Wednesday Haiku Challenge: “Aging”

A New Weekly Feature Post
Welcome to a new feature on the Recovering Know it All. The Wednesday Haiku Challenge. The rules are simple. Take a picture related to the theme or word of the week and post it on your blog or in the comments here with a haiku, three lines of poetry 5, 7, then 5 syllables in length. Why not join in? Here is mine for this week… “Aging

When parents decline

They look to us like children

Will we ‘decline’ too?


The Wife ™ and I have recently had issues with her father. He was staying with us “temporarily” and now he’s not… but he should be. It’s a dance, you see. A dance between partners who keep stepping on each other’s toes. Expecting the other to lead, yet somehow always following and reacting to the other’s lack.

Parents losing ground,

From lazy to unable.



We always knew the day would come. When no one left would accept the responsibility. Fifteen years too early. Better than being too late. My own parents refused until they no longer had the breath to ask. Alas, they were of different stuff. A different, more independant and proud generation.

Failing health decides.

When all we wanted was time.

He is her father.


I love my wife. But I don’t like her dad. Never did. He’s so NOT mine. The choice is ours… but it isn’t. He is the same yet less. He’s getting to the point where his Won’t is becoming his Can’t. And the difference between the two matters less and less each day. Changes will come, but changes must be agreed to first.

Too early for this

Life doesn’t keep my schedule

Fair is just a word


A four letter word

Well, there is my try for today and a commentary to boot. Lol. Why not give it a try? Do your own post and drop a link or just comment below. Let’s do this!!



Tie Tuesday: Christmas in July 2018 Santa is Prepping

Hard at Work. Getting everything ready.

Hey there all you happy people. It’s July and as it usually is during this month all around the country… It’s Hot as Hell!!

I usually wear a shirt and tie at the office, except on Fridays and except during summer when Arizona gets over the century mark on the thermometer. Here in the Phoenix area the temps won’t go back below 100 degrees until late October, and most of that time we will be between 110 and 120. No… no ties at work for awhile.

For this week’s Tie Tuesday “Christmas in July” Tie, I’ve chosen the Man himself. Santa. And an illustration of sorts.

Of course he exists… you have to Believe to See, not the other way ’round, like some other Invisble and Invincible entities in the universe. Or haven’t you been told? Of course, at least for one night in December, he can be in all places at all times dispensing blessings and gifts to needy and deserving boys and girls. And no… He’s not riding a Pink Fluffy Unicorn, that’s on the off season, he’s of course driving his sleigh with eight tiny Flying Reindeer.

Of course he is… if you’re an unbeliever or a doubter, it’s you who must demonstrate that it’s not true. If you can’t but still want to Believe it’s not, it’s you who are practicing the Religion of Nonbelief. As we’ve been told, Believing things we have No demonstration for… like Santa and other such Entities, is the default position. You need to have good reasons to not believe, otherwise you’re taking your Eternal Christmas in your own hands. Coal chunks for you for ever. You don’t want to Pascal Wager with THAT do you?

Why not play along? Post your own Christmas in July post, picture, poem or short blurb of a memory.


Overheard… oh my, not CS again…

Hat tip to Wally, Tom, and CS in that order..
The demands for “proof” are constant. The demand is for the proof to be scientific, empirical, and indisputable. God is transcendent, and the question of His existence not scientific. A transcendent being cannot be proven, or disproven by the scientific method which requires things that are observable, can be recreated and repeated. This issue of nonbelief is NOT a proof based problem; it is a heart problem.


Science proves God? Not really. Logic proves the existence of God, but not science. The scientific method is actually quite limited in what it can be used to do. Moreover, we don’t have the tools to study God. We can only use science to study his Creation.

I agree. But I would also ask… which God of the thousands that mankind has chosen to Believe in, follow, kill and die for are they talking about? And of which of these could this not be said? To say we cannot have and should not therefore even ask for Proof, or the demonstration of the Truth of said claims, for His existence again stretched Credulity past the point of Sanity to the realm of willing and knowing Self Delusion.
True science fears nothing, and while agreeing with the best of men regarding scripture, I disagree with believers who say science has little or no part in revealing God. It has every part, and here’s why. Science is the provable method in how things are known. When we say we KNOW, we do so because truth is on the table. Knowing and opinions are not equally credible.

Would not the Hindu be able to say… “Lord Shiva is beyond scientific examination, yet… He exists, it’s a Heart issue”. Or perhaps Muhammad of Islam? Or Zeus… Hanuman, the monkey god… or the Mormon incarnation of Yahweh with his multiple wifes in the Celestial Heavens bearing spirit babies who each have the same opportunity and Destiny he had when He was born from His parents, to attain godhood and rule of his own planet?

Which God of humanity throughout the millenia could this not be said for to exempt His/Her followers and worshippers from presenting actual evidence of their actual existence to back the threats of Eternal Doom or promises of Eternal Bliss if ONLY the trunchiant non believers would forfeit their Critical Thinking skills and yield completely and wholeheartedly to the Sacred Interpretations of unknown answers and ignorance?

Then there are some of the Rainbow Bright, Pompously Prysmatic variety… you know who you are… who would say no, we CAN know, elucidated and illuminated by Sacred Writ… theirs of course, by interpreting “correctly” and with Faith… Presuppositionally of course… the God of Nature, by Nature itself. Really? Would you afford the same ability and freedom and application of this Sacred Reasoning to those of others Faiths that you allow yourself? How could you in good and honest conscience deny them what you afford to your Faith?

What would allow a Muslim, a Pagan, a Hindu… a Christian… sole ability to claim such an Exemption? When applied to all equally, what would allow such Christians to deny the same reasoning for the ‘Intuitive Existence’ of other Gods that they afford to their own, Yahweh?

With such thinking, or non thinking as the case may be, might they be forced to admit that the ‘evidence’ for the existence of Other Gods is at least as good as the evidence they use to support the ‘existence’ of their own? How could they escape the conclusion, as they have applied it to the Other Gods, that their own Yahweh has the same nonexistence as they apply to them?

Indeed. Science cannot prove or disprove the existence of the generic “God of the philoshers” or even Russell’s Teapot. But science, evidence, reason, logic, archaeology, ancient history and literary criticism in fact CAN disprove the gods of some religions, the God of the Bible and the Great Monotheistic Triad of Judaism, Christianity and Islam being one of them.

I may not be able to rule in or out the existence or nonexistence of “God” in the broader term, but I do know that the stories of the God described in the Bible, and His Only Begotten Son Jesus, by their cruel, sadistic, murderous and both internal and external inconsistencies with both history and nature rule them out as persons or entities who actually exist outside of the pages of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Holy Writ.

If Yahweh exists by mere acclamation and Faith that he does, without evidence or “proof” of that claim needed… then so does Zeus, Vishnu, Diana of Ephesus, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They all can claim the same exemptions to examination as Yahweh. Thank you Color Storm for clearing that up for us. All the rest of us… THINK.


Time for Sunday ‘School’: Taking Unfair Advantage of a Child’s Trust

Can it Honestly be called “School” though?

The Responsibility of a Childlike Faith

My response to a POST by one who calls himself Color Storm on the Faith of Children and how Christianity encourages adults to “Just believe” like children do. My comment hasn’t yet made it out of Moderation from this morning. I wonder what could be the reason….

KIA says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

John, a lot of times Faith comes easier to children because they just don’t know better and haven’t had the opportunity to yet. They trust adults and their elders to tell them the truth for all kinds of things that turn out to be very wrong and even harmful… For examples: the pedophile priests who represent god and god’s ‘loving touch’, santa clause is ‘real’ until he ain’t, and such silliness as the earth is flat and only 6000yrs old.
A child’s faith is sacrosanct and a huge responsibility. Some of (the) things we tell them and they believe on the “faith of a child” amounts to plain old fashioned child abuse. It’s nothing to encourage adults to or hold up as anything to strive for.
Credulity and ignorance.

Why not tell me what you think of his post and my response. And as always… “Think on these things”


Poem: “Finally it’s Friday”

Finally it’s Friday, the end of my week

No time for working, more time for sleep.

No time for toiling, soon I’ll be scrubbing

Or maybe just washing, but certainly loving

The time with my family, the End of my week


Along with our dogs, like two pre-sawn logs

Sleeping like hogs, content in their bogs,

will keep our heads covered to catch some more Z’s

With tiny white fur balls down by our feet.

It’s finally Friday… the End of my week.


We just have to get thru one more day of The Work Week ™ and then it’ll be time for cleaning, sleeping in, reading, relaxing, loving and just being me. I’m sure we can do it. My Sam Adams Boston Lager is waiting for me. Enjoy the weekend. -KIA

Friday Poetry: “Work Week’s Done”

Work Week’s Done

work week’s done

it’s time for fun

maybe i’ll run

pretend i won

the power ball

or chuck it all

rise and fall

by glowing ball

sunrise wake me

sunset take me

dreaming maybe

all too hazy

early to bed

my cares to shed

of them well fed

they ache my head

my goal to sleep

to count my sheep

my snoring deep

in dreams i’ll leap.

from hill to hill

a slumber mill

new corners fill

of future will.

these words will write

perhaps fly kites

adventure nights

my burdens light.

work week’s done

it’s time for fun


Maybe we should just Pray?

Yeah… this was JB’s actual Post Title

Hooray For Dead Babies!

Always the comedian, JB seems to think a valid and sometimes very necessary medical procedure that even saves lives is worthy of his Witty Repartee. He seems to equate all terminations of pregnancy, except of course the most common types… natural miscarriage and failure to implant, which of course are in the purview, he must believe, of his God of the Bible and christianity… with murder. (Given the last bit, I wonder if John will admit that his God is a bigger “murderer” than Planned Parenthood?). Sorry Christians, that’s what the numbers say.

But i’m wondering as well, given the recent row on my post calling into question the Power, Benefits and Results of Believing Prayer (or non results as the case may be), why not just call a Worldwide Christian Prayer Meeting to beat all Prayer Meetings and …

Pray for the End of Abortion?

I wonder if it would work? I wonder if God is so “Pro-life”, except of course for those pesky thousands dying of malnutrition and starvation across the world, many of them children and pregnant mothers, because you know… birth control is against gods plan to be ‘fruitful and multiply’ (after all, we want a “Quiver Full” for the Kingdom!! … even with missionaries of almost all Faiths rushing to their aid to apparantly ‘fill the gap’ in God’s Gracious Provision, because… there IS one… and all the thousands dying by hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis… and other “acts of nature and Nature’s God”…

Why not Pray for the End of Abortion?

God wants to End Abortion, starving and dying children (before the magical “age of accountability” that is), dispossessed and homeless families and even Child Rape and Molestation… except apparently by His “Ministers of Righteousness” (think “no child’s behind left”)… Doesn’t He??

And as we’ve been told, there is nothing stronger than ‘Believing Prayer’ because as EM Bounds has written… “Prayer moves the Hand that moves the World”… Then Christians must believe as James 5 says that “the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much”.

And if “let God be True and all men liars” as has been bandied about constantly on RainbowCloud’s blog, then why not…

Just Pray for the End of Abortion?

Surely Christians believe that God Himself Wants to… is Able to… and had the Will to… End Abortion as a practice even Tonight if we…

Just Pray for the End of Abortion, right?

But… what happens… if IT doesn’t happen? Could that hesitation be a reason that Christians don’t just Pray for the End of Abortion… and rather employ mocking, stupid, idiotic, unsympathetic and unempathetic… simply Pathetic displays hatred for women, families and their doctors who have made the difficult and heart wrenching Choice, for whatever reason, medical, rape or incest, or family situation… or life of the mother… to terminate a pregnancy rather than carry to term?

  • If you knew that you’re God couldn’t stop your adult, not mentally impaired daughter from getting her hand cut open on a Table Saw
  • If you knew that your God couldn’t heal her wounds, just by praying, and instead doctors, hospitals, medical staff and a whole lot of Human Intervention would be needed to “fill the gaps in God’s Gracious Provision”
  • If you knew that God couldn’t even stop a drunk driver from plowing into your family vehicle and killing or seriously maiming and disabling your wife, mother, children or your own self after years of preventive “Believing Prayer” and building Divine Hedges of Protection and Putting of the Armor of God every morning… Would you Believe that

“Just Praying for the End of Abortion”

…would work either? No… I doubt you would either. So, we have JB’s insulting, unfeeling, cruel and condescending post. I will admit, the liberal left media went waaayyy overboard in their fear mongering and whistle blowing in the program JB referred to and used for his “Jump the Shark” post. But then again… that’s what they do. It works for their political base so they “rinse and repeat”.

But if Christians and Believers like JB want to convince a world waiting for Love, Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness that their God has ANY of those things available on offer… they’d better start Believing what they say they Believe, and rather than doing posts like JB has here, they should…

Just Start Praying for the End of Abortion

… results be what they be. And see if their God answers like the supposed advertised “Pro-life Divinity” that they believe He is. And when, again, the God of the Bible shows Himself to be either Unwilling, Unable, or Ineffectual to answer their cries and pleadings on behalf of the Innocent… and again Human Intervention seems the only option that offers any hope at all, such as a poorly worded and Ill-intoned blog post, or legal/judicial proceedings and manipulations prove necessary to “fill the gaps in God’s Gracious Provision”, I wonder… will they realize and admit then that they only do so because deep down they Know… Prayer to the Biblical God to End Abortion is futile because He either Can’t, Won’t or isn’t there to listen.

Put your Faith and Prayer where your Blog Post is JB or admit that you don’t believe in the Power of God to Answer Believing Prayer anymore either.


Christmas in July 2018 again…

Hey there all you happy people. It’s July and as it usually is during this month all around the country… It’s Hot as Hell!! But… But I do try to do the Christmas in July as Tie Tuesdays.

This is the second of five such Tie Tuesdays in July 2018. As you can see, even Santa is having issues this morning. He just can seem to drag his crew out of bed to get to work. My sentiments exactly this morning. I had a problem getting to sleep so my time in the sack was limited. 245a still comes though and here I am ready to go… almost.

Why not play along? Post your own Christmas in July post, picture, poem or short blurb of a memory.


My Journey part 12: Identity Mine

(((Reposting for an Unfunny Comedian this morning)))

For those who may doubt my stories, these have been on my walls for years. They are displays of my former Faith, who I was, what I did, what I was about and Why I lived.

It’s All about Jesus, stupid

“Three Nails, Three Days, One Way to God”

The first is from a larger “spray can” painting gifted to me by a brother who stayed at my home years back while going thru a divorce. He kept talking in circles about his wife this, his wife that… i told him i didn’t want to hear anything about her anymore. He needed to come back to “the simplicity that is In Christ”. Can’t get much simpler than the Death and Resurrection of Jesus as the Foundation of Christianity. He later gave me this as a token of the ‘gift’ I had given him. If only Marc could see me now…

“For me to Live is Christ… to Die is Great Gain”

This next one is what I call Discipleship 101. Identity is everything for a True Christian ™. As a Disciple of Jesus, you are nothing, you have nothing, you own nothing and you deserve nothing. You quite literally are Dead so that Christ might “Live and Move and have His Being” in your life. You are possessed and obsessed, captivated, motivated and animated by “Christ in you, the Hope of Glory”. You are a Shell for His Being and the glove for His Hand in this world. But you are Dead, Hopeless and your life, such as it is, is ultimately Meaningless without this Wonderful Truth of His Aim in your life… to Use you for His Purposes. You are Dead, He ONLY is Alive in you because you are alive In Christ.

Heady stuff, right? This is why it is extremely difficult to reason rationally with and get thru to Evangelical, Fundamentalist Biblical Christians when trying to show them where they’ve gotten it wrong or have been lied to, especially on Blogs and Twitter… and why it’s Soul Wrenchingly and agonizingly difficult for Deconverts, and even ‘near’ deconverts, from Christianity like me to separate themselves from their Identities “In Christ” even when they’ve accepted the Facts, Evidence and Truths that show that the Bible is mythological, unreliable, and Christianity itself is founded on lies and bald unfounded and unsupportable assertions that run directly counter to what science, reason, rationality and REALITY says about the world as it actually is. Identity is Everything and YOU are Nothing without Christ… and even WITH Him. You are nothing.

Jerusalem, Judea and the Uttermost Parts

Next up is my Mission Statement of Purpose that I created for myself after reading a great book “The Path” by Laurie Beth Jones, the amazingly encouraging, motivational and ‘prophetic’ author of “Jesus CEO”.

I started with me and my dedication to Be and Know and Learn and Grow, then moved out to my fellow Christians and church family to Teach, Disciple and Shape others into the Image of Jesus, then moved into the outer concentric circle of “Out There”, meaning to influence others for Christ in my daily life. I was a Disciple, Discipling Others to Disciple the World for Jesus.

In fact, the very first preaching/teaching in ever did was from Matthew 28 and the Great Commission being NOT about making “Descision for Christ” or winning people to walk down an aisle or say a Sinner’s Prayer or “come to church”… it was about Making Disciples and, in my case, dedicating myself to lead others to become Dedicated Disciples of Jesus. And just as Jesus in the Gospels had His Multitudes, His Twelve (the Twelve Disciples… including Judas Iscariot), His Three (Peter, James and John), and His One (john), so did I. I had my concentric circles of influence for Christ as I Discipled Disciplers to Disciple the Nations… or at least my Arizona portion of them.

If anyone at all is a True Christian ™, I was

These things I did because I was Convinced that I was right. I was Convinced that I either “Knew it All” or knew someone else who could answer questions I couldn’t and Trusted them and the God of the Bible, and His Only Begotten Son Jesus, that if all else failed THEY would be able to “lead me beside still waters” and bring comfort to my soul, even if there were no answers “this side of heaven” to those questions. I was wrong. I did not Known it All. Neither did any of my contemporaries or teachers or favorite authors or Apologists. And I’ve been in Recovery Mode ever since.

I am not who I was. I am Less and I am More

I am no longer bound to an Identity from Mythology. If the Truth of Reality hath set me Free…. I am “Free Indeed”.

I’m not sure who exactly I am anymore or what I’m doing in my life, but I can tell you with certainty that I was not a fake or misled or misguided or any kind of “No True Scotsman” Christian you could think of as an excuse not to consider my words and ideas.

You may dismiss me, you may argue that I’ve become apostate and reprobate, you may call me names and denigrate me as just another ‘nut job’, no talent idiot. But one thing you will never be able to do and I will never allow you to do is say I wasn’t REALLY a True Christian ™. I most certainly was and it’s the reason I am as adamant in my rejection of Christianity today. So repeat after me:

  • I was a True Christian ™.
  • I was Wrong.
  • And now I’m in Recovery.

There’s room for you too. Won’t you come along also for the Journey? Comments below, please.
Thank you again. -kia

My Journey pt 7: So Much More Without Him.

Without Him I am Nothing?

Self Esteem vs Christ Esteem

I used to think this was the most profound statement of faith that described the life of a Disciple of Jesus. I now see it for the lie that it is.

While promising worth and value ‘In Christ’, it violently negates any value or worth or ‘personhood’ outside of Him. At once it seeks to give meaning and purpose to people, mostly young people like I was at fifteen years old and then again at twenty two, who naturally are struggling for meaning and purpose in their lives. The reverse image of this supposedly affirming picture is assertion that meaning and purpose ONLY come from Identity In Christ. Of course I know this now to be false and damaging to young minds at the exact point where they should be being encouraged to become who they want to be, learn what interests them, and grow into the full stature of adulthood.

Are people just “Joe Dirt”?

Instead they, and by they I mean I and many others like me, are told not only that they are worthless and valueless pieces of dirt ( ‘adama’ clay is it?) that can only be and do and have breath and meaning by grovelling at the feet of a ‘loving father’ who may have only ‘created them for destruction’ but now offers Identity only in Himself… but also that even when they come to receive the marvelous gift of ‘Christ in you, the hope of Glory’ they STILL have no value, worth, meaning or purpose outside of Him. Their lives, if they do them rightly as a Disciple of Jesus, will continue to be grovelling and begging and kneeling in defeated submission the feet of their ‘loving father’.

Is there no Escape even After Deconversion?

And don’t you ever think of leaving. It’s not that you’ll go back to being that piece of dirt… you still ARE that piece of dirt. It’s that NOW you’ll have God to fight and His ally, your own mind telling you are even lower than whale scum without Christ to provide your value. And His people, still afraid of their own value without Christ, will tell you you need LESS self esteem, not more… MORE Christ esteem, not less. They’ll tell you that you need to be ‘Childlike’ forever to be fully Human and Adult.

Paradise is a Prison Planet

The truth is that you’ve been lied to and held in bondage to a mental, emotional and spiritual childhood that has Stopped, Stunted and in some cases Regressed your growth and value as a individual person and adult human… unless you’ve accommodated your Christianity to allow for your Self Esteem, then you aren’t being honest with the full implications of your ‘Nothingness’ without Christ.

The real story of “Nothing Without Christ” is that even after you accept Christ, you are STILL Nothing even IN Christ. Jesus is ALL. You are Nothing. Is this reality? Is this healthy? Is this truth? No. No it is not. The problem with Christianity’s “Nothing without Christ” is that it is Self Immolation and Self Destruction.

But there is Escape… you can still be Free. Think for yourself. Ask questions. Challenge the ‘answers’. You DO have value, worth, meaning and purpose in yourself. It’s been stolen from you. Take it back. It’s not easy and it is painful, but it can be done. Commit to Recovery. Commit to YOU today.