Oh Brother Dax, Hate is such a Strong Word. Transference much?

​((( 8/31/17 Reposting today for Someone who thinks it’s Christians that non Christians hate instead of just their religion. He really should be more honest with his use of the word Hate and with what those of his Faith call “preaching the Truth… in Love”.  )))

“Christians, we cannot compromise the truth or cower in the face of pressure. We are not bigots and hateful for standing up for truth as long as we do it with love and respect. “-Dax

Is it “ok” in your mind to say that people who don’t believe in, love and slavishly serve the God of the Bible… Deserve to go to Hell and be Eternally Tormented… “As long as you say it with Love and Respect”? Is that either Loving or Respectful to your mind? Is that not the very definition of Bigotted and Hateful for you to say with absolutely no shred of Actual Evidence that such a place as the Biblical Hell actually existing in Reality? 

Between Loving and Respectful vs Bigotted and Hateful, I’d put my money on those words, no matter HOW they are said, being extremely Bigotted and Hateful.

How does that work anyway? Bigotry and Hate aren’t really just about “how” you say something, Brother Dax. It’s very much still about WHAT you say and WHY you say it too. Sometimes its as simple as referring to people as “nonbelievers” or unbelievers in an effort to Rally the Troops to continue the “Christian Culture Wars” to “take america back from those godless heathen”. 

Give it a rest Brother Dax. 

Drop the false narrative, the transference and martyr/persecution complex and actually listen to what Christianity and Christians and even you yourself are saying. Try putting yourself in the shoes of those nonbelievers and hearing it from their perspectives. You may begin to understand why they feel the way they do about Christianity, Christians… and even you. 

Until then, posts such as the one you posted this morning are just False Narrative Strawmen built specifically to make you feel better, to massage your own ego, to confirm in you and those who read you the militant “Us vs Them Martyr/Persecution” complex you obviously cherish. Is that really what it takes to maintain your Faith in the presence of opposition and intelligent and reasoned disagreement? 

There is no grace or compassion or understanding, no humility or empathy or love… and very precious little Humanity in your words, Brother. Only condescension, meanspritedness, arrogance, pride and yes… Hatred for those who don’t believe what you believe, the way you believe it. No matter how kindly or sweetly or gracefully you say it, or in this case… don’t. 

The way you refer to Nonbelievers or Unbelievers as Haters of Christians… really? Your whole diatribe is dehumanizing to an entire group of people, simllly because they don’t believe the same way you do. You honestly dont see in your own words and tone your own hatred of those who disagree with you, most of them for good reasons?

The way you refer to nonbelievers in your post Brother Dax is demeaning and dehumanizing, as if they are “non people” or even animals. This is what Hatred for your fellow man looks like. Recognize it for what it is IN you, because that is what Christianity itself has done TO you. 

Your religion has set you up as a Soldier for Jesus, a tool or Weapon of God in a ‘Sin-sick’ and Morally Twisted World. You no longer seem to see People as People. You’ve lost the ability to see Trees for the Forest. You are as blinded by your Christianity as the man who the Gospels say Jesus healed of blindeness and at firat saw men as Trees, not as they were… People. 

This is what your Faith of Christianity has done TO you. And this is why nonbelievers, unbelievers and, speaking for myself alone, Deconverts from Christianity like me Hate Christianity… NOT Christians. We don’t hate YOU. We hate and despise the Religion that has bound you to hate US with posts filled with Hatefilled words aimed as Weapons against Real People you no longer see or want to understand as People.   

Remember… “Abused people Abuse other People”. This is what the cycle of the Dehumanizing Doctrines of Total Depravity and Original Sin, and the continual breaking down of humanity with messages of 

“You’re not or never will be good enough for heaven. None of us are. We are all bound to Sin and bound for Destruction. All we deserve ourselves is he’ll and eternal destruction and torture from the Holy God who HATES our sin and HATES sinners”.

… does to you. 

Exactly who is the Hater spreading Hatred here, Brother Dax? It’s not me Brother Dax. Search your heart and soul. 

Search thru your history books and see how Christianity and Christians thru the ages have shared the “Love of God in Christ” when they have had the power and political authority to get away with it. When it comes to Hatred and acts of hatred done against those who oppose… you’ll find the proverbial shoe very much on the other proverbial foot. Now… a word from our Sponsor from the Original post.  🙂 -kia


Who Hates Who… or is it Whom?

 “Do not I hate them, O Lord , that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?  I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.” –Psalms 139:21‭-‬22 KJV

This comment came to my reader this morning from Brother Wally in response to a comment I made to another person’s post on being funny… or not as the case may be. Let’s just say, Wally doesn’t like me so much. He seems to use opportunities like my comments to other people on their blogs to try to ‘love me back to jesus’ by violent hostility and aggressive bullying tactics like this one and another one from yesterday when I asked a question on Mandy’s post on slavery. 

I usually slough it off for the insecure and defensive reaction to questioning that it is, but this time it spawned the post you see now.

“And you use YOUR hatred as a badge of honor and a way to gain approval from your cackling band of hyenas.” -Wally, lover of god, jesus, and all people

To which I responded…

Hi wally. Have a great day. I don’t hate anyone at all.

And that’s what Triggered this post on Hate.

What wally doesn’t seem to understand is that Disagreement, opposition and even advocacy against someone or something doesn’t equate to Hate. Not even Disliking someone or something is akin to Hating. 

I hate no one. 

I may hate ideas, ideologies, lies, propaganda, even particular religions… yup, you got me there. But I do not hate anyone… at all. When I disagree, comment on a post in opposition to stupid ideas coming from stupid people who have been and are continuing to be duped by and promote stupid religions… I am not Hating those people. 

I hate things, ideas and anything that puts people in bondage to lies and in opposition to themselves

“But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” –Jesus, ‘Lover of My Soul’ as the Returning King in the Parable of the Talents, Luke 19:27 KJV

If you really want to know Hatred, you need look no further than the Bibles on your shelves. Have a great day. 



Tie Tuesday: early Superhero Wednesday edition

Be the Superhero that your Teammates and Customers Need you to be

Kia’s Words of Work Worth

  • Everyday is a Job Interview
  • Always work so as to be the MVP of your Team
  • Never stop Learning, Never stop Growing, and Never stop Working

Yup, that’s me wearing another one of the ties in my closet. It’s my wife’s birthday this week so I’ll be off on Wed and Thurs, therefore I won’t be posting the Superhero Wednesday for work this week. I thought I’d combine the two posts today for a Superhero Tie Tuesday. Let me know what you think.


Bertrand Russell on Truth, Love and Tolerance as a way of living 

Words to remember and live by

Bertrand Russell

“I should like to say two things, one intellectual and one moral. The intellectual thing I should want to say is this: When you are studying any matter, or considering any philosophy, ask yourself only what are the facts and what is the truth that the facts bear out. Never let yourself be diverted either by what you wish to believe, or by what you think would have beneficent social effects if it were believed. But look only, and solely, at what are the facts. That is the intellectual thing that I should wish to say…”

(Pause to include a word from the Answers in Genesis Statement of Faith…)

  • By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the scriptural record. Of primary importance is the fact that evidence is always subject to interpretation by fallible people who do not possess all information.

(Please continue….)

“… The moral thing I should wish to say…I should say love is wise, hatred is foolish. In this world which is getting more closely and closely interconnected we have to learn to tolerate each other, we have to learn to put up with the fact that some people say things that we don’t like. We can only live together in that way and if we are to live together and not die together we must learn a kind of charity and a kind of tolerance which is absolutely vital to the continuation of human life on this planet.”

― Bertrand Russell

“Love is Wise, Hatred is Foolish” -Bertrand Russell


Aug 26: Today is National Dog Day

Xtian Praise: Dog is Love (or Evol?)

Sing along… you know the song.

((This here is Sonny-Boy))

Our Dogs are Some Awesome Dogs


Our dogs are some awesome dogs

they reign over all the home

with growling, barks and love

our dogs are some awesome dogs

(Verse One)

Sonny isn’t jok’in when he’s jumpin’ for some treats

(our dogs are some awesome dogs)

he’s a jumpin’ on the couch and likin’ on his lips

(our dogs are some awesome dogs)

even though he just went out and came back in the doggie door

is wasn’t for no reason that he did his thing

he’s hopin’ we have not too quickly forgotten…

that our Dogs are some Awesome Dogs…


Our dogs are some awesome dogs

they reign over all the home

with growling, barks and love

our dogs are some awesome dogs

 ((… and Princess Daisey-Mae))

(Verse Two)

Six pounds of white hair and thinks she’s 98.

(our dogs are some awesome dogs)

she’s waiting for her kibble, you better not be late

 (our dogs are some awesome dogs)

the Judgement of a Maltese girl, really not like Sodom

you’ll be wishin’ for the Fire when you meet her gaze.

Just a  second more and Daisey ‘knows’ she’s been forgotten

Cuz Our Dogs are some Awesome Dogs


Our dogs are some awesome dogs

they reign over all the home

with growling, barks and love

our dogs are some awesome dogs

(Verse Three)

They love their little home, we love our little kids

(our dogs are some awesome dogs)

The joy they bring our life, we really can’t resist

(our dogs are some awesome dogs)

Sonny-Boy and Daisey-Mae fill our home with laughter

they run and jump around, we love to watch them play

you better be believin’, that it’s Happy ever after

Cuz Our Dogs are some Awesome Dogs


Our dogs are some awesome dogs

they reign over all the home

with growling, barks and love

our dogs are some awesome dogs


Our dogs are some awesome dogs

they reign over all the home

with growling, barks and love

our dogs are some awesome dogs


Tie Tuesday: Books edition

One thing I retained and even expanded on from when I was Christian is my love for books and reading. I grew up watching my parents reading and collecting books. As a kid and then a young adult, I tried to “love reading” but just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for it like I saw my parents have. Sure, I had books and read on occasion, but it just wasn’t the same.

When I came back to Christ after finishing the Army in 1989, I dedicated myself to reading, studying and really learning the Bible and Theology. This led to a love for reading all things Christian and all things do do with theology, apologetics and doctrine.

I can emphatically say that one of the greatest gifts in my Christian life was the love of reading and learning that it grew in me over the decades. Now as a Deconverted Christian, I still love books, reading, learning and growing in understanding of the world around me. I just have a much wider and less narrowed interest in subjects. 

I can honestly say… Thank God, wherever She is, for books and the ability to read.


Xtian Poetry: Thoughts on “How long?”

Thoughts on the Journey

How long should it take 

How long should I hesitate

How long must the future wait

How long till I finally make

The full Journey from and to myself?

“dude, just move on”

“Why mourn relationships gone?”

“Go forward, look beyond”

“You can’t let go and still hold on”

But ‘Eyes have not seen nor ears heard’… a more silly way to comfort a wounded soul.

It takes as long as it takes. It hurts as much as it hurts. It feels as deep as it has to feel. It bleeds as long as the wound is fresh. Till the oozing stops and time crowns my wound with a scar called… Survival

Until then… I’m in Recovery. Deal with it!


Friday Morning Grace: Embrace True Forgiveness

My question for today is “Cannot the One who made up the rules and is Only offended by their abrogation just simply… Forgive?” My answer is… Yes. Yes he can. But why doesn’t He? -kia

“True Forgiveness is me giving up my right to any Recompense for the wrong you have done to me. It means neither you or anyone else has to pay the Penalty or the Price. Otherwise it’s not Forgiveness, but just Punishment or Scapegoating someone else to keep you from needing Give what only you can give… True Forgiveness… Forgives.” -kia

In Christianity and according to the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, 

  • God creates the World, Us and All there is
  • He makes the rules
  • Only He is ‘ultimately’ offended
  • Ultimately, He is the Creditor
  • Only He is Unchanging and Unchangeable
  • Nothing we do or say can ever minimize or diminish What and Who He is

He could just Forgive, 

  • but He chooses to Recompense Eternal Punishment and Torture for Finite offenses to His supposedly  Unchangeable and Unaffected Glory committed by Limited creatures such as we during our Finite lifetimes. 

He could just Forgive, 

  • but His Glory ‘demands’ Payment and Retribution, whether by or on You and I in a place of Everlasting Fire or His Own Son on an equally Finite and Limited torture and death on a cross. (A three day ‘take back’)

He Himself says Only He is ultimately offended. 

  • Only He is able to Forgive and Release the Sinner from the Price and Penalty by True Forgiveness… Relinquishing His Rights to Recompense… on You or anyone else FOR you.

He could just Forgive… He did David after the Rape of Bathsheba, and the Murder of he husband Uriah… wouldn’t You? 

  • Have you asked yourself, christian… If He can and He could… Why won’t He and Why doesn’t He?

Embrace True Forgiveness Today. 

My Hope for you who are still as I once was, a Christian Slave to a False System of Divine Human Sacrifice and Eternal bondage or Eternal punishment… is that you would simply walk away from the False Forgiveness and system of Penalty, Price, Punishment and Pain. That you would learn that There is no Scapegoat. There is only True Forgiveness… or Recompense. We forgive each other (or not) for offenses done to us… no God of the Bible involved at all.

“I set before you Life… therefore, Choose Life”-kia paraphrase

Choose True Forgiveness Today and Give it to others Freely. Leave the False Forgiveness of Torture, Punishment and Death for the True Forgiveness of Life and Peace. Recovery Awaits.