Superhero Wednesday: Not Mr. Incredible Today… with a 2018 Update

At work, I’m Mr Incredible.

I’m at my desk by 430a, ready to face the day and all it’s challenges. I and my fellows are the openers, which means we are the First Line Crew. We handle the work that didn’t quite get completed by the Closers, and the stuff that was sloughed off by the Midday People too anxious to play on their smartphones.

Workloaded from yesterday afternoon

For the last few months, we’ve had more than the normal backlog from the previous day to get thru before starting on the New Day’s work. My goal is to set the Closers and the Middayers up for success as well as I can for when I leave the office for the day. Lately the load from the previous day has been so great that it’s taking 3hrs to get up to my shift time in the morning, all while fielding incoming calls with fewer people until 2hrs after we get there at 5am.

I do my best. The Opener Team does their best, but for the last few months anyways, our best has repeatedly come up short, like yesterday after a three day weekend. I love what we do. What we do matters to Real People with Real Families in Real Need. There’s never a day that in wake up when I don’t want to go to work… where I feel like don’t want to show up. I always have Hope. I always Engage. But I’m not feeling like Mr Incredible these days. I feel like just another guy in business casual, waking up at 245a and getting to work half an hour early to start the coffee for those just strolling in at 2 minutes after start time. Grrr….

((2018 update)) Nothing I do seems good enough.

My best is either not what is used to be or it’s just not the Best that my QA Team wants. Changing scores mostly reflect changed scoring ‘tick boxes’. The calls are “good calls”, or so still says my QA person when listening to it, but apparantly good calls aren’t “Good Calls” anymore. “Perfect Calls” are what they want for even the ‘good call’ rating. All this while trying to keep up with the constantly changing, poorly communicated Today’s workday left me upset and demoralized. I really need this job. I don’t want to leave and start over… again… somewhere else at 52yrs old. Change is the constant of the universe, but it feels like she’s kicking my A$$ and stomping in me when I try to get up.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll be able to stay there or will have to find a different job. I hope I can figure out how to turn our Team, and myself, around. It Matters.
Sorry all. Mini work rant over for today.


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