Criticizing bad ideas is not bullying or abusing People

A comment I left for a blogging buddy

Wally, you need to see the difference between criticizing ideas and criticizing people. I know there is a huge identity in being a believer. At one time, for much longer and more involved than you have yet been, my life was ‘hid with Christ’. My whole identity was ‘Christ’. I also took it very personally when people cricized my faith, beliefs and ideas in Christianity. But they weren’t mocking or ridiculing me as a person. They were questioning and challenging, even mocking ideas. 

When some one criticizes your ideas and beliefs, then you respond by attacking them personally as if they had attacked you personally, that is bullying and reveals how insecure and immature you are in who you are and what you believe.

I did not bully you or tom or cs. I criticized his posts and ideas as of late. You and Tom chose to make it personal by attacking me, as if I had attacked you personally rather than your beliefs and ideas. You are the bullies here brother, not me.

I just said, I hope you had a good Sunday. Think about it.


I am Crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live

When you’re whole identity is wrapped up in a religious idea, you take it personally when you really shouldn’t. Christianity makes you do and say things to people you hardly know and hardly know you that you wouldn’t ever otherwise say or do. 

After you “come unto me with the Faith of little children and babes”, it regresses your emotional and intellectual maturity to that of “children and little babes”. You can no longer separate when others are just asking you to think about your beliefs, ideas and faith, or criticizing, mocking or ‘bullying’ you as a person. 

So you bully back when you think others are bullying you. But we aren’t. No matter how soft or considerate or polite we are being… even when we are just saying “have a great day”, there will be some like Wally here that will call it bullying because of their perceived animosity in your words. And they will feel fully justified in bullying back, even if their scripture tells them 

  • “not to repay evil for evil”, 
  • “turn the other cheek”, 
  • “vengeance is mine thus saith the lord”, and 
  • “not to resist evil” and 
  • “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Wally doesn’t have the intellectual or emotional maturity to deal with questions and challenges to his Faith, ideas, beliefs. It was stolen from him as if he never had it to begin with, and I think he probably did as he ‘came to faith’ much later in life than I did. This is what Faith and reliance on only absolute confirmation of what you believe and think to be true does to you. 

Hearing voices in your head

It makes you hear “I hope you had a great sunday” and “Have a nice day” as if they are really cursing you and bullying you personally. You say, “Have a Nice Day…” they hear “F*ck You, buddy”. If your ideas and beliefs can’t take questions and challenges and out right denials without you thinking people are mocking you personally, then maybe, just maybe they aren’t so solid, relaible and true after all. Better look into that. And oh, by the way…

Have a Great Day and Week, Brother Wally.



6 thoughts on “Criticizing bad ideas is not bullying or abusing People

  1. Mike it is very true what you say in this post. The crux of the issue is that when our worldview is challenged we personally feel under attack because it challenges our whole identity. As you have identified Wally lacks the sophistication to understand this and sees it as a personal attack.

    It reminds me of the creationists who accused scientists of bullying them with facts.

    Well Mike one day Wally might reflect and think better of his responses, I hope so, but somehow I doubt it. It is indeed ironic that he is guilty of the very behaviour that he criticizes in others.

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    • Hi Peter. Wally may indeed come out of his self enforced echo chamber to see the real world outside of Plato’s Cave, but it probably won’t be for a very long time


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