Reblogging Dax’s Loving Encouragement

Just to make sure Brother Dax does not try to say I’m misrepresenting his post… I’ve decided to reblog it in its entirety. 😉 Enjoy the show. -kia

By the way, the Narrartive he puts up for how the Attitude or tone of the nonbeliever would be “really” sayjjng to christians? Completely adlibbed and imaginative False Narrative Strawman Fiction. Dax has to Make-up a fictional diatribe to justify his post. Pathetic and again… Dishonest. -kia  


Why Unbelievers Hate Christians

To be a genuine Christian in this day and age is no easy task. The culture berates you at every turn for taking a stand: “How can you not be ok with same sex marriages?”; “How can you believe all that fairy tale crazy talk about an ark, David and Goliath, and resurrection?”; “How can you not see every religion as good as your own?”; “How can you be so judgmental?”

The negative rhetoric is increasing in intensity against Chrisitans as our culture turns further away from recognizing God as Sovereign and Majestic. The word of the day is “tolerance.”  They speak tolerance but behind the words we see a more sinister evil at work. Here is the common attitude of the nonbeliever and what they are really saying to Christians:

Christian, my belief or non-belief should be ok with you because I say it is. That’s all that should matter. You have to accept my beliefs as being as legitimate as your own. If not the consequences will be severe for you as I cannot tolerate your unacceptance. If you discredit my beliefs or my actions, no matter how immoral you think they are, I will  take issue with you, Christian, because I desperately need you to accept it so that I can be justified in my deception. I think tolerance is my move towards progressiveness and enlightenment but truth is I am blinded by Satan and I will fight with all I have to pressure you into feeling guilty and ultimately trying to get you to compromise your convictions. It is because I hate God and therefore, I hate you. Oh I will say I don’t but my words and actions show that I most definitely do. I will accuse you of bigotry, discirimination, and hate but it is because I cannot stand the guilt your convictions put on me. I cannot tolerate that you think you have the only right way.

 It makes me sick that you do not allow me to live like I want and be as blasphemous as I desire and it not be ok. I don’t want to be held accountable. Therefore, I will attack you in the name of tolerance until I can get you to not take a stand against me. 

I am ok if you judge some things, especially those things I do not practice. I don’t murder, so you can judge that. Stay away from any belief or immorality that I practice though. It makes me feel bad when you say it is wrong and I don’t want to feel bad so I will rally against you. I need it to be ok that I do whatever feels good to me. I don’t want to live in accordance with a higher standard or purpose. 

What I really want from you is to cower before my god, Satan. I want you to be passive and scared. I want you to be worried about being seen as judging and hateful because you stood up to me. I will do everything I can to shame you and make you feel discriminatory. I do it all because I need to be justified. I need to be ok. I don’t want to live for your God so I need you to say it is ok that I live my way. If you will do this Christian then you and I will be ok.

Christians, we cannot compromise the truth or cower in the face of pressure. We are not bigots and hateful for standing up for truth as long as we do it with love and respect. Don’t lose your voice for the truth!


Oh Brother Dax, Hate is such a Strong Word. Transference much?

​((( 8/31/17 Reposting today for Someone who thinks it’s Christians that non Christians hate instead of just their religion. He really should be more honest with his use of the word Hate and with what those of his Faith call “preaching the Truth… in Love”.  )))

“Christians, we cannot compromise the truth or cower in the face of pressure. We are not bigots and hateful for standing up for truth as long as we do it with love and respect. “-Dax

Is it “ok” in your mind to say that people who don’t believe in, love and slavishly serve the God of the Bible… Deserve to go to Hell and be Eternally Tormented… “As long as you say it with Love and Respect”? Is that either Loving or Respectful to your mind? Is that not the very definition of Bigotted and Hateful for you to say with absolutely no shred of Actual Evidence that such a place as the Biblical Hell actually existing in Reality? 

Between Loving and Respectful vs Bigotted and Hateful, I’d put my money on those words, no matter HOW they are said, being extremely Bigotted and Hateful.

How does that work anyway? Bigotry and Hate aren’t really just about “how” you say something, Brother Dax. It’s very much still about WHAT you say and WHY you say it too. Sometimes its as simple as referring to people as “nonbelievers” or unbelievers in an effort to Rally the Troops to continue the “Christian Culture Wars” to “take america back from those godless heathen”. 

Give it a rest Brother Dax. 

Drop the false narrative, the transference and martyr/persecution complex and actually listen to what Christianity and Christians and even you yourself are saying. Try putting yourself in the shoes of those nonbelievers and hearing it from their perspectives. You may begin to understand why they feel the way they do about Christianity, Christians… and even you. 

Until then, posts such as the one you posted this morning are just False Narrative Strawmen built specifically to make you feel better, to massage your own ego, to confirm in you and those who read you the militant “Us vs Them Martyr/Persecution” complex you obviously cherish. Is that really what it takes to maintain your Faith in the presence of opposition and intelligent and reasoned disagreement? 

There is no grace or compassion or understanding, no humility or empathy or love… and very precious little Humanity in your words, Brother. Only condescension, meanspritedness, arrogance, pride and yes… Hatred for those who don’t believe what you believe, the way you believe it. No matter how kindly or sweetly or gracefully you say it, or in this case… don’t. 

The way you refer to Nonbelievers or Unbelievers as Haters of Christians… really? Your whole diatribe is dehumanizing to an entire group of people, simllly because they don’t believe the same way you do. You honestly dont see in your own words and tone your own hatred of those who disagree with you, most of them for good reasons?

The way you refer to nonbelievers in your post Brother Dax is demeaning and dehumanizing, as if they are “non people” or even animals. This is what Hatred for your fellow man looks like. Recognize it for what it is IN you, because that is what Christianity itself has done TO you. 

Your religion has set you up as a Soldier for Jesus, a tool or Weapon of God in a ‘Sin-sick’ and Morally Twisted World. You no longer seem to see People as People. You’ve lost the ability to see Trees for the Forest. You are as blinded by your Christianity as the man who the Gospels say Jesus healed of blindeness and at firat saw men as Trees, not as they were… People. 

This is what your Faith of Christianity has done TO you. And this is why nonbelievers, unbelievers and, speaking for myself alone, Deconverts from Christianity like me Hate Christianity… NOT Christians. We don’t hate YOU. We hate and despise the Religion that has bound you to hate US with posts filled with Hatefilled words aimed as Weapons against Real People you no longer see or want to understand as People.   

Remember… “Abused people Abuse other People”. This is what the cycle of the Dehumanizing Doctrines of Total Depravity and Original Sin, and the continual breaking down of humanity with messages of 

“You’re not or never will be good enough for heaven. None of us are. We are all bound to Sin and bound for Destruction. All we deserve ourselves is he’ll and eternal destruction and torture from the Holy God who HATES our sin and HATES sinners”.

… does to you. 

Exactly who is the Hater spreading Hatred here, Brother Dax? It’s not me Brother Dax. Search your heart and soul. 

Search thru your history books and see how Christianity and Christians thru the ages have shared the “Love of God in Christ” when they have had the power and political authority to get away with it. When it comes to Hatred and acts of hatred done against those who oppose… you’ll find the proverbial shoe very much on the other proverbial foot. Now… a word from our Sponsor from the Original post.  🙂 -kia


Who Hates Who… or is it Whom?

 “Do not I hate them, O Lord , that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?  I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.” –Psalms 139:21‭-‬22 KJV

This comment came to my reader this morning from Brother Wally in response to a comment I made to another person’s post on being funny… or not as the case may be. Let’s just say, Wally doesn’t like me so much. He seems to use opportunities like my comments to other people on their blogs to try to ‘love me back to jesus’ by violent hostility and aggressive bullying tactics like this one and another one from yesterday when I asked a question on Mandy’s post on slavery. 

I usually slough it off for the insecure and defensive reaction to questioning that it is, but this time it spawned the post you see now.

“And you use YOUR hatred as a badge of honor and a way to gain approval from your cackling band of hyenas.” -Wally, lover of god, jesus, and all people

To which I responded…

Hi wally. Have a great day. I don’t hate anyone at all.

And that’s what Triggered this post on Hate.

What wally doesn’t seem to understand is that Disagreement, opposition and even advocacy against someone or something doesn’t equate to Hate. Not even Disliking someone or something is akin to Hating. 

I hate no one. 

I may hate ideas, ideologies, lies, propaganda, even particular religions… yup, you got me there. But I do not hate anyone… at all. When I disagree, comment on a post in opposition to stupid ideas coming from stupid people who have been and are continuing to be duped by and promote stupid religions… I am not Hating those people. 

I hate things, ideas and anything that puts people in bondage to lies and in opposition to themselves

“But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” –Jesus, ‘Lover of My Soul’ as the Returning King in the Parable of the Talents, Luke 19:27 KJV

If you really want to know Hatred, you need look no further than the Bibles on your shelves. Have a great day. 


Welcome to Boston Kyrie: Is it possible that I.T. is better gone?

Word of Preface: I am a Boston Celtics and Isaiah Thomas Superfan. This is both heartbreaking and, due to the  recent blockbuster Cavaliers Trade… possibly Relieving at the same time. I dont want this to be true, but video doesn’t usually lie. Is it now?

Could we be looking at the real reason Thomas is so good at freezing defenders in isolation? 


  1. He’s Traveling
  2. Defenders are catching it
  3. But the officials are NOT…
  4. And the defenders are dumbstruck why not.

Did we just get rid of a 5’9 cheater who is rated well above his Legal and non-cheating gameplay? Watch the whole video and you decide.


Answering #Nashvillestatement: Christian Bakers lose appeal

(( Updated 8/30/17 because this never seems to end. -kia ))

Are we really going to do this again?

I’d like to tell a story this morning of unintentional bigotry and unconsciously false ‘political’ indignation. Its not the story in the article linked from the BBC, but it is very similar. I’d like to tell it because it’s my story from just a few years ago.

In April of 2013, my mom had passed, my sister was here from Washington state for the purpose and in the middle of the evening, very Christian me had a ‘conversation’ of sorts with not so Christian said sister about another Christian Bakery in Washington state who also refused service to a gay couple because of the ‘message’ that their ‘participation’ in their wedding by the request to bake a cake for it as a business.

I, being not only a strong Christian at the time, but also very much politically conservative, libertarian and by what I thought, a strict Constitutionalist… argued till 6am with my sister that it violates the Baker’s 1st amendment freedom of Religious expression and their freedoms of Association (or non association as the case may be) and that according to the 10th and 11th amendments, (not withstanding the equal protection under the 14th), the Federal Government had no Constitutional right or authority to tell the Washington couple what to do that Constitution didn’t give it the power to, or prohibit the States the jurisdiction over.

It was a brilliant political argument and called BS on what i felt, and still do for the most part, was the 14th amendment’s unconstitutional power grab for the federal government over states rights guaranteed by the original founders’ writing of the Constitution as well as the bill of rights. But…

I was wrong.

The Constitution cannot be used to allow Religious Liberty to be screwed into Constitutionally Protected Bigotry and Prejudice. 

If you are a business providing services to the Public, you serve ALL the Public. No one is asking you to change your beliefs or practices in private. 

  • Washington State Christians… It’s just a cake. 
  • Indiana State Pizza Shops… It’s just a Pizza.

Evangelical Christian Leaders… It’s just couples who love each other and want to commit to each other just as you have committed to your spouses, in a Lawful and Recognized Marriage.

But if your conscience won’t allow you to serve ALL the public… Get out of business to the public. 

And if you can’t bring yourself to understand or accept these couples as Married, you don’t have to. Just get out of their way. It’s none of your damned business. 

It’s really… I mean REALLY not about you… at all.

Bigotry and Discrimination and Prejudice is wrong. I would even step so far as to call it EVIL. Don’t try to use Political excuses to cover your very obvious Religious Reasons for refusing to serve the public. 

We had enough of that in the 50s and 60s here in the US. Remember the refusal to serve blacks and the “separate but equal” arguments? They too were both religious and ‘tradition’ oriented. But bigotry and discrimination was wrong then and it’s wrong now.

If Tradition and Religion keep you from serving the public in ‘good conscience’ or gracefully accepting the rights of others to the same Legal Recognition of their Marriages as you have… Get out of business and #STFU. Nuff said.


Responding to the #Nashvillestatement

I thought would reblog another wonderful post from John Zande from a few months ago in response to the recent #Nashvillestatement on ‘Traditional’ (codeword for Biblical/Christian) Marriage. The statement for itself can be found and downloaded HERE.

Please visit the original blog and post. Enjoy and read your bibles everyday and everyway. -kia



I Believe in Traditional Biblical Marriage

((Updated to include Wally’s contribution)) Are your beliefs “self proving”?

​Do you still Care if it’s True or not? 


You just do not get it. I DO NOT CARE what other sources say. Period.

The word of God needs no help from disinterested people to validate its intrinsic worth.

And until you understand this, you will continue to be more lost than london fog.

To which I replied… of course I did  🙂

  • Cs, how would your comment sound coming from a Mormon or a Muslim or a Scientologist?
    “I do not care what other sources say. Period” followed by “the koran… the book of mormon… or dianetics needs no help from disinterested people to validate it’s intrinsic worth.”
    CS, you would NEVER accept such an ignorant and thoughtless ‘defense’ coming from anyone else’s pie hole for their Religious convictions and Truth Claims. Why do you think it’s valid coming from yours

  • And he to me…

  • Because mike the contents of scripture are self proving. The genius of the only living God is on display and speaks in a manner otherwise impossible for all the world’s religions combined.

    Of course it does.Truth has no competitors, frauds are a dime a dozen, and the scriptures have commended your attention even in your current state, and it is why you do not crusade against scientology or all the other isms or schisms.

    God’s word stands apart, and you know it. 

  • Amazing… Scripture is ‘self proving’? 

  • Wally Fry

    August 30, 2017 at 13:11

    You are missing that the post is about what The Bible teaches. No more, no less.

    Have a nice day preacher


  • KIA

    August 30, 2017 at 13:19

    And I asked you whether it matters or you care whether it is actually True or not. You dont seem very willing to defend or demonstrate what you believe to be true from the bible is actually True to reality. Why should anyone believe what you say the bible teaches at All? If you can’t (or wont) Show it, you don’t Know it. You just Believe it, regardless of evidence to the contrary or no evidence at all to support it. Thus, brother Wally, no matter what answer you previously gave after rambling, dodging, personal attacking me and calling me names, you show by your behaviour and words that you don’t really care whether what you believe to be true from the bible is actually True to reality. And again, I hope others will see this and understand as well.

Really? The scriptures are self confirming, self ‘proving’? The problem that cs realizes but refuses to admit is that by his own admission… He doesn’t actually care if the bible is corroborated or refuted by outside evidence or sources. He believes it to be True on its own because it says it is. What circuitous thinking and brazen bulls#!t.

With that thinking, he would never be able to condemn or refute what any other religious fanatic believes when that one says “it’s self proving” or “we don’t care about outside sources confirming or disconfirming what we believe”

His own “defense” of the Truth  (tm) of his beliefs could be spoken verbatim by any other religious zealot,  including those who he would never accept such brainless drivel from.  From such a mindset, what could CS’s biblical god command that he would not obey? What would you NOT be prepared to believe? You might be persuaded that God wants you to obey Him in some of these activities:

  • murder,
  • Genocides
  • child sacrifice,
  • suicide bombings,
  • crusades against other Religions or even denominations within your own religion in the middle east,
  • Inquisitions to torture and kill those who refuse your Divine Authority in ‘Christian’ medieval Europe, 
  • Burning of ‘witches’ in ‘Christian’ Salem Massachusetts? 

Or most recently… Launching a war in Iraq on God’s “say so”?

Really, what could the god of the Bible command that you would not obey with a lobotomized mindset like that? What insanity would you not be willing to believe because God declared it to be True in Holy Writ?

Tell me in the comments below. -kia

The Hypostatic Union: Jesus is both God and Man

How do you Know? Could you possibly demonstrate or prove such a thing to be True in any True sense of the word… True? Brother Wally might retort… 

“It says so in the Bible.” 

But alas, He can be anything at all in Fiction, but in Reality… that requires Evidence you don’t have outside of your Faith that it’s True ™. 

Here’s a comment left for Wallys post this morning that I dont really expect to ,make it past the moderation, but here it goes.


August 30, 2017 at 11:34


Meanwhile back in the real world, the historical, archaeological and textural underpinnings of the entire biblical narrative from Genesis to Jesus himself are being challenged, uprooted and controverted by actual Evidence and honest inquiry. “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin”.
If there was a Jewish reformist rabbi that the Jesus of the NT was based on, he is long dead. The Jesus depecticted in the pages of the gospels and letters of the new testament is most certainly a fictional character. He’s no more historical than Dumbledore or Gandalf the White. -kia

No Brother Wally, Jesus is not God. 

“Please demonstrate the Hypostatic union to be true and accurate without resorting to the Bible. Are you aware there are plenty of your Christian brothers and sisters in different denominations that would disagree with you as strongly as you disagree with me? Please read widely and think deeply. I have faith you will understand sooner or later. I just hope it will be sooner. If there is a God, andnninstill believe there could or might be, it won’t be the one depicted in the biblical narrative. He doesn’t exist in reality, only in Fiction and religious and cultural mythology. Have a wonderful day to you too, brother Wally. -kia”

Enjoy the fiction while you still can, but remember… Recovery awaits. -kia

Reblogging again: Kadesh Barnea, Gaza, and The Exodus

Since wordpress apparently won’t let me reblog a post directly twice, and I deleted my previous reblog during one of the Monthly Blog Reset Purges in the past, here’s a direct copy and paste of John’s POST on the utter poverty of actual Evidence FOR the Exodus Story and virtually undeniable, except by Blind Faith that is, Avalanche of Actual Evidence AGAINST it. My original comment from his post, and then the body of it will follow. -kia


Reblogged this on The Recovering Know It All and commented:
To paraphrase a well known verse from Psalm 113,”If the foundations be destroyed, what can the ‘Christians’ do?”. The only answer to this age old question is to Ask more questions, Seek better answers than what your Teachers and Leaders have allowed you, and start Thinking for yourselves. If the very foundational truths, evidence and historical proof of what you believe is non existent, if instead the Historical, Archaeological and Scientific evidence that DOES exist points in the opposite direction and conclusively proves your Faith is built on Myths, Legends and Lies… “what is the Righteous to do?”…
If they are Honest, Open and have any shred of Intellectual Integrity left, the will Deconvert from Christianity and go into ‘Recovery’ from Knowing It All-ism.
Thanks again to John Z. for such a well researched and presented piece. Truly heartbreaking for the Christian, but I’d rather live in the Real world than for a Dead ‘Savior’. -KIA

And now… a word from the author of the post itself. Cheers. Please visit the original blog, and author. Engage in Reality. -kia


Kadesh Barnea, Gaza, & The Exodus

The Jewish origin tale recounted in the Pentateuch is a work of geopolitical fiction. This is the uncontested consensus of biblical archaeologists and bible scholars. It has been the consensus position amongst professionals for nearly three generations now, but as the Chief Archaeologist at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, Professor Magen Broshi, explained: “Archaeologists simply do not take the trouble of bringing their discoveries to public attention.” So solid is the consensus, and so definitive the evidence supporting it, that in 1998, the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), the primary American professional body for archaeologists working in the Middle East, changed the name of its professional publication from Biblical Archaeologist to Near Eastern Archaeology simply because the bible had been determined to be (beyond all doubt) an entirely unreliable historical source to direct research into the early Jews, pre-Babylonian captivity. Indeed, in that same year, even Christianity Today’s Kevin D. Miller conceded: “The fact is that not one shred of direct archaeological evidence has been found for Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob or the 400-plus years the children of Israel sojourned in Egypt. The same is true for their miraculous exodus from slavery.”

These are just the facts. They are not a secret. The information has been in the public domain for decades, and today even the majority of Jewish rabbi’s openly concede their origin narrative is a work of fiction cast as a family unity tale: Isaac in the north (Israel), Jacob in the south (Edom), and Abraham, the father, right in the middle in Hebron (Judah) uniting them all. Imagined in the 8th and 7th century BCE, the story was designed to place Judah at the centre of the Jewish world so as to capitalise on a weakened Mamlekhet Yisra’el (whose name is derived from El, the father of the Canaanite pantheon, not the Judean Yhwh) after its sacking in 722 BCE. Coincidently, the 8th/7th century was precisely when the high priest, Hilkiah, miraculously rediscovered the supposedly “long-lost” scroll of the law, the Sefer Torah, hidden in a wall, telling this fantastic tale how his kingdom, Judah, was in fact the center of the Jewish world.

Convenient and timely discoveries aside, it is, however, known today that the very hills where the kingdoms of Judah and Israel would be found were not inundated with 2.5 million “arriving” slaves in the 14th Century BCE, rather they were first settled 50 years after the well-documented landing of the Philistines on the Levant in 1100 BCE. This is known today as the Settlement Period, it lasted for about a century, and the total population of the initial 11 villages never exceeded 30,000 during that entire period.

Libraries of evidence exist which confirm this more pedestrian history of the early Jews, but there is a contemporary case study which helps illustrate how just one element of the Exodus tale, for example, can be graphically shown to be myth.

In the Exodus tale, Kadesh Barnea (today known as Tell el-Qudeirat) is the site between the Wilderness of Paran (Num 13:3) and the Wilderness of Zin (Num 13:21) where the 2.5 million Hebrew refugees (Exodus 12:37) spent 38 continuous years in the 14th Century BCE before entering Canaan.

For a visual reference, this is what a temporary encampment of just 2 million extremely well-organisedpeople without animals, food, water, or belongings of any sort looks like for one week at the 2016 hajj.


Over four decades in Kadesh Barnea, they built homes, got married, raised children, died, and were buried. For four decades they conducted business, practiced law, and dealt with the affairs of state, including defence which would have demanded fortifications and guard towers. The daily nutrition needs of 2.5 million people (a population roughly the size of Chicago) would have demanded the establishment of extensive farms, roads for transportation and distribution, and, importantly, enormous food depots and storage facilities. No doubt, the presence of 2.5 million people (half the population of the Egyptian Kingdom at the time) would have drawn traders from nearby towns eager to service this huge (static) population. Trade would require some sort of currency, so a mint and central bank would have had to of been established, and guarded. Indeed, to satisfy the material needs of 2.5 million people, mines would have been sourced, secured, and worked. Industrial-sized smelters and metal forgery’s would have to of been constructed, turning out everything from weapons to farming equipment. Colossal pottery enterprises would have had to of been built that would have demanded equally enormous supplies of raw materials and the construction of industrial kilns. Brickworks would have been established, as well as the public infrastructure for sewage and general waste disposal. At a minimum (and not including bathing, irrigation, or other uses), 2.5 million people would consume 5 million litres of water every day, requiring dozens of deep wells feeding local aqueducts and immense reservoirs. Schools and places of worship would have been built and adorned. Multi-seated entertainment venues would have hosted music and theatre. Governing bodies would no doubt need a permanent place to meet, and this central government apparatus would almost certainly have been supported by numerous satellite councils which operated medical clinics, garbage collection, and other day-to-day civil services.

In Kadesh Barnea, according to the narrative, the Hebrews had to wait until all the original men of fighting age had died, meaning a minimum of 600,000 graves. Naturally, when considering all other deaths in the forty year period, the real number of burials would be closer to 2-3 million.

For a visual reference, this is Wadi us-Salaam (“Valley of Peace”) cemetery in Najaf, Iraq. The cemetery has been in use for over 1,400 years, covers an area of 1485.5 acres, and contains an estimated two to three million bodies.


Given all this, and more, it should not come as any surprise to anyone that Kadesh Barnea was the very first site archaeologists (many of whom were American evangelicals) poured over in the first half of the 20th Century, eventually spending decades looking for evidence of this enormous city: its foundations, graveyards, drainage systems, fireplaces, landfills, etc.

Those decades of exhaustive work can be summarised in one sentence:  nothing was found from the 14th Century BCE. The site was first occupied in the Iron Age (a tiny, primary 12th to 10th Century BCE settlement), then adorned with a small fort which stood from the 10th to 8th Century BCE.

Now, it does not take any great intellectual effort to understand that this was extraordinarily strange, and just a little northwest of Tell el-Qudeirat is a living example of just how strange this total and complete absence of hard archaeological evidence was: Gaza.

In 1948 the virtually undeveloped Gaza strip (home to approximately 35,000 in Gaza City, excluding Bedouins) became home to 233,000 Palestinian refugees experiencing their own forced Exodus, the Nakba. Here they established eight main refugee camps: Beach Camp (housing 23,000 refugees), Bureij Camp (13,000), Deir el-Balah Camp (9,000), Jabalia Camp (35,000), Khan Younis Camp (72,000), Maghazi Camp (24,000), Nuseirat Camp (16,000), Rafah Camp (41,000).

To be clear, this 233,000 is an eleventh of the total number of refugees who are said to have settled Kadesh Barnea.

Today in the Gaza Strip, 68 years after Nakba, that initial refugee population of 233,000 has become 1.26 million (1.76 million Gazans in total), for whom the United Nations Relief and Works Agency alone operates 245 schools, two vocational and technical training centres, 22 primary health centres, six community rehabilitation centres, and seven women’s programme centres.

And that’s just that one UN agency.

To make this point perfectly clear, let’s focus on one camp only: Beach Camp, also known as “Shati.” The 0.52 square kilometres camp is on the Mediterranean coast and initially accommodated 23,000 refugees who’d fled mostly from Lydd, Jaffa, and Be’er Sheva. Through natural birth rates, today, 68 years later, the camp has nearly quadrupled in size to 87,000 (still thirty-times less than the 2.5 million refugees who settled Kadesh Barnea), and includes 32 schools.

And here is a brief photographic journey through the history of the Beach Camp: Shati.

Beach Camp, 1948.

Gaza, Beach Camp, 1948

Beach Camp two years later, 1950, school operated by Jordanian government.


Beach Camp four decades later in the 1990’s.

Gaza, Beach Camp, 1980

Beach Camp in 2006, population 80,000.


The photo above is what 23,000 refugees can do in a few decades. To make life bearable, it’s what they must do. And so now take a look at the following two photographs: the first is what archaeologists found when they first arrived at Kadesh Barnea, where 2.5 million refugees allegedly spent four decades. The second is Kadesh Barnea today; the excavation in the foreground is the remains of the 10th to 8thCentury BCE fort. Nothing from the 14th Century BCE has ever been unearthed… Not even a single pottery shard.

ths is what they found

Tie Tuesday: early Superhero Wednesday edition

Be the Superhero that your Teammates and Customers Need you to be

Kia’s Words of Work Worth

  • Everyday is a Job Interview
  • Always work so as to be the MVP of your Team
  • Never stop Learning, Never stop Growing, and Never stop Working

Yup, that’s me wearing another one of the ties in my closet. It’s my wife’s birthday this week so I’ll be off on Wed and Thurs, therefore I won’t be posting the Superhero Wednesday for work this week. I thought I’d combine the two posts today for a Superhero Tie Tuesday. Let me know what you think.