NaPoWriMo: In the Eyes of a Fool…

… Everything and everyone is Foolish but him

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” -Paul the Apostle, 1 Corinthians 1:18 KJV

Fools Gold and Pirite
There once was a man lived in Christ
Was so proud of saying he’d been born twice.
Then he found out some things
that he’d never seen
And now spends his days chasing lies.

The Preaching of the Cross is… Foolishness.

Read, think, learn and grow for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are worthy of Eternal Punishment for finite crimes against an unchangeable, immutable and Eternal being for which they are unwilling and unable to provide sufficient evidence of His existence and your guilt.

If there is a god, and I still believe there may be… just that we would/could ever truly know in any real and accurate sense of that word, He would be able to just Forgive without the Kabuki Theater of human blood sacrifice OF himself, TO himself to APPEASE himself FOR himself. I doubt He would really care that much about who we are, how we live our lives and what we do with our body parts when no one is looking.

If He is Holy… ie. Wholly Other and Apart… and concerned at all about how we live and who we are in this One Life we have, then I believe how we live amongst and treat other people would matter more in the final analysis than how we have matched up to His characteristics and abilities.

(((YouTube removed the video I had here for some reason. The channel it came from has been terminated)))

Human blood sacrifice as an atonement for… Sin? Foolishness and Bronze-age Barbarity. Man-made and murderous mythology. Superstitious ignorance masquerading as Wisdom and Prudence.

  • Only Fools believe in Foolish Fairytales.
  • Only Fools preach Foolish Fairytales to others for their belief.
  • Only Fools want to stay ignorant and keep others ignorant.

The Preaching of the Cross is truly Foolish.



49 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: In the Eyes of a Fool…

  1. Having again fallen for the trap of commenting over at ColorStorm’s blog, I find this post to be especially relevant. Indeed Sam Harris’ talk is a perfect rebuttal to what ColorStorm claims.

    I really should not comment over there because I get cranky after I do when sensible comments that folk like you, I and others make is met with condescending arrogance. Indeed in the Dunning-Kruger Effect explains it perfectly. I might have shared this before, but it is worth sharing again:

    ‘The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude.’

    It is the condescension I find so grating. I know I am feeling grumpy. But folk like you and I have invested much time in looking at both sides of the arguments, but are then treated as simpletons by those who refuse to take seriously counter argument. Indeed over at CS’ blog, he seems to take delight in treating scientists with scorn.

    Well even a cursory knowledge of history would show that track record of scientists is greatly superior to that of the religious zealot. CS is like the religious zealots of the past who persecuted Galileo for suggesting the earth was a round and revolved around the Sun. Who was correct then, the scientists or the person who relied on the Bible for knowledge? Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Such ignorance and such pride in his ignorance. I just appalled.

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      • Fear and insecurity will always be the best tools to draw people to the False comfort offered by untestable and unprovable claims. Fear is all you have. Well I may still have fear and some insecurities, but I’m going with reality. I’m not alone, you’re right. I have friends, family and the memories of my loved one who have gone before. The God of the Bible is a myth.


        • >Fear and insecurity will always be the best tools…

          No. The greatest tool is and will always be agape love.

          Fear is all you have
          Not at all. I am possessed by love.

          “Fear has to do with torment” – It’s mostly those who profess not to have a belief in God who speak incessantly about being tormented.

          Your opinion on “The God of the Bible” is duly noted.


        • I think a desire to feel superior is also at play. These so called Christians are often so very arrogant and just plain downright mean. I’m not sure it’s so much fear, but laziness in not wanting to think and the need to belong to a group…kinda like gang mentality


          • The aggression with which some Christian bloggers ‘defend’ the Faith by offending others who question or challenge it is really a tool used to push people away and ‘stop their mouths’ so they no longer have to be confronted with those questions or challenges.
            It’s like the jack Nicholson character in the movie As Good As it Gets


          • He was afraid of everything and everyone so he used insults and what was interpreted as arrogance and meanness to push people away as a defense mechanism


      • @theancients although I no longer call myself a Christian I still like some of the Christian music. I had wished the message was true (the loving deity that had a personal interest in my life). But I never felt comfortable with Hell, a truly barbaric concept.

        At my ordination as a priest the following song was played, It affected me deeply at the time. I get emotional listening to it again. I really wish it was true, but I no longer believe because the evidence tells me it is wrong, I am talking about the Bible being unreliable, not the reliable testimony of a creator deity. No amount of longing on my part changes reality:

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          • Mike I just don’t think the Christians who comment on this site every appreciate how committed we both were as Christians. If they did then they would understand how wrenching it was for us to conclude that it is all a myth.

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            • Peter, I think it’s easier for them to be harsh with those like us. It’s safer for them if they react that way. It’s a type of ‘reconditioning’ and self assurance for their own faith if they see us as ‘not really Christians in the first place’ or demonize and dehumanize us in their responses. Its easier to make it a personal attack on them, and reapond with personal attacks back on us. It saves them from having to confront what we say.
              But deep down, I believe that they really do get it, they just are successful in covering our voices in their ears.


        • This is the first time I’ve seen & heard this particular Hillsong song.

          Obviously, I’m sorry you no longer find the message of the cross…and scripture in general… to be true. There’s much I could say on this – but what would it accomplish.

          Why is hell a barbaric concept. If a murderer is boastful and unrepentant about their crimes, would you allow such a person to move in with you and your family. Why then, do you require the same of God?

          I think because we can tolerate living in this realm with all the evil and sufferings, we do not see it as hell. But imagine an eternity living like this. I know some won’t see it as so bad, but that’s because it’s just about impossible to measure 70-120 years against eternity.

          Imagine an eternity of justifying what’s good and what’s evil. An eternity filled with unremorseful, boastful, prideful, blasphemous, selfish, fearful people.
          God is not the one condemning people to hell. [Matter of fact, He’s provided a more glorious alternative.]

          Hell wasn’t prepared for people. It was for the devil and his angels]. People choose hell all on their own – imagine being so conned by the devil (the god of this world) to choose something God never intended for man. Why? – because we choose to reject the Truth. The only other alternative to the Truth is a lie.

          God has been and still IS longsuffering/extremely patient toward us, not wanting any of us to perish but rather to come to repentance.

          Hell is entering eternity with an un-renewed mind, an unrepentant heart, with the full knowledge of a life that was lived to honor self. All that a person chose to do in this life, will remain with him. That’s hell.


          • ancients,
            and all people in chicago had to do to keep al capone from sending his thugs to break their legs was pay a little ‘protection’ money.


          • @theancients. You give the example of the unrepentant murderer. I will give you an another example. This is from a comment over at Neil Carters blog:

            ‘This. I sometimes ask fundagelicals the question: will my 8yr old daughter go to hell if she dies tomorrow, for the sin of being raised in an atheist family? It always becomes very awkward, and no one has answered the question directly so far, even though they know perfectly well that the answer is a resounding “Yes, the little sinner deserves to burn in Hell forever!” according to their religion. So why not just own up to it? If your own religious convictions make you so uncomfortable, maybe you should start asking yourself some tough questions… (which of course was the reason I asked the question in the first place).’

            The post is here if you care you read it:

            In my opinion even a murderer does not deserve eternal punishment. The idea that people chose Hell is frankly ludicrous, it is nonsense peddled by the likes of R.C. Sproull to try to get ‘God’ off the hook. I would never in a million years choose Hell. If you truly think that poor God has nowhere else to send people, then why can’t God cause me to cease to exist after death.

            Perhaps even a thousand years of punishment, but eternal is just mean and nasty. If you think eternal punishment is justice for anyone then I just hope you do not work in the justice system. And bear in mind most people are sent to Hell for not believing, some would have been really fine people who loved and cared for others. Dr Fred Hollows the late Australian eye surgeon and non believer dedicated his life to giving poor people in the undeveloped world free sight saving operations, yet none of this can atone for his sin of being born. How is that justice. Oh yes of course we are all sinners from birth so we deserve it all. Do you really think that?

            Also another blog over at Neil Carters blog explains that we can’t choose what we believe:

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            • Peter, I imagine the made up term ‘fundagelical’ is meant to be derogatory. A sure-fire way of dismissing any response without thought. Which in no way nullifies the response or any truth it may contain.

              Since I’m not that label, and you reposted here for me to answer, I imagine – so I’ll go ahead and give you my response.

              No, his daughter won’t go to hell for the sin of anything (in his case as he puts it – the sin of being raised in an atheist family].
              This is because no one goes to hell for sin. Jesus already took our sin upon Himself and gifted us with His righteousness.
              Behold the Lamb of God -Christ Jesus- who takes away the sin of the world.
              It’s a done deal. Move on.

              There’s no discomfort in discussing sin… hell… grace…righteousness… salvation…eternal life because from all the things I’ve seen, atheists and a few others hold strange and unbiblical beliefs about hell.

              Peter: In my opinion even a murderer does not deserve eternal punishment.

              Well, you agree with God. And long before you had this opinion He had already made a way so that no murderer (no sinner) remain separated from Him.

              Peter: If you think eternal punishment is justice for anyone then I just hope you do not work in the justice system
              Punishment was what we deserved… but Jesus took that punishment for us… It wasn’t just so that we could avoid hell… it was far greater than that… It was to reunite us back to a relationship with our Father & Creator.
              So you’re really complaining about nothing… what else can Jesus do. Make you choose to accept His sacrifice on your behalf Himself.

              A person chooses to reject Jesus’ sacrifice. It’s that simple.
              You want to have your cake and eat it too. How can a person reject Jesus and still want to go live with Him.


              • The issue is not rejecting the sacrifice of Jesus, if it was true I would accept it. Indeed I did.

                The issue is I no longer believe is true.

                If it is true I accept it, but I don’t think it is true. I base this conclusion on detailed study of the Bible and decades of practical Christianity. It was not a conclusion I sought, rather the sheer number of issues were such that one day the dam wall burst in my mind and I concluded that the Bible could not be a divine book, it was after that I started to see clearly it is all a human creation.

                So the term rejection is really misleading, and does not represent the path of most people who leave the faith. We have not rejected Jesus, rather we just don’t think the Bible is a reality.

                In any case learned preachers like Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones (A Calvinist I admit) preached that the Bible taught that it was God who decided who was saved. This is based on solid Bible exegesis. So there is nothing I can do about it, if God exists, it is up to God. I tried, I really tried.

                If God does not have the power to stop Spirits living forever in torment in Hell, then he is a pretty lousy creator and has less compassion and mercy than I do.


              • Peter, I guess I don’t see the difference.
                Not accepting something/someone because you don’t believe it/them to be true is still “rejecting” – not believing it’s true is your reason.

                Why adhere to Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ preaching if you have concluded the Bible to be simply a creation of man.

                Is it because this teaching makes you feel better-more justified- about your conclusions.

                P: If God exists, it’s up to God
                Well, God has already done His part. He sent His Only Son to save the WHOLE world.

                That’s more mercy, grace, compassion and love than this whole world combined will ever produce.

                What more do you want Him to do that He hasn’t done for you.

                P: If God does not have the power to stop spirits living forever in torment…

                I thought it was quite obvious that He exercised His power in rescuing you from hell … from separation from Him…
                In choosing rebellion, you’re simply cutting of your nose to spite your face.

                God is not the one tormenting people. People are tormented when they’re forced to face their selfishness, their pride, their rebellion.
                When their ‘clever’ arguments are suddenly found wanting; they come to realize the futility of their arguments against God and are now tormented by the foolishness of what they once thought were iron-clad and vain imaginings.


              • @theancients you know what the really interesting thing is? Back in 2014 what you wrote could have been almost word for word what I would have said to someone in my position. So I understand where are you are coming from and why you are saying these things.

                But as you can see I eventually concluded that my previous view did not accord with reality. The big step for me was being prepared to ask the question, ‘what if this isn’t true?’. Once I was prepared to consider that as a possibility it was like the fog was lifted from my eyes and I could see the overwhelming evidence that the Bible is a human not a divine book.

                If you are interested, there is an interesting post Neil Carter has just put up explaining why so many people have left religion. He is talking about people who were really committed:


              • Peter, I read the article.

                I’m slightly familiar with Mr. Carter – apart from these 3 articles of his that you’ve recommended, I’ve seen a video of him speaking at a church.

                It was an “invite an atheist to church” or something similar… It was geared towards viewing the perspective of others who do not or no longer believe.

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              • Peter, it seems like I have another gnat that likes to fill my comments with block letters, multiple links and endless bs accusations that we don’t really understand what it means to be Christian. He keeps ending up in the spam filter.


            • Peter: … then why can’t God cause me to cease to exist after death.

              I imagine it has something to do with the fact that we’re spirit beings first and spirits live forever. The breath of God is eternal.

              Peter, people choose hell by rejecting what Jesus has done on their behalf. If there’s only way to get to your destination and you reject that way because you think there should have been more ‘ways/paths’ or you’re unhappy with the process or whatever – does any of your objections matter when in the end there’s still only one way.
              You can choose it or you can reject it.


    • They also consider it a victory if you don’t reply to an absurdity. CS, IB, JB, all have some cognitive disorder that there minions cheer from the sidelines, even though any semi reasonable third party onlooker knows they’ve lost.

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  2. People who celebrate the Christian version of Easter are honoring the age-old practice of child sacrifice, the most despicable and disgusting religious tradition of them all. The belief that God had to kill his first born to appease God (himself) is directly rooted in the belief that gods need to be appeased by the shedding of human or animal blood. If the Biblical God were real, he would have used Jesus’ life to expose the absurdity of this belief, not to perpetuate it. (I think I’ll post this on my own blog this morning!)

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  4. Hey folks … today is the day to think EASTER EGGS! Brightly colored regular eggs … or candy eggs filled with chocolate and other goodies … or a super yummy special peanut butter and coconut cream egg dipped in chocolate. YUM!

    Don’t let all this other stuff the churches promote get you down! Just keep your eye out for the Easter Bunny. If you keep a watchful eye, you’ll no doubt see him happily hopping around your neighborhood!

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  5. Poignant post KIA. There’s never anything wrong with the full liberties of freedom of thought within pure democracy, eh? 😉

    As John Z and I were discussing briefly over on my lastest post, the Gospel of Mark — the very first gospel written about Jesus composed 4-decades later — has no resurrection narrative whatsoever! And Paul/Saul, who writes his epistles starting about 20-years after Jesus’ death, only discusses resurrection in traditional Jewish terms (that everybody has a resurrection), NOT in the much later theological terms of Hellenistic Christological Apotheosis of one man. Besides, there are no INDEPENDENT records — especially when Romans were OCD about recording everything! — of such a spectacular paranormal event until many decades later with the Hellenistic reinterpretations. Jesus never intended to start a “new” religion; only reform his own.

    Of course, all of this assumes the real historical character/man named Yeshua. Fyi. 😛

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