headed in the same direction, it’s just that they have different window views.

                And the more one appreciates scripture, more windows open up. πŸ˜‰


              • Your present attacks on Catholic theology on your blog gives me plenty of evidence of how you think about their idoloatry


              • Stop it mike. It is no attack on ‘catholic theology.’ For God’s sake in the very post I admitted many catholics are better christians than some protestants and vice versa.

                Many catholics could care less about Mariolitry. It is instruction mike. You do not have to show concern. It is for people who may not have considered the ramifications. Did you notice the comments thus far? ‘Fair and balanced.’


            • CS, go put water into a trransparent glass – crystal is usually the best. Place the glass on a table and put your eyes horizontal to where the top of the water meets the glass. Look at it. It’s curved.

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              • The point is that water has physical properties a bit more sophisticated than “water ALWAYS finds its own level” and is very much affected by forces like tension… and – Gasp! – gravity. But don’t tell CS that: he thinks we contain a mystical nature called ‘heaviness’ which apparently comes from one of the four elements called ‘earth’ (so part of our nature must be made of it).

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              • Yup, reality simply doesn’t matter and will be rejected if it does not comport with the theology. What we’re seeing is faith-based belief in action, searching for anything that might seem to fit the theological model while ignoring all the data contrary to it. The same method is used in climate change denialism. The problem for people like CS who utilize this method is, this is the very definition of what constitutes delusional thinking.

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              • Tildeb, delusional is right. But I think he knows this. He knows that to defend the indefensible, to prove the unprovable and to win the unwinnable war… he must double down and shut out outside evidence to what he “knows to be true”.
                He simply chooses blindness because he refuses to see.


              • Hey mike, do the research and use your brain.

                Using YOUR model and YOUR accepted ‘curvature drop,’ assuming 25k miles circumference, which is 8inches per mile squared, that is to say after 2 miles, there SHOULD be, according to YOUR math and YOUR science, 32inches of droppage.

                Continue. At 50 miles, there SHOULD BE over 1.6 thousand feet of supposed curvature droppage. At only 100 miles, there should be over 1mile of droppage. Are you beginning to see the absurdity?

                Do you understand that railways were built using NO formula for curvature? Are you aware that a plane can fly 5 feet over the ocean and not be worried about crashing? Apparently, you have not learned these things to conclude just exactly how absurd your position is. Your ‘water table’ does not resemble a basketball.

                Ever heard of sea level? I dare you to study the Suez canal and the experiments using the so called curvature. There is none, at either end of the Red or Meditteranean. Tough pill to swallow, but maybe some ants will teach you how to walk on the basketball or on the ceiling.

                And oh, this is exact science. No theories here. Your position does not hold water, nor does it pass the scrutiny of logic, common sense, and observation.

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              • Cs, you’re just wrong. The earth is a planet orbiting the sun just like all the other planets in our system. It is unique in that there is only on Earth, but it is no different in the fact that it is a spherical object in space due to its size and mass pulling it into a sphere, not a flat disc.
                The earth is not flat.


              • mike-

                Tkx for that. However it is one of the weakest, as a matter of fact, it is probably the weakest argument for the point that you are trying to dismiss.

                You many want to look at the opposing views, and I can assure you, you will not post it again.

                It falls under the category of perspective, the vanishing point, and common sense 101.

                I can link to show you, but I won’t. Remember, I do not play link pong. Do your own research. Try to prove it wrong.


              • Thank you mike. My mother was a good catholic woman, and she put her children to shame as far as Christianity. She walked the walk.

                Enjoy your fam. too while you can.


              • I once thought there was less than zero chance of me leaving jesus, my Saviour Lord and master. But I was wrong. As are you


              • Many do mike. But it is hardly a matter to be determined by scientists. It is much simpler. Truth is easy to digest. But the ego overrules the brain. I presented scientific evidence of so called droppage which is non existent. There are a thousand other such proofs.

                You can certainly live in the delusion, but strangely you are the one that boasts of ‘science.’ Put it into action. Prove it. Do your homework. Ten years from now, you will look back and laugh at your stubbornness. Water does not bend. Period.


              • Mike
                Stop embarrassing yourself. Finding Level and bending are not twins. Geez.

                If you haven’t noticed, water (your bending comedy act) falls off a basketball. You have long lost this argument.


              • Thank you tildeb. You must have learned that in 3rd grade art class. It’s called perspective and the vanishing point.

                Water is always level. Perspective’s a bitch and a killer to loose opinions.


              • You are trying real hard mike. πŸ˜‰

                If you understood that the earth is unique…….while it sits in the seas……….

                But I wouldn’t want to further abet your excuses for ‘there is no God.’


              • So… cs, your answer? And again, I’m not atheist. And again… atheist don’t claim that there is no god. They just don’t believe the claims that theists make with unsupported and unevidenced fiat assertions. Wrong on both counts as you are about the earth being unique among the planets.
                So, again, are the other planets also flat?


              • No.., the earth is a planet like the others. ‘Round like a ball and not flat at all’ to speak in seussian language you may understand better


  2. The very idea that such a spiritual lightweight as me could possible make a Christian superstar such as you loose faith is ludicrous.

    Very true, Wally. Excellent observation. In fact, I think you would probably struggle to convert a loaf of bread into a sandwich

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    • I don’t think he’s smoking anything. He’s either trolling hard and being a poe, or he really believes the crap that freely flows from his fingers, like sewage from a leaking septic tank.

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  3. @ Colorstorm

    Ha, ark if you only knew. I extend a right hand to believers of all stripes, appreciating differences as well as similarities. Folks on a train are all headed in the same direction, it’s just that they have different window views.

    It would be wrong of me to suggest that you do not consider Catholics are Proper Christians, although this is definitely a view held by an awful lot of your fellow Protestants and more so those of a more Fundamentalist Bent.

    I know for a fact that James over at Isaiah sincerely believes if they do not change from accepted Catholic doctrine they are all hell bound. But then he has serious emotional and intellectual deficiencies.

    Is your perspective the general one of the Flat Earth,Christian Fellowship or are you the lone voice of a Mange Ridden old lion still trying to hump a lamb?


    • Ark-
      I make no pretense. I simply believe the scriptures, and there are depths of truth just waiting to be revealed. Heck I said a few weeks ago that we know less than 5% of what lies under the oceans. (I would say it’s closer to .001%)That should humble our alleged intellect.

      God’s world is big, and His heart is large also. He is not impressed by denominations, and I recognize that on a tree, there are many shapes and sizes of leaves and fruit.

      It just takes a little bit of faith pointed in the right direction. As to the other, some other time.


      • I recognize that on a tree, there are many shapes and sizes of leaves and fruit.

        Unfortunately the fruit you are plucking is of the same variety Adam and Eve ate of and I wouldn’t be in the least surprised that you were also standing around in the nude while you ate it.

        Your ocean analogy is triter and to use that as a measure of intellect is idiotic. Unless, of course you are directly referring to your own state and how you relate to reality, in which case I would agree wholeheartedly.

        I truly believe you need to take the underpants off of your head, let go of your penis for five minutes and see if someone will donate a pair of trousers, a shirt and shoes, and some bus-fare so you can ride down town and find a shrink.
        Next to to committing yourself this is the best thing you could possibility do.

        Have a Day.

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        • Ark, we both know he’s not being completely honest with the “I just read the bible” or the “I accept all christians”. There are huge differences within the family of Christian denominations and many exclude others based on their particular “branch of the tree’s ” understanding from ‘reading the Bible. He knows this and yet wants us to believe it makes no difference. Bull shit. Why else would he be taking som to the ‘Olive’ woodshed over Catholic theology?

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