Reblog from a new friend: “what is wrong with me?”

It takes courage to ask those questions. Courage to risk telling your husband/life partner. And it’s scary as hell. Here’s to being courageous enough to ask “what’s wrong with me?” -kia

Skirt On A Vent

I couldn’t sing yesterday.

My husband and I attend a church plant. It’s a small group, meets in a school cafeteria, and we are part of the actual plant team from the big church across the river. I’m a musician and singer, but not for the plant. They got someone younger and hipper to do that. Which is fine. Especially now.

So yesterday the leader started playing his guitar and singing (beautifully, I might add – really, no sour grapes) the familiar lyrics of songs I myself have lead in other services. Words of God’s beauty, God’s breath of life, God’s wisdom, God’s blessing. At first I sang along.

And then I couldn’t.

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