Reposting: Abrahamic Coney Island

The Gospel Story and Archaeological History exist in two different Universes. At least Disneyland has a cute mouse.

The Holy Land is a fabricated fraud created to sell an equally fabricated Gospel of a Lunatic, Liar and Literary mythological Legend.

It’s all been cobbled together over the centuries to keep the money rolling in and the Christian masses pacified. It’s religious propaganda on a Historical scale, but it isn’t true, it isn’t History… it’s just more Astounding Bull S#!t. 

If you want to research the Real history and archaeology of the area, keep your nose out of the Bible and see what real Historians and Archaeologists have to say. The Holy Land Experience is just a much earlier version of Ken Ham’s Big Boat in Kentucky. And no amount of false outrage or histrionics will stand as Evidence that Demands a Verdict of anything but… Fraudulent.


9 thoughts on “Reposting: Abrahamic Coney Island

  1. Saw a great piece a few years ago (I think on BBC) looking into American evangelical tourism to Israel and the Israeli’s milking them. There’s even an archaeologist who’s fallen into disrepute among his colleagues, but he takes tourists to some spot he “says” is XYZ, and then, rather conveniently, just so happens to have a box of his books there, for sale! A miracle!

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