Who and What am I? 

In fact you are a militant atheist evangelist out to pull believers from their faith. Clearly, undermining my encouragement to believers helps you accomplish that.

It would seem from the comments and jabs from SOME people in my former Faith of Christianity, that I’m constantly being misunderstood or misconstrued or outright misrepresented as automatically Atheist… even a Radical/Militant Atheist Missionary… since my deconversion from the faith I once held for 34yrs, 25 of those in various roles of what I call Avocational or Lay Ministry.

Regardless of my repeated attempts to correct and readjust their understanding about my present status as simply ‘not a Christian anymore’, these individuals for reasons of their own have chosen to continue referring to me and apparently all former Christians who are now deconverted as Atheists. And if we have the temerity and gall to actually tell others of our transition or explain the faults and inaccuracies in the foundations of our Former Faith, well then we are further branded and castigated, both to out faces and broadcast widely to others, that we are Militant Atheists. 

And no, as I repeatedly tell you, one does not automatically become an atheist simply by not being a Christian.
I am not an atheist. I’m just not a Christian anymore. Please adjust your understanding and what you tell others about me. It’s just not honest and you know it.

This post is an effort to put it in stone and cement it in concrete so firm that you would have to pay someone to misunderstand it for you. There are those are so employed and for a nominal fee with a hefty consequence to your touch with reality, will never the less be happy to oblige. These are of course the Apologists, amateur or otherwise, internet blog based… or otherwise. None of them ACTUALLY wise at all.

My wife and I stepped away from Christianity due to newer evidence, new to us anyway, that the Faith we once followed and served others in was “founded upon sinking sand”. We became aware, thru YouTube videos, blogs and other articles available on the internet (where religions come to die) that we had been misled and were misleading others… for decades. 

Not any more. Jesus is not Lord, the God of the Bible is a Bronze and Iron Age religious and cultural myth. If there is a God or intelligence ot there… in here… somewhere, the God of the Bible isn’t Him/Her/It or Whatever.

We are not Christians anymore. That’s it. I realize for the truly indoctrinated and brainwashed members of our Former Faith, this comes as a complete shock and awe moment which screams “if you reject the True God ™ and there are no others but False gods remaining, then it MUST mean that you are Atheists.  This would be an error in thinking and reacting Rationally.  Admittedly, these are not representative of the majority of Christianity, but it seems that the internet and blogs are somewhat over represented by this type of Christian. Thus the need to constantly remind them of their mistaken identity of me and my wife as Atheists rather than simply… as we have had to continually correct them… Not Christians Anymore.

In hope this has been helpful… Brother Wally. Otherwise, get over it. It’s really not about you anyways. So stop it already. 



13 thoughts on “Who and What am I? 

  1. *Smile* From the opening statement I had a strong suspicion it was Wally!
    I smiled even more when this was confirmed in the closing paragraph.

    Yes… you dreadful non- atheist whatever person you are!
    You just hate God … we can all see!

    Yes, our Wally is an odd duck.

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    • Well, brother Wally can be a bit dense at times. And overly aggressive when he’s challenged. He’ll probably just delete my comments, get rid of the evidence of how poor of a Christian he is in responding to questions

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  2. I’m sorry that happened to you. I experienced a similar thing in a conversation recently. I told someone that I was a Christian, but since my version of Christianity  (shared by hundreds of thousands of Christians in America alone) differed from the conservative Christianity he grew up with, this guy told me that I was being dishonest by calling myself a Christian. I also tried to explain to him that my definition of faith was not “believing despite evidence,” yet he continually misinterpreted my statements, assuming that my definition of faith must be the one he grew up with. As I grew frustrated with the conversation, this guy attributed my frustration to the contradictions of the “religious mind,” casually psychologizing me (although he did not know me). I agree with your post – it is very frustrating when someone sorts me into their shallow categories in order to protect their narrow view of things.

    Of course, the fellow in my story is you, in a conversation we had on your blog a few weeks ago. As Wally evidently did to you, so you did to me. 34 years is a long time, and you can’t undo in an instant the negative thought patterns you learned from conservative Christians. It takes a lot? of work to heal. As much as you may feel that you’ve left it all behind, a part of your negative experience with religion will always be with you. The problem with conservative Christianity is not only it’s beliefs, but also the way it holds those beliefs. I’d encourage you to look out for that sort of stuff in yourself as well as others, especially when talking about religion. I know of people who spent a lot of time in therapy to help them overcome and heal from their conservative Christian experience. I’m in the same boat – I still catch myself falling into those old habits, too. It takes a lot of work to re-learn.


    • Brother tyler, there is a big difference however.
      Wally tells me and others that I am something I am not,
      you call yourself something that can be demonstrably proven that you are not. You are not a biblical Christian by any stretch. Have a wonderful day


  3. the biggest lie. ” everyone you see, all around you, church folk or not, believes or not, are unknowingly already Saved by the grace of God. No matter the life they live nor Sin they commit they have a ticket to heaven. They do not need to believe in Jesus the only son of God because in fact they are also a child of God. They hold the same powers Jesus do within themselves. They are within God as God is within them, if people knew this the Truth of Light. The church would be no more and Their authority would not be. For the biggest lie is the biggest truth but, humans are to young and unstable. without the law of God and with the biggest lie the biggest truth their would be anarchy. For most people could not handle the power they hold. So instead of believing they are in fact God in living form they surrender themselves to the church and act as to serve to the rule of authority. “


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