My Take on a post about Thinking: Suspended Disbelief is Suspended Critical Thinking

Does everyone Think or Think the same way?

Thanks James for the post and opportunity to agree… And maybe disagree with you a bit too. 

Everyone thinks. It is simply within our human nature to do so. From a young age many of us are taught to be critical thinkers; a fact that is stipulated in the UNESCO Declaration of Principles on Tolerance which affirms that education assists “young people to develop capacities for independent judgement, critical thinking and ethical reasoning” (1).

I thought the post was surprisingly and refreshingly ‘intellectual’. I appreciated the examination of the idea of critically thinking through what we believe. At some points in the artical he seemed to be saying that while critical thinking is to be encouraged and lauded, it also has its own built in human limitations due to our own possible cognitive biases, and as such should not fully be trusted without humility. As James is a Christian and his blog is primarily Apologetic in nature, this may be my own bias on what I perceive to be his subtle hints in the article. Otherwise, bravo for a well thought out and written piece.  My response was from my own experience of course.

I agree. Everyone thinks. But I also believe some choose to suspend such activity if their faith requires it of them. I was once one of those. I’d like to think I do less suspending of critical thinking and more suspending of belief these days.

What do you all think about the original post? Why not read it and tell me in the comments. Thank you all for reading, and following the Journey.



One thought on “My Take on a post about Thinking: Suspended Disbelief is Suspended Critical Thinking

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