The ‘Albatross’ in the Room

Is he really any different than we are?

If he deserves Punishment, don’t we as well?

This post regarding the torture and killing of Albatross in Hawaii seems to be getting alot of traction and comments. The original news story can be read here, but basically the outrage and fervor is over some sentient, intelligent and beautiful animals being tortured and killed by some psychopathic kids. Here’s a quote from the blog author on the tragedy.

“An albatross is a sentient creature, if it could “choose” to remain alive or be killed it would take the former, it feels pain, and NYU student Christian Gutierrez, 19, inflicted a lot of pain on those birds living on Oahu:”

Did I mention that ‘these’ birds are ‘protected’ by law? While I applaud the efforts to publicize and let people know how psychopathic it is to kill intelligent, sentient, ‘pain feeling’ animals, I also wondered if the author or his readers have considered the ‘other’ somewhat LESS protected animals that are force bred, tortured, killed and bivisected to appear in our grocery stores, bound for our homes and dinner plates, for consumption by our families? 

I left a response to the article implying the question that hasn’t yet as of this posting made it to the comments section. I’m sure it will in due time.  But I wonder if the author and the readers who recoil at such ‘psychopathic’ barbarity done on the Albatross have taken the time to consider the Real Elephant, or in this case… Albatross, in the room… 

Why do we Protect some animals, yet not others? 

Why, if all of the animals we choose to raise, kill and eat for food are intelligent and sentient beings in their own rights, as they certainly are… why are their cries and desire not to be killed for our pleasure and consumption not to be heard? 

How is what happens on ‘factory farms’ and even family farms any different in the final analysis? Here we have ‘other’ living, breathing, feeling, intelligent and sentient beings who, if given the choice and were able to communicate that desire to us, their ‘masters’…

  • Would most likely NOT choose to ‘give us’ their lives… 
  • Would NOT choose to be artificially inseminated and bred against their wills… 
  • Would NOT be ‘appreciative’ of their so called ‘humane treatment’ at our hands before they are STILL ‘slaughtered’ (Translation: Killed)… 

They most certainly Would most likely want to live long and natural lives, Protected by the same laws that protect our dogs, cats, horses… and Albatross… from torture and deaths against their wills, by not ‘psychopaths’ mind you, but by US regular people, who none the less continue to refuse to afford them the same recognition of sentience and intelligence and feeling as the author and readers of the Post in question presupposes… even Demands for these birds in Hawaii.

There is an Elephant in the Room and today it looks a lot like an Hawaiian Albatross. Please consider the consistent position against animal cruelty, torture and Inhumane execution… Consider going Vegan today, or at least Vegetarian. Peace. 



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