For Dax: Truth Hurts… my brain

Thought for the day from a friend…

If you had the knowledge of a cure for cancer you would share it with all you could…

To which I responded… but the comments was deleted

“Does God have the cure for cancer?”


Or poverty, or childhood leukemia or alzheimers… or anything? In the bible, old or new testaments, did He know about water borne parasites or viruses or bacterial infections or electric lighting or healthy sanitation practices? 

Did He and DOES He now have the Cure for Cancer that He’s just not sharing with us? Why isn’t He having the same concern for victims of childhood cancer and genetic diseases that you seem to think Christians should be sharing the Good news of a brutal and bloody human sacrifice of an innocent man 2000 yrs ago?

The Truth that Hurts is that the God of the Bible has not and cannot answer the cries of humanity for real healing and real cures is that… He isn’t really there to respond or care about them. He’s a religious myth, man made to fill a need in the psyche of bronze and iron age goat and sheep herders.  

Mankind will be the ones to answer the call with Human Kindness, ingenuity, science and Empathy when the God Who is Silent, if He is actually there, stands by and watches for thousands of years of human existence… but doesn’t do anything. Truth Hurts… but only Humanity Helps.



2 thoughts on “For Dax: Truth Hurts… my brain

  1. Back in the day when I believed I concluded that God could cure disease but the disease was a result of the fall and because God had given us freewill God’s direct intervention was restricted to answers to prayer. Of course this argument does not explain why so many prayers go unanswered.

    Actually I think the biggest theological problem for any religion is explaining why ‘God’ does not give all people the same access to the religion. If following a particular religion is critical for a persons eternal destination then it begs the question about why ‘God’ does not provide equal access for all humanity to the ‘truth’.

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    • If god really wants all to have a good opportunity to express their free will to accept Christ, then he would not rely on a written text, human interprerpretters and missionary zeal. A simple implanted thought in the minds of all people would suffice


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