Tie Tuesday: Books edition

One thing I retained and even expanded on from when I was Christian is my love for books and reading. I grew up watching my parents reading and collecting books. As a kid and then a young adult, I tried to “love reading” but just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for it like I saw my parents have. Sure, I had books and read on occasion, but it just wasn’t the same.

When I came back to Christ after finishing the Army in 1989, I dedicated myself to reading, studying and really learning the Bible and Theology. This led to a love for reading all things Christian and all things do do with theology, apologetics and doctrine.

I can emphatically say that one of the greatest gifts in my Christian life was the love of reading and learning that it grew in me over the decades. Now as a Deconverted Christian, I still love books, reading, learning and growing in understanding of the world around me. I just have a much wider and less narrowed interest in subjects. 

I can honestly say… Thank God, wherever She is, for books and the ability to read.



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