The Whole Story Of Climate by E. Kirsten Peters 

Reblogging: A balanced look and a balanced book about a what is usually a very unbalanced discussion regarding ‘climate change’, global warming and the environmental impact we as a species have on the planet’s ecosystem.
I encourage everyone to read this post and the book, while you’re at it, why not check out the documentaries Earthlings and Cowspiracy for what we personally can do everyday to limit our own impact. Animal agriculture for human consumption of Animal Products is a huge portion of the environmental impact we have. Some have even said it’s larger than any other single manmade contributor to global climate change.
If you really want to make a change that will make a real impact, please consider going to a Vegan diet and lifestyle, or at least Vegetarian. The life you save won’t just be your own. Remember, ‘we are the matador’ -kia

My Book-a-logue

Happy New Year! OK, it’s a little late for that, but I’m working on getting back into a regular routine and this is my first post of the new year. There was a lot of busyness over the holidays, there always is, and, I must say, it’s nice to get back to normal.

I altered my reading schedule significantly and ended up picking up a book I wasn’t looking for that turned out to be a surprise treat.

You may, or may not be, well read on the topic of climate change, but I think this book is well worth the read because of the author’s unique perspective and her vast knowledge of geology-FYI: your going to learn ALOT about glaciers-she also delves into some history by highlighting certain geologists and scientists who have contributed to our understanding of climate change.

The author, E. Kirsten Peters, earned her doctorate at…

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