Cringe Alert: The Biblical God of Life and Death

Repulsive and Sickening
I saw a video recently on my YouTube listing that gave me pause and made me physically ill with regret that I ever Believed or Taught these things and a Christian. Take a gander and tell me what you think. -KIA 

“It’s right for God to slaughter women and children anytime He pleases.”

“Everybody who dies, dies because God wills that they die”

“He will take 50,000 lives today”

“He never wrongs anybody”

“What makes the question harder is that He commands People to do it”

(ie. kill innocent women, children and babies)

“So the problem isn’t that God ended the Canaanites’ lives.  The problem is that He commanded the Israeli soldiers to end them.  Isn’t that like commanding someone to commit murder?  No, it’s not.  Rather, since our moral duties are determined by God’s commands, it is commanding someone to do something which, in the absence of a divine command, would have been murder.  The act was morally obligatory for the Israeli soldiers in virtue of God’s command, even though, had they undertaken it on their on initiative, it would have been wrong. On divine command theory, then, God has the right to command an act, which, in the absence of a divine command, would have been sin, but which is now morally obligatory in virtue of that command.” -William Lane Craig

And they say this with absolutely no understanding of how Psycopathic and Immoral both they and their God are being.

You see, if Man does Genocidal Murder of innocents… it’s Murder. If God does it, then it’s Okie Doke. Because right and wrong, good and evil, murder and justice are defined by whether God is doing it or not.

“By definition, It’s not illegal if the President does it.” -Richard Nixon 

The God of the Bible is not ‘Good’ because He is good… God is ‘good’ because He does it, otherwise it’s Evil if it is evil and immoral.

Christians… THIS is the God you serve. The Biblical God is not Good, He is just God. Whatever he does is Good, Right, Just and Moral. Regardless of whether it would be Evil, Wrong, Unjust and Immoral if we did it as people… Unless of course He told us to do it. THEN we would as Piper said “… share…” in His Execution of Justice.

It’s not complex at all.

God says it

I believe it.

That Settles it.


“Insanity is when you hear voices in your head telling you wake up in the middle of the night and kill your son.

(unless your name is Abraham)

Or someone else’s Son

(Unless your name is Joshua)

Think about it…





149 thoughts on “Cringe Alert: The Biblical God of Life and Death

  1. I liked when he said, “God doesn’t owe us anything.” We are His creation, His children…and yet He owes us nothing. If humans were to think like that we’d be thrown in jail for child neglect and endangerment. What a suck shit father this deity is.

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    • “What a suck shit father this deity is.”
      i just about peed myself when i read this. yes… but the biblical god is the perfect father. “…but he loves you”-George Carlin

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  2. When I deconverted from Christianity, I wasn’t privy to all the biblical scholars and archeological findings that many deconverts have used as the reason why they left Christianity.

    What I did have was a moral compass, and the bible. The longer one allows themselves to be brainwashed by biblical Christianity, the greater likelihood they will be convinced that it’s perfectly OK for god to be a genocidal psychopath.

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  3. When I was studying theology I downloaded John Piper’s 180 page treatment of the Calvinist TULIP theology.

    – Total Depravity (also known as Total Inability and Original Sin)
    – Unconditional Election
    – Limited Atonement (also known as Particular Atonement)
    – Irresistible Grace
    – Perseverance of the Saints (also known as Once Saved Always Saved)

    This is the most barbaric theology. Humans are inherently evil, but wonderful God, seemingly at Random extends his favours to a few. The rest, well they can burn in Hell for all eternity, don’t they deserve it, they are sinners from birth?

    Well Pardon me God, I did not ask to be born! If I am not ‘Elect’ then it does not matter what I do, no matter how good I am, I have no chance, I will be eternally tortured.

    Augustine’s response, ‘the wonder is that any are saved at all’

    Martyn Lloyd-Jones ‘humans are 100% responsible for their condemnation, but have no responsibility for their salvation, all the credit goes to God’

    God is Love???? And allows around 95% (or more of humanity) to be born and have no chance, but face an eternity of hopelessness and agony. Does that sound like love to you? It sounds callous to me.

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    • calvin’s doctrine was primarily based on augustinian theology. horrible and non biblical. not even as a christian could i swallow reformed theology. i wasn’t even a one pointer


      • What became clear to me when I studied theology is that the Bible is riddled with contradictions.

        To the devout these are ‘Holy Mysteries’.

        The classic Holy Mystery is the Human Free Will versus the Doctrine of Election.

        I spend much time pondering the Doctrine of Election.

        The Hymn Rock of Ages was written by a Calvinist as a direct rebuke of the Arminian position:
        Verse 2, power Calvinist thinking:

        Not the labour of my hands
        Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;
        Could my zeal no respite know,
        Could my tears forever flow,
        All for sin could not atone;
        Thou must save, and Thou alone.

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    • Calvinism is such an interesting take on religion. As a catholic I was completely unaware of it, but after deconversion I heard of it and started looking into it. Come to find out Presbyterians are calvinists, and that would explain why I never knew what they were talking about when we’d discuss religious things.

      My family does not understand how divided the christian faith is and see it as no problem that people believe vastly different things. To me, these vast differences suggest God (if he existed) is completely unable to getting accurate theology out to his flock. I cannot understand how these huge divisions have not made christianity collapse entirely upon itself…I guess lots of people were like me, and didn’t bother to study the different christians sects. It is *shocking* to me when I read TULIP theology (even though GMF spouts it like a dying whale).

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      • “It is *shocking* to me when I read TULIP theology (even though GMF spouts it like a dying whale).”

        I’ve yet to give GMF a piece of my mind, but it’s been simmering for sometime and I am reaching the boiling point to where I’m going to let him know that he and his TULIP ilk are the reason why my husband committed suicide. I’m not a violent person in the least but I’d like to knock the holy shit out of him.

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        • I often think of you, Neuro, when I hear that TULIP crap. I have a feeling them hearing your tragic story wouldn’t make one bit of difference, as they are as blind as the god they serve. Though it would be fun to engage in some holy shit kicking anyway, wouldn’t it?

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          • Indeed. You might not find this as a shock but the largest protestant church, the Southern Baptist, are becoming more Calvinistic (neo- Calvinism). About 30% of preachers and seminaries promote this theology, and all SBC can hire a Calvinist preacher. This is also bad for women. Quote:

            “Unlike what you might see in run-of-the-mill SBC complementarianism, where women’s subordination and male headship is affirmed only within the nuclear family unit and the local church, many Neo-Calvinist complementarians view women’s subordination and male headship as something that applies to all spheres of human life.”

            Perhaps, someday, if our species doesn’t go extinct due to utter stupidity, these so called “godly” men will realize that their very belief and behaviors are responsible for the dysfunction and enormous suffering of humanity.

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            • I had no idea calvinism was spreading further into the baptists. My mom has some good friends who are S. Baptists, and their oppression of women is almost as bad as the catholics. Of course mom doesn’t see it as oppression, she sees it as “a proper woman’s place.” *eyes rolling*

              I hold zero hope godly men will ever f’ing see the error of their ways. Extinction has to be more probable.


          • Oops, forgot to leave the link I quoted from.

            “Calvinism is already shaping the next generation of Southern Baptist pastors through the influence of R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the SBC’s flagship seminary in Louisville, Ky., and popular charismatic speakers like Minneapolis author John Piper and Seattle’s Mark Driscoll.


            Driscoll is a fucking sexual perv and Charlatan, and is, sadly, making a comeback. I am ever amazing at human stupidity.


          • Mike, you probably never ran into our resident Calvinist, Tiribilus a.k.a. Greg Smith, but I was in a conversation with him over the course of several months on Violetwisp’s blog. This started back in Oct. of 2014. I was stunned at his lack of humanity, and yet he felt he was oozing with empathy and compassion. He was a devout TULIP Calvinist. After sharing with him about my personal crisis (as noted above), he said Calvinism had nothing to do with it, and said he was so sorry that happened, but then wrote this in another followup reply to me:

            “God, that is, THE God, who in the beginning created the heavens and the earth, is Himself the standard by which ALL things are measured. That means when he commands Joshua to kill every man, women, child and beast in Canaan that that is PERFECTLY holy, righteous, just and good. It means that when he causes Israel to eat their own children as reported in Jeremiah 19 that that is PERFECTLY holy righteous, just and good. It means that if He has decreed all of the horrific human misery, suffering and death in all of history that that is PERFECTLY holy righteous, just and good.

            It means that if He has decreed the existence of billions of human beings for the expressed purpose of casting them into the lake of fire in judgement for sin that He also decreed that that is PERFECTLY holy, righteous, just and good. It means that if He has purposed that everything we consider to be bad, immoral and unthinkably terrible shall be so ordered by divine mechanisms known only to Himself, to His own glory for reasons sufficient unto Himself that that is PERFECTLY holy, righteous, just and good.

            It also means that His not caring one bit how you (or I) feel about that is most assuredly PERFECTLY holy, righteous, just and good. I sleep like a baby knowing that every time I hear about some gut wrenching blood curdling act of barbaric depravity, that my Father God has from eternity seen fit to assign purpose to it that is PERFECTLY holy, righteous, just and good.

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            • Yeah well ‘God is Love’!

              Victoria, that someone could write such a piece suggests a seared conscience.

              The Liberal Christians who the Calvinists so hate are surely closer to the teaching of Jesus. After all if the Gospel’s are true (let’s ignore that debate for the moment), it was the religious hypocrites who Jesus criticised. Our friend Tiribilus sounds just like the smug self righteous pharisees that John the Baptist said had no hope of avoiding the wrath to come and that Jesus specifically condemned, he called them ‘Blind Guides’.

              Indeed if I friend Greg read the Sheeps and the Goats part in MAtthew he would find that the ‘Goats’ thought they were followers of JEsus, but were condemned because of their lack of Love.

              He is exactly the self righteous hypocritical religious type who is condemned throughout the Bible.

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      • This is why GMF has nothing at all of sense he can say to those of us who have tried religion.

        He even admitted that he did not know why ‘God had not graced me with salvation’.

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  4. I’ve never really liked Piper or the ‘Sovereign God’ teaching that says that God is control of everything – down to the pattern made by the dust that swirls in a shaft of light. It’s pretty bad when the implications of his video are compared to recent events – the mass shooting is no longer the act of one individual but becomes God’s soverign will as an act of judgement against the victims. Or take that same logic to what happened at Sovereign Grace Ministries – it’s no longer the act of pedophiles preying on children, but some divine judgement against the children for some sin that they deserved to be punished for. That’s why I don’t particularly like the implications of this Sovereign God of Calvinism; that all crime is really God’s soverign judgement. It makes me wonder why there aren’t more mass shootings and why more people don’t claim that God ordered them to do it more often. The increasing influence of calvinism and complementarianism has really poisoned the SBC and is why I no longer support them. Driscoll once talked about his ministry in terms of people being thrown under the bus, he said: “There is a pile of dead bodies behind the Mars Hill bus, and by God’s grace, it’ll be a mountain by the time we’re done.” I know he meant that metaphorically, but it’s still pretty messed up.

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    • neo calvinism is taking over alot of what we call evangelical christianity. it sells, it gets butts in the seats, it builds huge churches. VERY good for business


      • It’s all about the money. I read about a church that paid good money to become affiliated with Mars Hill as a satellite church. When Mars Hill started to implode, the head church decided to sell off their church to cover expenses. The members didn’t find out until the last minute. Mars Hill had promised to set aside several hundred for a block party ministry, but it got cancelled and the money just happened to disappear. Same for a fund set aside for mission trips. Whatever happens to the money, it just doesn’t go to the church.

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        • it’s a racket. churches, at least in the west, are just businesses. they don’t really care about people… only if they come to fill the seats and the offering


          • Which is why the theology is so messed up – they’re complicated ideas that people have to buy the Bible, I mean, any number of Piper’s books to explain it to them with all sorts of nuances – like how Piper talks in his video, allusions and references to his other teachings or ideas. It brings them in that much more money that they can use to keep it going. That’s why Christian conferences are all about the books you can buy while you’re there. All of them new Bibles of sound Biblical teaching explaining everything.

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  5. Fascinating thread of comments. A book written many years after the event, translated into several languages over several centuries prior to translation into ‘English’. Thereafter, legend sold to small children as factual history; small children thus ‘groomed’ to believe its contents ‘true’ and there the issues of hate for any alternatives are born. As I said, fascinating thread. Notwithstanding, I wish the seduced and their opposites the best of good fortune.

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  6. Here u go mike.

    What is more pathetic is your sitting in judgment of God, blaming Him for the acts of beasts.

    And you right on cue, fail to miss your own irony, that is, if He in fact intervened when people go sideways, then your very writings and perhaps your life itself would find a bitter end. But no, you wouldn’t want him to stop your free will now……………..but you want Him to stop the free will of others.

    But God is not the illusion you paint. He is gracious, and you may want to consider how He tolerates your rebellion. And thankfully, all things will be made right.

    You are a professional hypocrite, writing a script foreign to reality. You actually are an embarrassment to common sense.

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      • I have no ‘gods,’ mike, which I have explained many times, who collectively cannot count to three, light a match, or ties their shoes.

        But the One and only living God, of course scripture, facts, and common sense presents Him as Sovereign above all, in whom there are no defects.

        I have consistently said the same thing, so it escapes me that you should keep asking, as if my answer will be different.


          • No.
            Definition of Sovereignty: (noun): sovereignty – supreme power or authority

            The dictionary defines “sovereign” as, “1. Paramount; supreme. 2. Having supreme rank or power. 3. Independent: a sovereign state. 4. Excellent.” None of these definitions means that God controls everything. nor that He is responsible for everything.

            If God was responsible for our actions, He wouldn’t tell us:
            I’ve set before you life and death… choose life that you and your descendants may live. He’s given us a clear choice!

            Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. It is your responsibility to resist the things of the devil and submit to the things that are of God. So not everything is of God.

            “The Lord is…not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” – You have a responsibility here as well. Exercise it wisely.

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              • Forget flatearth doug.
                You need to explain how the water in your pond curves like a basketball. Ever seen it? Just once?

                It is your delusion, not mine. Water is always level doug. Anywhere. At all times. A few feet from you. a mile. Ten miles. A thousand miles. Are you beginning to understand your fraud?

                Go away.


              • All Hail Flatearth Halfwit. His words of wisdom poureth forth from the orifice from which the sun doth shineth.

                Go Away?
                This is Mike’s spot, isn’t it?
                If he asks I most surely will, but you, well …. are you familiar with the term Have Sex and Travel?

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              • Are you familiar with the terms point of view and perspective, and how positively ships do not ‘disappear’ over the horizon.

                If they did, it would present a much larger problem for you, since then the world would be quite smaller. 😉

                Science condemns your ignorance while proving that water ALWAYS finds its level.

                Unless of course, water acts differently for you……..

                Then there is the spirit level, the plumb line, things very difficult to operate in a maelstrom……

                Unless of course, water acts differently for you………..Fortunately, science agrees with common sense, that is, things that are observable, testable, and repeatable.

                Ever heard of common sense in Africa?


  7. I believe that God is a Good God. While enduring suffering is difficult to think about- coming from someone that has suffered quite a bit- God has a purpose for it. It does seem unfair that these things happen. It makes us doubt God’s goodness. It makes us question who God really is and why we even follow Him. But all over scripture, 1 Peter, James, and so forth, we see that we are to take joy through these trials. And then by enduring them God is working to bring us, HIS creation to completion. Also, we are called to be like Christ- in every way. Christ endured more suffering than any of us could ever imagine… all so that we could be saved. So, going through trials and pain and suffering is actually allowing us to be like Christ and to endure the suffering of the Cross while we are here on Earth. We are called to embrace it, especially in a world that is so filled with the devil and sin. Check out my latest book to see more that I’ve found on these types of subjects!


    • Thx for the comment. I’d like to believe in a good god’ s existence too, but if there is… it would not be the biblical God. That God is definitely not good from the evidence of his activities in the bible. Fiction my friend. Pure fiction. Keep searching for the real one out there


      • I believe I have found Him. Check out the book the Case for Christ. I know it’s hard to think that God would allow such awful things, but this is HIS creation. I’ve seen some pretty crazy things come from this God that you don’t consider good.


        • I’ve read that book. Even recommended it when I was still a Christian. Have you read Robert price’s book The Case Against the Case for Christ?


      • But Mike that was different it was the OT and the people being killed were evil!

        Actually even in NT times God seemed partial to the odd killing:
        – Ananias and Sapphira dropped dead at the Apostle Peter’s command;
        – Herod Agrippa killed by the finger of an Angel.


  8. So you’re basing your opinion about Jehovah God on something an imperfect man has stated? We give our children love, direction, discipline and basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter). God himself is the one that directs us to do this (Ephesians 6:4, Deuteronomy 6:6-8, 1 Timothy 5:8, Matthew 22:37-39). God never tells us to do anything he isn’t doing or hasn’t done. Despite what people think or say about the creator of all things, he still lovingly provides for the righteous and the unrighteous (Matthew 5:35). Jehovah doesn’t take any pleasure in the death of anyone (Ezekiel 18:32) but is obligated to keep his people/children safe from harm. God doesn’t owe us anything in the sense that He is indebted to us in some way. If anything, we owe God our lives. However, he loves us so much that he gives us everything we need.


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