Reposting: Of Fear and Faith, Authority and Freedom

Beware of the Christian deconvertee


Beware of the Christian deconvertee
and the “enlightened” former Christian who was able to “reason” him/herself out of faith.

Their words have no more meaning and they speak with no more authority than anyone else.


My comment that will probably never see the light of day over there

Nice that you allow your readers to think and decide for themselves. Lol. People have brains and capacity to think. It’s only those with a flair for authoritarianism and disrespect for others who demand others not consider ideas that may make them think. You don’t seem to trust your readers to have the intelligence or faithfullness to evaluate these things on their own. Now why is that, James?

You see James… this is why your mindset, your point of view will always lose.

You can’t tell people that you have Unshakable Faith that can withstand all challenges, which literally and figuratively “the gates of hell will not prevail” against… (not that RKIA is the Gates of Hell or even a small ‘wicket gate’) Hat tip to Bunyan’s “Pilgrims Progress” 🙂

You simple cannot tell people who read you that they are intelligent, thoughtful and capable defenders of Truth ™ …in Palmyra or elsewhere…

And then in a Warning Post, with Yellow Police Tape no less (freaking hilarious by the way),

That they should BEWARE THE CHRISTIAN DECONVERT like the freaking plague… Lol

That they (we) have no more information, experience or knowledge than anyone else… Really?

“No Really, BELIEVE ME, it’s True ™” – Donald J. Trump

The problem is James, everytime you recycle this post on your blog you insult the intelligence, ability to think and the ability to defend their Faith of every one of your readers that you say you are trying to encourage in unshakeable faith.

You are literally telling them to turn off information, demonize people for not agreeing with you anymore and discount their experiences and knowledge as Valueless and Inferior, again just because they don’t agree with you anymore.

And you aren’t encouraging them to engage with caution, or be prepared for such… by prayer and fasting perhaps…

but you are Telling them that they are Dangerous and to be Avoided (yellow tape mean anything to you?),

then Telling them that those who have been Christians (or even ministers) for decades and now have Deconverted from their former Faith upon further information, have nothing to offer more than anyone else (you perhaps with your vastly more extensive experience and knowledge over those of us who have Decades more than you or Wally?) Really?

… and you are Defining for them what they will and will not find if they happen to be so ‘reckless’ as to listen to or consider what the EVIL Christian Deconverts have to say. Really?

“Their words have no more meaning and they speak with no more authority than anyone else.”

Well, isn’t that nice to know you have done all their evaluation for them and they needn’t be bothered with actually communicating with the EVIL Christian Deconverts themselves. Daddy James has done it all for them.

And how exactly does that not come across as disrespectful, rude, condescending and authoritarian to not only Deconverts of Christianity, like me, but also those who you say that you are encouraging to have Unshakeable Faith?

Unshakeable Fear

It only encourages Fear, Disrespect, Demonization, and Insular refusal to listen to or consider the thoughts, experiences, knowledge or humanity of anyone who disagrees with you. You don’t trust your readers enough to actually think for themselves. You specifically tell them not to every time you tell them to limit their scope of inquiry or access to outside information.

My Hope

My hope for this post is not necessarily that James would listen and change, probably not going to happen anytime soon. Although it could… stranger things have, like 34 year long Christians /25 year long ministers have gone into Recovery on less… 😉

My hope is for those who are reading BOTH sides of the exchange, that I’ve had to have here due to his policy of blocking and deleting comments on his own blog, that those who are reading both sides of the exchange would be able to sort it out and evaluate it for themselves, as I have, and come to their own conclusions.

  • Do you really need someone telling you NOT to consider other information?
  • Do you really need people concluding for you that other people have no more information or validity than anyone else on possible experiences and knowledge they themselves could only have?
  • Ask yourself why the Fear and Demonization and the Warning to Avoid such people if “The Faith once delivered” and your Faith in it is really as Unshakeable as some say? Why the Fear?

I want people to think for themselves. After all, the Bible does encourage you to. Consider the very first thing this verse encourages you to do…

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” –Philippians 4:8 KJV

If there is a God, and you believe the Bible to be His Word….He wants you to think.


42 thoughts on “Reposting: Of Fear and Faith, Authority and Freedom

    • Wally is one of those who wants to see himself as having knowledge, experience and tools…. But he has very little of any of those. And when pushed past his base of understanding and comfort, rather than being honest and just saying so, he become rude, dismissive and arrogantly aggressive

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  1. Well said Mike.

    If Christians really had God on their side then they would have nothing to fear from us.

    If, however, it is all a human invention and we have discovered this truth, then they have everything to fear from us…That is they have everything to fear if they don’t want their delusion shattered.

    If on the other hand they want to ensure that they really know the truth, then it would be foolhardy of them to not consider our perspective.

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    • People like james are like the guards at auchwitz. Even if they didn’t know what really happened in the showers, they certainly knew that no one would be leaving. They made sure of that


  2. In regard to former atheists finding faith, well of course that happens from time to time.

    Are we expected to see that as any more significant that a Christian converting to Islam?

    I mean to say if religion had no attractive and persuasive appeal then it would not have survived. I liken it to a form of virus that has evolved to meet certain human psychological needs. When a person’s psychological needs are heightened they are vulnerable to putting their reason aside and becoming religious.

    What is a conversion experience other than an emotional reaction?


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