An Atheist Cosmologist/Physicist goes Batshit Crazy for Jesus

((7/12/17 Reposting for those who continue to distort scientific evidence to try and fit their unproven mysticism. You know who you are… -kia))

CATHOLIC, James… Roman Catholic Mysticism 

“I am proposing that the Son and Father Singularities guided the worlds of the multiverse to concentrate the energy of the particles constituting Jesus in our universe into the Jesus of our universe. In effect, Jesus’ dead body, lying in the tomb, would have been enveloped in a sphaleron field. This field would have dematerialized Jesus’ body into neutrinos and antineutrinos in a fraction of a second, after which the energy transferred to this world would have been transferred back to the other worlds from whence it came. Reversing this process (by having neutrinos and antineutrinos—almost certainly not the original neutrinos and antineutrinos dematerialized from Jesus’ body—materialize into another body) would generate Jesus’ Resurrection body.” –Frank Tipler

Really? This is who SOME people are quoting as a ‘world renowned physicist’ who was ‘forced’ to acknowledge Jesus by the ‘Evidence’?

*** UPDATE *** Here’s the link to the post that has now been removed over at James’ blog. (Former atheist scientist is forced to acknowledge God by the inexorable laws of physics  –

“When I began my career as a cosmologist some twenty years ago, I was a convinced atheist. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I would be writing a book purporting to show that the central claims of Judeo-Christian theology are in fact true, that these claims are straightforward deductions of the laws of physics as we now understand them. I have been forced into these conclusions by the inexorable logic of my own special branch of physics.”-Frank Tipler (‘The Physics Of Immortality.’)

A mind is a terrible thing to waste on Confirmation Bias

“Special Branch” means his theoretical BS to ‘imagine’ what the physics ‘might have to be’ in order to fit his presuppositioned belief that it happened in actual reality and history. 

Oh yeah, he’s lost it for real. He’s fallen hard for Catholic philosophy/mysticism and mixed it what he knows from science to come up with an intelligent sounding stream of Pure Bull Spit. 🙂

Here’s a couple of older reviews of his ideas from other people who understand but reject what this “Renowned Physicist” says. Check them out for a good laugh.

The Varieties of Crackpot Experience

Spinning BS for 2000 years

This is why Christian Apologetics is not reliable or able to be trusted to be honest when providing “answers to those who ask for the reason for the hope…”. They rely on literally anything or anyone who appears to support the Story, whether it’s actually True or Reliable… Or a wackadoodledo nutjob like THIS guy.  

James, is this REALLY what you want to showcase on your blog?



51 thoughts on “An Atheist Cosmologist/Physicist goes Batshit Crazy for Jesus

  1. Hey KIA! So, I was just strolling around the wide blogosphere of writers, and wanted to know if you were interested in participating in a blogging/writing collaboration-journey-adventure in the somewhat near future with me and a few other bloggers. I can’t say too much about it right now – the details are TOP SECRET – but it will basically be a short-term, not-too-labor-intensive, super-mega-fun creative project that will have everyone else be like “damn, why didn’t I sign up to be a part of this project when they asked me to?” If you’re interested, reply here and/or drop me a line at jacobh1021 at yahoo dot com. Cheers!


    • Sorry brother. Unless you can be more specific (leave a comment on my about page) I probably won’t be interested. If I knew more up front I might be.


  2. The point about these sort of arguments about a scientist ‘finding God’ based on their studies would be more compelling if the vast majority of scientists did not reach the opposite conclusion.

    Also that vast majority of scientists accept evolution.

    If we go further then an overwhelmingly vast majority of scientists reject young earth creationism.

    So what do I conclude – ‘Cherry Picking’

    Perhaps JAmes should examine how many former Christians rejected their faith when they concluded it could not be reconciled to science. I suspect the odds favour science causing more people to lose faith than to gain faith.

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    • One neither gains faith, nor loses faith because of science… It is God alone, who gives the non-believer the will to understand they can in no way save themselves…and God who draws the sinner in to be graced with salvation… Our part in becoming a born again Christian, is to understand and obey the Gospel of Christ… This occurs AFTER our heart is regenerated by God… As a believer who believes “OSAS”, God doesn’t lose one of His sheep…



      • “It is God alone, who gives the non-believer the will to understand they can in no way save themselves…and God who draws the sinner in to be graced with salvation”

        That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed, without evidence.


  3. Ah, heaven is a computer simulation. Why the physical universe, then?

    Curious, does Tipler explain then why Jesus didn`t correct the hilariously wrong Jewish cosmogony? I mean, he could have at least said, “Hey, you know something, the earth is a sphere, not flat…”

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    • My guess is he hasn’t gotten that far in his accommodation or justification of biblical ‘truth’ with scientific evidence yet.
      The guy just sounds like a whack job to me. Another book James has ‘read’ that probably hasn’t even cracked, perhaps?
      James is way to cut and paste happy. He seldom checks his sources. And almost never considers the ‘other side’ of what he’s ‘borrowing’ from those apologetics sites.

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    • Looks like he may have pulled the post, no acknowledgement that he was wrong about the nut case and no ‘thank you mike’ for my comment to him on his post. Poof… just never happened. Great integrity there James.

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      • I’m glad you’re keeping him in check. His kind of nonsense has to be contained, like a disease. He banned me ages ago. Rather pathetic behaviour, but to be expected by such pathetic fools as he.

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            • Tipler is not a new story. That link to Sean Carroll s article is 2009. James has had more than enough time to ‘read’ the book and check the sources if he wanted to. He’s just sloppy and lazy

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          • Mike it is like when Ark comments, James tends to allow comments that suit his narrative. So any comment he considers rude or arrogant he is likely to allow. Then he can respond in a way that makes him look so reasonable.

            On 2 July 2016 he reposted a post from March 2015. Him and Wally then suggested that the comment thread showed what a terrible person Ark was. But what was fascinating was that there was another commentator there ‘David’ who had a contrary view to James and were three comments by James in response to ‘David’, but the comments by David were not there.

            What do I conclude? Did James find the arguments of David too challenging and deleted them, but forgot to delete his responses?

            One comment from James:

            I’ll give you that it was probably a poor choice of words, I’m far from perfect.

            What I meant is that God is what God is regardless of what people think.

            The Bible teaches that God is all good and incapable of doing any bad because it’s against His nature.

            Why can’t you say that?

            But there is no comment recorded on the post to which he could be responding.

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            • Nothing new for James. He selectively deletes comments and never let’s on. Nor is he honest when he’s called out on it. Pretty typical for wanna be amateur apologists on the Internet.


            • @Peter

              Mike it is like when Ark comments, James tends to allow comments that suit his narrative. So any comment he considers rude or arrogant he is likely to allow.

              True. The only time he allows a comment is if I swear like a trooper.
              The last time one was allowed he even had the audacity to apologize and state he didn’t know how the comment got through! Lol! Lying SOB.

              I’ll be honest though, even I squirm on occasion. However, as I write, I simply consider it a literary exercise and see what happens.
              As James does not seem to have ”Fuck Limit” I can go to town!

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              • Probably so that when he gets peeved he can haul out his favorite posts – the ones where I am effing and blinding all over the show – and say, ”See, Ark is a very naughty boy and really needs Jesus.
                ”Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

                Much the same way that CS wonders if I call my mother a nutter as I call them.

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              • im thinking he does it for the sensationalistic aspect. plus he can set you up as a ‘strawman’ to attack that can’t respond (via control of the delete comment button)
                gives him the opportunity to play the ‘attacked christian’ martyr card as well as the heroic defender of christianity and biblical truth with no actual danger of counter response (see ‘delete comment button’ above


              • Of course. This is exactly why he does it. Sometimes I think he is a complete fraud; a make believe Xian who just doesn’t know how to get out.
                Whatever, he is a Giant Nob.

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              • I see that James has added a post about blogging until he dies. He portrays himself as some poor suffering martyr and accepts the congratulations of his followers for persevering against such terrible persecution – Well that may not be exactly what was said but that is the underlying spirit of the post and its comments.

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      • Yeah you are correct the post has disappeared. Perhaps the Holy Spirit told him to remove it as James has stated he never looks at this site.

        The way James acts would suggest that he is seeking to promote a preconceived outcome rather than seeking truth.

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    • Now James thinks I have no idea where he was going with that post… like he’s going to a reversal… a hit piece on Tipler? No, I know where he was going. It wasn’t ‘in process’ and just got published early. He posted it thinking that Tipler views are legit science (not having researched them past the copy and paste from a nameless apologetics blog) and that they were good to use in support of ‘science proves christianity’.
      Now when he gets called on it, he pulls the post and says it wasn’t finished, and I have no idea where he was going with it. Amazing


      • I wonder how James sleeps at night?

        Yet folk like him criticize the integrity of non-believers. Incredible!

        A much debated point in morality is ‘whether the ends justifies the means’. Well in theory maybe but in reality no. The reason I say no is because allowing such an excuse just leads one down the slippery slope as we see demonstrated here.

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        • ends justifies means is just a longer statement of situational ethics. it has absolutely no business in christian theology, behavior or conduct.
          of course, the biblical god teaches it by example


      • James really digs himself into a hole when he quotes an expert because he agrees with a particular statement made by that expert. If you accept the person as an expert where they support one’s existing views what should one do when that expert has other views that you disagree with? – Well if you are JAmes you will just ignore them and hope that people who read your blog are not aware of the differences in other areas.

        I particularly get aggrieved when I see Young Earth Creationists using Francis Collins to bolster their case. No one disputes that Collins is a highly credentialed scientist. So as the head of the human genome project he is a poster boy for scientist who have a faith in Christianity.

        Back in 2009 as a person of faith I was struggling with science versus faith issues and a pastor suggested I read Collins book ‘The Language of God’. In that book Collins argues that Evolution is a proven fact. As a Christian Collins concludes that evolution was the process God used in creation. So it is a nonsense for James to cite Collins unless James also admits his YEC position is not supported by Collins.

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        • He sure does. I did a post earlier in Collins. Included a YouTube video of his views on ID and creation/evolution. Maybe I should repost that vid for James


  4. James still hasn’t ‘Finished’ the post yet for posting on his blog yet…. so no. I don’t believe his Story that he just ‘accidentally’ posted his post ‘earlier’ than he was prepared to. I called BS and he made up a Story to fit him pulling it down without admitting his error. pure dishonety, nothing more, nothing less from James.


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  6. I learned of Frank Tipler through a debate he had with Lawrence Krauss. Michael Shermer was the moderator. I started watching the video and literally burst out into a hysterical fir of laughter after listening to Frank talk for about 10 minutes. Batshit insane is really the only way to describe it. I was clear to me that this guy had gone completely off his rocker. I managed to tough it out through the whole video. I’ve never met Michael Shermer but I have met Lawrence but I never did ask him how he managed to keep a straight face during that debate. Frank Tipler is a certified loon.

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