The Questionable ‘Wisdom’ of calling others Stupid

Mind your Words


Words have Meaning ONLY in that they Carry and Deliver what we fill them with…

  • as water to the thirsty soul… or poison
  • as Bread for the Body… or Stones
  • as life to the Dead… or Death to the Living.

Beware of the Seeds you Plant in the Soil of other’s Minds, Hearts and Lives. Plant for the Future Harvest to be gathered in. And hope there is more than just Dirt and Rocks left over after the Winnowing has been done.

… for they Carry Great Power



3 thoughts on “The Questionable ‘Wisdom’ of calling others Stupid

  1. One of my best revelations – words are seeds
    We use our words to administer either life-(forgiveness, health, encouragement, edification, praise, bless, etc.) or death-(curse, inflict emotional harm, denigrate, etc.)

    Like all seeds – we reap the fruits of exactly what was sown. life and death is in the power of our tongue and which ever we love to sow/speak, we reap the fruits thereof.

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  2. I’d go much further and say: beware of whom you associate with because you’ll gradually adopt their mindset. I encourage others to seek out people with a positive outlook and abandon those who bring you down.

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