For Tjs Household Haiku Challenge: Only and Full

Aren’t they Marvelous? 

Once again, it’s time for Tj’s Household Haiku Challenge. This week’s prompt is Only and Full. The idea is to take the prompt words, one or both or a picture that might fit, and create a Haiku, a three line… 5 syllable-7 syllable-5 syllable poem… to match or convey the thought or idea. Then share your wonderful creation in the comments below here, on TJ’s post and/or create a post of your own on your own blog to play along and link to ours. This will be good fun!! Now for mine.

Maltese Kiddos 

We only have Two

Yet they fill us so fully

‘You can’t eat just one’


Just like Doritos.. But better

No… fear not, dear hearts, we don’t eat Dogs in this Household. Not even Cats. But what if we did? Have you ever thought of the reasons why we Love some animals as Pets, yet Love others on our dinner plates? 

**WARNING: thought provoking content ahead**

Have you Met your Meat?

Why is it that I look at my beautiful Maltese Kiddos on the floor or the footstool in the front room relaxing and content, that I don’t also also think of these two smiling cattle who obviously, Ear Tags and all, aren’t as fortunate as Sonny and Daisy are to be well cared for and care free… and free from the fear of being killed, against their wills,  for my Palate Pleasure?

Do these kids look they have any Spare Ribs? Do you?

We make up fake names and words to describe what should be better described with Real and Accurate ones. 

  • Pork is not ‘pork’… It’s Pig flesh.
  • Beef is not ‘beef’… It’s the muscle and tissue of a Cow.

Mutton or Veal or Poultry is really… what we pull off and take, slice up and purchase from our markets in neatly saran wrapped packages… from Sheep, Chickens and other Birds, and… baby cows. 

Let that sink in… Baby Cows. 

And remember… Lamb is another Fake Name for… Baby Sheep, killed before it reaches adulthood to be a Sheep for your Mutton, all so it’s flesh can be soft and tender for your “Palate Pleasure”.

Yet, contrary to commonly repeated myth, None of these intelligent and sentient creatures ever Asked, Offered to Give, gave Permission or were even considered when they were artificially bred, raised and killed for our dinner. Scientists, animal lovers, veterinarians, and even farmers, ranchers and animal behaviorists all testify that these animals all have feelings, emotions, personalities and idiosyncrasies just like my two Canine Kids on the floor and footstool in the front room.   

So why the difference in the Ones we Pet vs the Ones we breed, exploit, mistreat, kill and eat for Food as if they were just Widgets rolling off an assembly line?

I mean, if you told this little girl that her Friend there was going to have his throat slit and then be cut up in little pieces in front of her so she could have a good Meal later on… what Do you think her reaction would be? I imagine that she would revolt and cry and try very hard to Stop you from killing her Friend that probably doesn’t want to be killed. Just like my dogs and perhaps your cats or horses.

There are countries and cultures where they eat Cats, Dogs, Rats, and even Horses the same was we ‘serve’ Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Fish and Sheep… even baby ones.

The question in my mind is… 

Do you say you are an Animal Lover, hate Animal Cruelty of any kind, maybe even consider yourself an Animal Welfare Advocate… yet STILL don’t understand what the ‘big deal’ is with Vegetarians and Vegans who don’t eat or wear Animals?

So again, have you given any thought… 

… as to why we Love some as Pets but Love others as Commodities and Menu items? Why we fight against the torture, mistreatment and killing of ‘some’ Animals… But are completely fine or least oblivious to these things when it comes to Others, who have also been shown to have the same capacities for intelligence, feeling, emotion, and personality as my Sonny and Daisey? Why or why not?

Not-so-Happy Meal

Two halves of the whole

Calves that never grow to Bulls

They picked up the check.


I’m sorry this may have gotten depressing

Thus, my haiku. My life is so much Fuller with My Two Amazing Beasts. But our hearts can’t Only reach out the ones we Love on our floor. They must also be open to the Ones on our plate… the ones we Eat, Use and Wear… for us to consider ourselves True Animal Lovers in any meaningful and Truthful sense.  

Please consider going Vegan or at least Vegetarian. Love All Animals the same. All Lives are Precious.



8 thoughts on “For Tjs Household Haiku Challenge: Only and Full

  1. Thank you Mike. Brilliant post.
    Having my ”meals” look back at me was the reason ( among others) that I stopped eating them.
    I wish I could get the rest of my immediate family to understand this.

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    • All we can do ark is keep being the examples and educating people with our words and actions. It’s up to them to make the connection. The yulin dog meat festival is June 21.

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  2. Reblogged this on A Tale Unfolds and commented:
    Continuing with another controversial topic. Eating Animals
    And if you have the stomach for it look up the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
    But be warned. I clicked on a link and within less than a minute I was in tears and a complete wreck.

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