For Easter Sunday: The Case Against Christianity

“Because Christianity is not Good and it isn’t True”
A clip from an old debate between Keith Parsons and that “Old Snake in the Grass” William Lane Craig. This clip is short but you can follow the link to the YouTube site and find the whole debate. 

And for “extra credit”, consider this clip from a  different person who also debated WLC. Not only is there insufficient Evidence FOR Christianity, but there is overwhelming Evidence AGAINST Christianity being true.

Please go to the YouTube site to see links in the descriptions of both of these clips for the full debates and other resources. Truth be told, watching these kinds of debates between Apologetics Heroes of the Faith and challengers was a big part of my Deconversion process. I wondered why Our Team did so poorly and relied so heavily on misinformation, logical fallacies such as Appeals to Ignorance and Incredulity, and were often rude, condescending and unprofessional to their opponents in the discussion.

“Lunatic, Liar or Lord”? How about Literary Creation and Legendary fiction to round out the Aliteration? Those two seem more appropriate to the reality.

I have since, due to more than my share of access to Christian self styled ‘apologetics blogs’ grown in my understanding of why they utilize these dishonest tactics. They simply haven’t any other honest tools at their disposal that would allow them to “win” and keep their Faith in Christianity and the Bible. Thus, as my mom used to say “If you can’t dazzle them with intellect, baffle them with Bulls#!t” ((yes, mom actually said that;)  ))

Can you handle the Truth? Does it still Matter to you?

If a Jewish Rabbi named Jesus, Joshua or whatever the original model was named did actually die a horrible death at the hands of Roman soldiers for his crimes of sedition and fomenting rebellion, he most certainly was not the Jesus depicted in the NT and he most certainly would have been tossed into a common, unmarked mass grave as other crucified criminals were at the time. The whole idea of crucifixion and the way they disposed of the body was to deny the Victim an honorable burial. If there was a Historical Template for the person in the NT, his fate would have been no different, mythology of dying and rising gods aside. And that Jesus is most certainly still dead and his body decayed away by now. If there was a ‘historical template’, he most certainly never raised from the dead, as certainly as the NT Jesus never actually existing outside of the pages of religious fiction.

I learned, from my Heroes’ own mouths and Answers to being Questioned and Challenged to respond, that the “answers” we have been given by the Apologists are not sufficient to the task of defending Biblical Christianity. They are only answers ‘enough’ to keep us locked inside the doors of the False Church of Christianity, not to help questioning outsiders gain access.  Enjoy the clips, the day and Think for yourself. -kia


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