Xtian Poetry: Thoughts on “How long?”

Thoughts on the Journey

How long should it take 

How long should I hesitate

How long must the future wait

How long till I finally make

The full Journey from and to myself?

“dude, just move on”

“Why mourn relationships gone?”

“Go forward, look beyond”

“You can’t let go and still hold on”

But ‘Eyes have not seen nor ears heard’… a more silly way to comfort a wounded soul.

It takes as long as it takes. It hurts as much as it hurts. It feels as deep as it has to feel. It bleeds as long as the wound is fresh. Till the oozing stops and time crowns my wound with a scar called… Survival

Until then… I’m in Recovery. Deal with it!



2 thoughts on “Xtian Poetry: Thoughts on “How long?”

    • My wife is constantly telling me to just move forward. Stop getting stuck in what is behind.
      I am who I have become.
      I cannot become who I would have been.
      That mike is worse than dead.
      He was stolen

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