How to Practice Faith & Spirituality – Rob Bell

From Pariah to Prophet

From a man and a minister that when I was a Christian I was told to brand a heretic and an apostate. I love this man now. Such wisdom and grace. 

Now, as a deconverted and former christian, I think… Great podcast interview on Faith and Spirituality without the imposition of Man-made ‘religion’. What wisdom, grace compassion, empathy and intelligence this man displays

Some favorite quotes from the interview:

” your life is a gift and you intuitively know how you respond matters”

“Humans tend to create institutions that get in the way of being human”

“What does it mean to make a difference in the world, what does it mean step outside your comfort zone”

Interviewer: “So what is it that you believe in? The whole big picture, what is the Faith then?”

Rob: “Overall? The big picture? I believe there is Something at work in the Universe, moving us Forward”

“Solidarity is Divine”

When asked about the Bible: 

“I read it Literate-ly. I read it as the literature that it is… I always begin that it’s real people in real places at real times… ‘whatever we know about the Divine begins with the Human'”

“The truth is some ideas about God have to die, they can’t keep up. You have to let go of that conception. If your God isn’t as big as your science, you’re in trouble… ‘we’ve learned some things about biology and cosmology and if your God can’t speak to this, it’s not going to work. “

Interviewer: “What is your Mission now?

Rob: “I want to wake people up to the miracle that is your Life”

Three truths he would leave behind:

“Love wins, everything is Spiritual. There’s Depth to everything… and there way more going on here”

What did you think of Rob Bell when you first heard of him and his book Love Wins? 

  • Have you read the book? 
  • We’re you a Christian? 
  • Have you also entered Recovery? 
  • What do you think of him now? 

What were your impressions of this interview and his positions now on Faith and Spirituality, God, the Universe and Wonder? Why not start a conversation in the comments below. Let’s talk.



13 thoughts on “How to Practice Faith & Spirituality – Rob Bell

  1. He sure seems to know how to extract the essence of wisdom from the dross. He reminds me of the Dalai Lama in recent years because, although “His Holiness” (a term at which even he rolls his eyes) is the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, his profession of faith is simply: “My religion is kindness”.

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  2. A few months ago, I actually wrote about the time I read Love Wins. The short version: I loved it. I picked it up when I was first encountering doubts about my conservative theological beliefs, and (though Bell didn’t settle the issue of Hell for me at that time), I concluded that there was no reason to call him a non-Christian. I realized that a rich, meaningful Christian faith does not depend on your ability to believe all the weird things your pastor told you – which is good news! I’m happy to see that you appreciate Bell, too!

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    • I read the book as a Christian. I enjoyed it and it’s one of the books that got me rethinking the concept of hell from a Biblical POV. The other person was Edward fudge and his writing The Fire that Consumes. We sometimes attend a local unitarian universalist church here, this one is non Christian in flavor whereas some are more ‘liberal christian’ still, as I think Rob Bell would fit in nicely with the discussion of faith and how one lives in Solidarity with others for the betterment of all.
      I’ll check out your post. Thx for the comment brother

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    • Loved your post. Thank you for writing it. My search on the subject started with my father’s passing in 2010. He was not a believer in Jesus, but was deathly afraid of dying and going to ‘not the good place’ as he told me in tears. He never did come to Faith in Christ as his Saviour and i had to reconcile the personal experience of my own non Christian dad, the best and most moral man I’d ever had the privilege of knowing and being friends with, with the message of hell and Eternal torment. My first steps out of Christianity started in June 2010 and I didn’t even know it then.


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