The JESUS of the New Testament: Fiction or Non-Fiction

I loved this post. Just trying to get thru the comments on it and the related article and comments on Nate’s blog as well. I’m passing it on as a possible prompt for discussion on mine as well. No longer restricted to the limited ‘liar, lunatic, or lord’ that Lewis tried to sell us, as Recovering Know It Alls and Deconverts from Christianity, we now must encourage others like we were to consider options such as Literary Fiction and Legendary Mythology. Kudos to Nan, Nate and all who cause us to Think and not just Believe. -kia

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On a very popular blog that I visit, there has been considerable discussion surrounding a post about the Christian nativity story (over 400 comments to date). Initially, most of the comments were related to the core subject, but as so often happens, contributors began to gradually move away from the primary topic. Before long, the “side discussions” took on a life of their own.

The topic that seemed to get a lot of attention was the historicity of Jesus. Was he simply a Jewish preacher who followed John the Baptist and then inspired his own small following? Or was he more than this as (supposedly) proven by his death and resurrection? Or did he exist at all?

As the discussion wore on, I decided to stir the pot a bit and submitted the following comment (slightly edited):

If one were to consider the New Testament a work of fiction, is it not possible the…

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