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And a bit of everything in between washed down liberally (Conservatively speaking) with Hot Smoking Joe in the Mornings and Cab Sav in the Evenings. 😉

The plan is to write poems, stories and articles that express where I am, where I’ve been and maybe where I want to be when it’s all over.

I really am quite Opinionated at times, but I’m mellowing with age and have acquired “a certain set of skills” for dealing with difficulty and differences of opinion. Whereas I used to Chop People up with the “Sword of the Spirit”, now… I try to Listen, to hear and understand, and see if there is anything to learn and grow from. I’ll be the first to admit imperfection and failure in this area from time to time… Especially when the Trolls are Trolling… but my commitment is to try and succeed more than I fail. I think the dogs ate my “Chit” coin, but rest assured, I am still…

“The Recovering Know it All”


73 thoughts on “About this KIA

  1. I just discovered this blog and I like it. But I must comment on your idea of age. You youngsters at 45 and 50 have only begun to live. I’m a 75 year old woman and I just lost 150 lbs, more than half of my original weight. I feel more vibrant and alive than I have for years. I intend to be active and enjoy life and also make significant contributions for many years to come.

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  2. You said somewhere else you find transgender confusing.

    This is what I would like people to hear. People are weird, but mostly harmless. Those of us who challenge and stretch what is “normal” do a great service, because we make it easier for everyone else to be who they truly are. There is a great deal of anger and fear about, and grossly exaggerated threats: will Muslim terrorists come to America with refugees, and kill Americans? It is possible, but the threat is not great enough to deserve the emphasis Mr Trump gives it, or his solution of excluding all Muslims.

    So there is this blown up alleged threat: transgender folk, or male perverts pretending to be trans, will go into women’s toilets for exhibitionism or voyeurism. Whereas actually in the shopping mall or concert hall, or at work, women are at minimal threat from voyeurism and exhibitionism, and the threat level does not change greatly whatever the policy on trans women is.

    We are an anomaly, mostly harmless. We really do not matter all that much. Given that transition changed my world from monochrome to colour, from wanting to die to beginning to enjoy life, I don’t feel I am impinging too much.

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  3. Hey Kia! I really like your blog title!! We know so little don’t we? In the grand scheme we have just our limited senses, eyes less able to see than a cat . . .nose and ears far sensitive than a family dog. Such are we as humans. This is why trusting the source is key.

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      • I believe it with our maker. I may not know much about this seemingly infinite world of endless possibilities but I trust God and ask for assistance. My post about pigs flying describes my thoughts succinctly.

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          • I’m sorry to be vague. I became a Christ follower about six years ago. Before that I was very lost. I fought conversion hard after everything that aphid occurred in our lives, but since my acceptance the grace shown me has deeply touched my heart. By your question I take it you are not close to this thinking. My testimony (a video on my about page) explains my radical change. Anyhow I like your blog and your tenacity.

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              • Thank you for asking Kia! As a child I was hit by a car and and when that happened I could see my dad holding me across the road. This led me to look at life a bit different from a young age. Nothing made sense really and no one could explain this thing called life adequately. From there, I became an angry teen. It just so happens that during my worst time as a teen I went on an exchange to Japan. From that point I became completely infatuated with the country (this was 1980 mind you) and I went in headlong . . .marrying a very traditional man at 18. I thought Japan had the answers I was looking for and fighting gravity basically I tried to do everything according to that culture– accepting values and ways of doing things that were against my own. Tolerating immoral things harmful to other human beings. When I finally got out of the marriage I was really a broken person and essentially I flipped out. I remained in this state, still in the culture, for another 7 years, but over time I became sick of it all. I hit a brick wall. After leaving my Japanese life I met the most wonderful American man (in the worst way I met him . . .a sinful way), and we eventually married. Things were really on the upswing when a tragedy was revealed. My daughter, who had remained with her biological father through all of this turmoil and would not speak to me, called to say she was turning her father in for years of molestation. He had taken an aspect of his culture– an aspect I was well aware of . . . and turned his fantasy into reality. This shook my world and took all of my guilt to the next level. Even though I had both children back in my life, a great husband, a good job, two houses etc. etc. nothing was really right. The guilt I was feeling was horrendous and I owned every bit of it. I thought the notion of forgiveness was ridiculous. My heart was so cold and so small. I had no capacity. That is when I drove by this church in town and became curious about what kind of people would go to such a place. I Googled the church and it just so happens that they were having a class– a Christianity 101 basically. I went, and being a philosopher (my major anyway) I fought them. But then, there was a funeral for a man I barely knew and during the service something happened to me . . . something touched me. The man was a lifelong Christian . . . a fun-loving guy too. It made me see what a really good life looks like and I just broke. I began to pray and confess. All along I had thought that I had to figure out and do/fix everything. But I could not with my limited senses as they are. I do not know enough. In reflection I know now that everything that occurred was because I was fighting the truth of which I had received a lucky glimpse so long ago when I was a child. In any case Kia, this is the short version. On my about page at the very bottom I have a video testimony about this that may have a bit more detail and heart.

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  4. Hah~!

    Know-it-alls don’t recover, they just change their spots. Me? I do know it all … I knew it all from the first time I clashed head-on with God’s love and the earthly messengers of His infinite compassion.
    The message and the messengers were two halves of a contradiction that couldn’t be resolved except by mental gymnasticery that I simply was (and am no) capable of. Far easier just to face the truth, no?

    Too polite to spit in the eye of preachers I simply close the door on them—anything else is an absolute waste of breath. Sadly they will never know they’re wrong …

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          • Sorry, I was a few minutes late to see you shook on it. With your blog slogan reading “The Man who Learned Too Much and Lived to Tell” I was hoping you could answer this:

            “How do we define something only we have experienced in the insanity, and returned to sanity to see its proof, but sanity is too insane to accept what can’t be proved?”

            Tried my best to use the right words, I’ll try again if I have to.

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              • Let me try again,

                I’m trapped with a concept/essence/something that only lives in imagination but explains of my problems too well. I can’t reject its logics. What is it? I call it ALiF, I created this whole blog trying to explain it and then read it myself again to see if I was right. The depth of its concept I can’t explain and I am trying to get in touch with someone who knows it well enough to tell me something more about it.

                Although, I have seen its proof in everyone.

                My Question:”What is it?”

                Just use your own imagination, tell me anything you can describe because I know, in some ways, but you will be right, only if you use your imagination with a good intent.

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              • I’m still not understanding brother. Let me read some more of your stuff. For now thx for the follow and the encouragement to continue searching. Love is the answer.

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              • Exactly. I know “Love is the answer.” but HOW DID YOU KNOW?

                That’s what keeps me fascinated to keep searching for a person who can just confirm it. Bro, thanks for your encouragement, I would hate to see you waste your time on things that may not make sense, you are already doing a great job in your own flow and I’d love to read from your blog. I believe Thank You is the word to say it all.

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  5. As you’ve closed comments, let me just put this here:

    I cannot call people who exist inside a bubble of lies, rational. These are people who BELIEVED Clinton was running a pedophile operation out of a pizza shop…. Yes, that was one Russian fake news story that was swallowed hook, line, and sinker. Now, of course, not all conservative voters are such gullible simpletons, but an awful lot in the US are. In Aust I usually vote for our conservative party, so i’m not anti-conservative. But Trump voters are a breed of stupidity that has to be called out. Defending this man is indefensible.


  6. KIA, I hope that at some point you will discuss the theological implications, if any, of our dear departed Koko’s reportedly having an IQ between 75 and 90 I have known humans with lower IQs than that. Did Koko have a soul? Was she smart enough to sin? Was her sin original or derivative? These are deep waters.

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    • Ah… Google is my friend too. Koko the gorilla. Here may be a temporary, first draft answer.
      If we have a soul, then certainly koko has/had one too. We are connected and related biologically and genetically, so why not spiritually in our connection to each other and the ‘god’ of the universe and nature that may be there?
      I don’t know anymore for sure that we have souls that survive death. I once thought I did along with a great many other things that I thought I knew with certainty and full assurance. But what we know about koko and her achievements with cognition and communication, I’m happy to agree at least that… if it’s true that we have souls that survive death and commune with a God or gods, then there’s no reason for me to think koko didn’t also.

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