March for Science on Earth Day

Is it just Anti Trump? Or is there more to it?

I’ll start with an oldie but a goodie from 1982. And end with a Clarion Call to action. Thomas Dolby. Good times.

Today is Earth Day.

I guess it was started in 1970 during the very beginning of the modern environmental movement. The day attempts to redirect our attention to our interconnectedness and interdependence to and with all life and all things on the planet we call home, the only home we’ve ever had or known.

There are some, like I was at one time, who would try to rewrite the narrative into a story of Creation where we humans are special, unique and separate from the world and universe around us, and as such we are the consumers, users and even often times ‘the destroyers’ of this Pale Blue Dot in the outer suburbs of our own galaxy and the universe at large.

They actually think that it’s Science that has blinded us to the ‘Reality’ that it doesn’t matter how we live and treat the world, it’s resources, and it’s many other living inhabitants (our neighbors and non human cousins), because “it’s all going to burn anyway. There’s a new world coming.” So we continue shitting in our own living rooms and the yards of other living beings as if disease, death, starvation and extinction will not be the results. Oh yeah, we’ve been “blinded with science”. In the greek that means… Bullshit.

But these same people will go to doctors, drive cars, fly on airplanes and use computers and cell phones to deny the science and physics and technology they use and rely on every day. Who’s really blinded? They are… blinded by their narrative that science is meaningless and even deadly if it interferes with or contradicts their notions of “Reality”.

Science does not blind. It literally unveils and reveals what these people would actively blind us to, and sadly I once was one of them. Arrogance, ignorance and so called ‘common sense’ is enthroned, usurping the rightful place of discovery, ingenuity, advancement and progress.

And all the while, the planet we love and call home suffers in silence. Our environment goes to pot, we pollute the air, water and soil… even our own food supplies… and the natural resources that not only we as humans need to survive, but also those of every other living, breathing and moving being on this planet.

I don’t know all the science on Global Warming, Cooling, Climate Change or whatever they are calling it now, but I do know that even if humans are not the Primary cause or even a large cause, we are responsible for a LOT of the environmental damage to our own home. And even if it’s true that the planet’s ecosystem is capable of balancing it all out and recovering from the destructive effects of our “it’s all going to burn anyway” and Earth Escapist mentality… how do you justify putting it in the position that it has to in the first place?

This is bigger than Trump or any Administration

We need to defend scientific endeavor, inquiry and advancement from those who would actively blind us with superstition, ignorance and religious mythology. We need to March for Science on Earth Day… Go for it!



4 thoughts on “March for Science on Earth Day

  1. Mike there is an interesting exchange going on over at CS’ blog between the host and SOM. CS of course is showing his gross ignorance, but SOM is arguing more logically in all but one regard. He accused CS of being as ignorant about science as atheists.

    What puzzled me is how SOM could think atheists are ignorant of science. The irony of SOM’s great attachment to science can be seen if one reads his comments about Climate Change Science over on Nan’s blog:

    But in the end I suppose SOM is at least closer to reality than our friend CS who is truly off with the fairies.

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