((Updated for Wally’s Amusement)) Tie Tuesday: Looney Tunes Edition

Hi y’all, it’s your one and only Kia back for another Tie Tuesday. This one comes to you courtesy of Customer Service Appreciation Week at work. Today, for the lame a$$ festivities we are supposed to have dressed as our favorite movies star or in the theme of our favorite movie. 

I’ve been having a running conversation with Tyler over on my ‘Do you have Faith?’ Post and just during the night I got a terse response from always terse and ‘bucolic’ Brother Wally to a comment I left for a different person (ie. Not Him) on one of his always ‘helpful’ and informative Meme posts, where once again… He’s called me a ‘moron’ for daring to raise a question that ran counter to his… ah…. Thinking(?)

      • Julie (aka Cookie)

        July 10, 2017 at 15:33


        yes and maybe we need Dirty Harry to “encourage” a few folks step up to the plate—
        go ahead, make my day…. hahahahahaha

        Liked by you

        • KIA

          July 10, 2017 at 21:55


          Julie, would that ‘encouragement’ come at that barrel of a 357 magnum? Are you not, at least unconsciously, advocating ‘encouragement’ by force? Nice display of ‘love your neighbor’ and do unto others as you would have them do unto You’ there.
          Should be careful with that kind of advocacy. People might think you’re serious and start flying planes into buildings ‘for the encouragement’ of those who disagree with your own Faith.
          Slippery slope.


          • Wally Fry

            July 11, 2017 at 04:30


            Don’t be a moron. Look, I freely admit to being a pugnacious jerk. It’s a natural tendency, which God corrects me about every day. It’s kind of like you being a moron and a sissy. It’s just who you are.

            Julie, on the other hand, has always been gracious and kind to you here even in the face our your idiocy, even when pointed at her. She did not deserve that not even a bit.

            Now, preacher boy, run off and write a post about how the big bad Christian bullied you. After all, the entire world knows you only comment here to gather fodder for a post LOL. I just thought today I would get to the point quicker and save us all some time.

And Wally, you give me soooo much Fodder to choose from. Lol

Thus, the Looney Tunes tie comes ‘out of the closet’ in honor of both my Favorite Films and Cartoon characters when I was a kid, and also our ever irrational and sometimes less than grounded Brothers out there in the WordPress Blogosphere and their reactions and responses when challenged and questioned on both the foundations of their Faith and the sometimes violent implications of their words.

And then THIS was waiting for me after work… Lol

  • Julie (aka Cookie)July 11, 2017 at 06:39

    since you are an all knowing friend, I would think you would know a little humor when you heard it…for is not that line of Eastwood’s / Harry’s one the most well known iconic lines from a movie???..and just for the record, I’ve never seen that movie… I think Pale Rider was the only Eastwood movie I’ve ever seen as I was never a fan of most of the genres….or of his rather monotone roles…

    So for you to assume of me…that my quip was something more than an offering by a friend of a bit of levity to another friend, of which has nothing to do with much of anything but humor, is indeed overreaching—let alone having anything to do with riding a slippery slope—a slippery slop might be more of a backsliding Christian who now claims to know all things, as in a being a bit omnipotent , and trolls the conversations between friends sniffing around to see if any sort of trouble could be stirred up for the pure sake of stirring the pot….

    Advocating gun violence or encouraging deranged folks to fly planes into buildings—
    you read a whole lot more into things than I can even imagine….you don’t know me very well do you KIA

  • KIAJuly 11, 2017 at 19:21

    Julie, I guess if you call fantasizing about Dirty Harry ‘encouraging’ people, and I have seen the movies… it is a 357 magnum, in the only way Dirty Harry ‘could’. Then intentional or not, you are fantasizing about the threat of violence for the purpose of changing someone’s mind or behavior.
    Is it really unimaginable to you that you might not have taken your own words as seriously, or to use a biblical word…’soberly’, as you should have? Think about it… honestly. Don’t try to just respond in self defensive rationalization or justification. Just… think about it.


  • Wally FryJuly 11, 2017 at 19:27

    Julie is fantasizing about the threat of violence? That bar none is the single stupidest thing I have heard a human say lately.

    Mike. One. More. Unfounded. Insult

    And you are done here

    Got it?


  • KIAJuly 11, 2017 at 19:36

    Hi Wally. Hope you’re having a great Tuesday. Work was a bit stressful for me today. Not sure I did my best. Might have been one of my worst days in awhile. I appreciate all the uplifting words of encouragement you give. So much like Jesus. Cheers and have a restful evening with the family. I know I am. -Kia


Seems to me that the only person being insulting and aggressive is Wally here.  I was just commenting on what Dirty Harry might actually DO to ‘encourage’ people to change, and with What he might encourage them with…

At least Eastwood has no Eternally Torment Fire Pit of never-ending Death. For THAT you would need to call on “Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild”… or Wally might be willing to fill in for Him, in a pinch. Lol.

Cheers and have a great Tie Tuesday. Ive shown you mine, why not show me yours?



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