For Tjs Household Haiku Challenge: Only and Full

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Aren’t they Marvelous? 

Once again, it’s time for Tj’s Household Haiku Challenge. This week’s prompt is Only and Full. The idea is to take the prompt words, one or both or a picture that might fit, and create a Haiku, a three line… 5 syllable-7 syllable-5 syllable poem… to match or convey the thought or idea. Then share your wonderful creation in the comments below here, on TJ’s post and/or create a post of your own on your own blog to play along and link to ours. This will be good fun!! Now for mine.

Maltese Kiddos 

We only have Two

Yet they fill us so fully

‘You can’t eat just one’


Just like Doritos.. But better

No… fear not, dear hearts, we don’t eat Dogs in this Household. Not even Cats. But what if we did? Have you ever thought of the reasons why we Love some animals as Pets, yet Love others on our dinner plates? 

**WARNING: thought provoking content ahead**

Have you Met your Meat?

Why is it that I look at my beautiful Maltese Kiddos on the floor or the footstool in the front room relaxing and content, that I don’t also also think of these two smiling cattle who obviously, Ear Tags and all, aren’t as fortunate as Sonny and Daisy are to be well cared for and care free… and free from the fear of being killed, against their wills,  for my Palate Pleasure?

Do these kids look they have any Spare Ribs? Do you?

We make up fake names and words to describe what should be better described with Real and Accurate ones. 

  • Pork is not ‘pork’… It’s Pig flesh.
  • Beef is not ‘beef’… It’s the muscle and tissue of a Cow.

Mutton or Veal or Poultry is really… what we pull off and take, slice up and purchase from our markets in neatly saran wrapped packages… from Sheep, Chickens and other Birds, and… baby cows. 

Let that sink in… Baby Cows. 

And remember… Lamb is another Fake Name for… Baby Sheep, killed before it reaches adulthood to be a Sheep for your Mutton, all so it’s flesh can be soft and tender for your “Palate Pleasure”.

Yet, contrary to commonly repeated myth, None of these intelligent and sentient creatures ever Asked, Offered to Give, gave Permission or were even considered when they were artificially bred, raised and killed for our dinner. Scientists, animal lovers, veterinarians, and even farmers, ranchers and animal behaviorists all testify that these animals all have feelings, emotions, personalities and idiosyncrasies just like my two Canine Kids on the floor and footstool in the front room.   

So why the difference in the Ones we Pet vs the Ones we breed, exploit, mistreat, kill and eat for Food as if they were just Widgets rolling off an assembly line?

I mean, if you told this little girl that her Friend there was going to have his throat slit and then be cut up in little pieces in front of her so she could have a good Meal later on… what Do you think her reaction would be? I imagine that she would revolt and cry and try very hard to Stop you from killing her Friend that probably doesn’t want to be killed. Just like my dogs and perhaps your cats or horses.

There are countries and cultures where they eat Cats, Dogs, Rats, and even Horses the same was we ‘serve’ Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Fish and Sheep… even baby ones.

The question in my mind is… 

Do you say you are an Animal Lover, hate Animal Cruelty of any kind, maybe even consider yourself an Animal Welfare Advocate… yet STILL don’t understand what the ‘big deal’ is with Vegetarians and Vegans who don’t eat or wear Animals?

So again, have you given any thought… 

… as to why we Love some as Pets but Love others as Commodities and Menu items? Why we fight against the torture, mistreatment and killing of ‘some’ Animals… But are completely fine or least oblivious to these things when it comes to Others, who have also been shown to have the same capacities for intelligence, feeling, emotion, and personality as my Sonny and Daisey? Why or why not?

Not-so-Happy Meal

Two halves of the whole

Calves that never grow to Bulls

They picked up the check.


I’m sorry this may have gotten depressing

Thus, my haiku. My life is so much Fuller with My Two Amazing Beasts. But our hearts can’t Only reach out the ones we Love on our floor. They must also be open to the Ones on our plate… the ones we Eat, Use and Wear… for us to consider ourselves True Animal Lovers in any meaningful and Truthful sense.  

Please consider going Vegan or at least Vegetarian. Love All Animals the same. All Lives are Precious.



The ‘Albatross’ in the Room

Is he really any different than we are?

If he deserves Punishment, don’t we as well?

This post regarding the torture and killing of Albatross in Hawaii seems to be getting alot of traction and comments. The original news story can be read here, but basically the outrage and fervor is over some sentient, intelligent and beautiful animals being tortured and killed by some psychopathic kids. Here’s a quote from the blog author on the tragedy.

“An albatross is a sentient creature, if it could “choose” to remain alive or be killed it would take the former, it feels pain, and NYU student Christian Gutierrez, 19, inflicted a lot of pain on those birds living on Oahu:”

Did I mention that ‘these’ birds are ‘protected’ by law? While I applaud the efforts to publicize and let people know how psychopathic it is to kill intelligent, sentient, ‘pain feeling’ animals, I also wondered if the author or his readers have considered the ‘other’ somewhat LESS protected animals that are force bred, tortured, killed and bivisected to appear in our grocery stores, bound for our homes and dinner plates, for consumption by our families? 

I left a response to the article implying the question that hasn’t yet as of this posting made it to the comments section. I’m sure it will in due time.  But I wonder if the author and the readers who recoil at such ‘psychopathic’ barbarity done on the Albatross have taken the time to consider the Real Elephant, or in this case… Albatross, in the room… 

Why do we Protect some animals, yet not others? 

Why, if all of the animals we choose to raise, kill and eat for food are intelligent and sentient beings in their own rights, as they certainly are… why are their cries and desire not to be killed for our pleasure and consumption not to be heard? 

How is what happens on ‘factory farms’ and even family farms any different in the final analysis? Here we have ‘other’ living, breathing, feeling, intelligent and sentient beings who, if given the choice and were able to communicate that desire to us, their ‘masters’…

  • Would most likely NOT choose to ‘give us’ their lives… 
  • Would NOT choose to be artificially inseminated and bred against their wills… 
  • Would NOT be ‘appreciative’ of their so called ‘humane treatment’ at our hands before they are STILL ‘slaughtered’ (Translation: Killed)… 

They most certainly Would most likely want to live long and natural lives, Protected by the same laws that protect our dogs, cats, horses… and Albatross… from torture and deaths against their wills, by not ‘psychopaths’ mind you, but by US regular people, who none the less continue to refuse to afford them the same recognition of sentience and intelligence and feeling as the author and readers of the Post in question presupposes… even Demands for these birds in Hawaii.

There is an Elephant in the Room and today it looks a lot like an Hawaiian Albatross. Please consider the consistent position against animal cruelty, torture and Inhumane execution… Consider going Vegan today, or at least Vegetarian. Peace. 


Monday Re-post: My entry for Daily Post Prompt ‘Test’

Work Ethics and Job Pride

This is my Entry for the Daily Post Writing Prompt “Test”

“Every day is a Job Interview” -kia

I grew up in central Kansas during the 60s thru the mid 80s. Small town, farm community, hard work, honest labor. Lots have changed in 30 years since, but one thing that hasn’t is my strong Work Ethic given to me by my parents and germinated in the ‘good soil’ of of the American Heartland.

It has stood the Test of Time.

How about you? Where were you raised? Did you get the same Training and encouragement growing up to work hard and succeed? How do you feel about the differences today?

Tell me in the comments below.


My Journey: KIA at 15 to Answering ID with Facts, what a ride.

((July 2017, Brother Mel asked if I could Disprove the existence of the God of the Bible, as if not being able to disprove a claim was Evidence for or lends support to its Proof. Can you Prove the non existence of Magic Dust throwing Pixies somewhere in the vastness of the Universe, Brother Mel?))

Even if Evolution were proven False…

… That would not serve as Evidence FOR Creationism or ID.

But thankfully, the evidence for “Evolution by Natural Selection” has not been and probably will never be proven false. In fact, it’s one of the most well established and evidenced theories of understanding Reality that we have ever have.

If Darwin lived today, he would have been given the Nobel Prize. Sadly it didn’t exist yet in his time.

Bereishith- “In the beginning…”

I didn’t always know or even want to know these things. I was, until very recently, a Christian, and an ardent and active one at that, who had as the very center of my Identity, The Person and Character of Jesus. I was a Jesus Following Disciple of Christ.

  • “I am crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live. Jesus Christ now lives in me”
  • “For me to live is Christ, to die is great gain”
  • “Christ in You, the hope of Glory”

-Paul the Apostle

“Go back and tell others…” -Jesus to the Man of the Tombs

“When I was a Youth Minister and Inner City Missionary to Youth Gangs, I found out and taught others the fact that greater than 85% of Adult Life-long Christians accepted Christ as Saviour before the age of 15. “

“My Mission was to get them at that age and I focused on Junior High and early High School aged kids for this reason. ALONE


My Journey into Christianity began as I suppose a lot of people’s does. I was 15 years old on my paper route in a small town in rural Kansas. But before I begin, a bit of backstory is necessary.

Good News about Bad Consequences

The week before my conversion to Christ, my sister, who had recently taken the nickname ‘Sunshine’ instead of her given name, had invited me to a Bible Study in the next town over where the leader of the group, a small gathering of young college age people at the very end, I mean the WAY very end of the Jesus Movement, had been meeting to read the Gospel of John (Good News for Modern Man version) together and sing simple songs of worship.

At the end of that night, the leader, who I believed at the time was a student at some bible college or other, gave me a copy of the Good News NT and asked me to read John’s Gospel when I got home.  Which I did. I stayed up and read the whole of the Gospel of John in one sitting till late in the night.

My 15yr old First Impression of Jesus

It spoke of a Jesus guy who told stories and made people upset with what he said, then got himself killed. The last part of the story told of his coming back to life and lifting off to heaven in a cloud of dust. I thought it was a good story and identified the Jesus as the same one who hung from  a cross supported by chains from the ceiling of our Catholic Church. I remember thinking he was still there, but not alive. As a kid, Good Friday was always a mystery to me. Looking up at Him hanging from chains, I always thought to myself “Wasn’t so good for HIM”.

But back to the Story above: The very start of My Journey.

The next week, as I was saying, I was on my paper route after school when one of the Grandmotherly type ladies I threw to asked me how I was doing, what was new with me. I told her about the Bible Study and about my reading the Gospel of John but not really understanding it all. Of course, being a Christian and wanting to help me out a bit, she invited me back around for cocoa and cookies after my route was done.

Cookies and Jesus. Hold the Hell please, I’m on a diet

Came to find out that she was the wife of the recently retired minister at the local Bible Church, Fundamentalist/Independent Baptist in flavor, just up the street from where I lived. She read me the gospel of John chapter 3 about what Jesus had done and the consequences of refusing his “Kind Offer” of Salvation, then chapter 1 about who Jesus was, God in Human form who couldn’t be refused without dire Eternal Consequences. Then, like all good Christians of this ilk do almost on sheer reflex alone, she pressed me for a decision for Christ.

  • With NO Evidence to support her claims
  • With NO other bits from Science or History
  • With NO ‘other side of the question’ to raise questions

… With “Appeals to Authority”, not just Jesus’ implied and assumed authority as God in Flesh with whom I would have Hell to pay for refusing, but also HER authority as an Elder woman of society which in MY town just wasn’t to be questioned by mere 15 year old kids…

  • … I accepted the message,
  • prayed the prayer of Faith
  • and became a Christian.

It really didn’t matter at that time what I knew to be true or false or that I had no opportunity to check the story against reality, science, history or archaeology… I had not even heard of Pascal’s stupid Wager yet (till I started using it myself in Street Evangelism and Apologetics), I was a Christian because I freely accepted the message of the Gospel and trusted Christ alone for my Salvation from Hell.

A Hell God Himself created for those who refuse Him

I didn’t even know enough then to think that it was God’s own Wrath that Jesus was saving me  from or that He supposedly Created the place called HELL that He is threatening people who don’t submit with.

“I didn’t think to ask then that if God want’s to Forgive mankind, and He doesn’t want people going to Hell…

  • Why not just Forgive those who believe without the manipulative threat of Hell being an option?
  • Why not just Forgive without Jesus having to Die and shed blood in a Human Sacrifice?
  • Why Create Hell in the first place if you don’t want people to go there?.”

“I was a Kid… I didn’t have the ability to think of these things for myself. I just “Trusted” that she was telling me the Truth ™, and that the Truth ™ actually WAS True.”


Hell was something God didn’t want, but was there anyway because of US.

  • Yup, God Created it, but it was OUR fault.
  • He didn’t want people to go but “We send ourselves there” by refusing His Gracious Love.
  • Jesus was willing to lower himself to become ‘like’ us to save us from Hell, IF we believe in Him and do as He says from now on…

Repentance and Submission. Better illustrated in the verse I always used to describe True Christianity ™ “Repentance toward God, Faith towards Jesus Christ”.

I knew nothing, literally nothing of what I was getting into or the Truth of the claims made by either the Bible Study Leader or the Grandmother on my paper route. The rest of my Christian life was spent shoring up defenses and finding Apologetic ‘Reasons to Believe’ that The Story was in fact True, Historical, Archeologically demonstrable and really Reality based, and ONLY reading and considering authorized and acceptable sources for information.

“There and Back again… a Young Man’s Journey”

I was  a Young Earth Creationist, Avid and Rabid Anti-evolutionist and TR/KJV Christian for 34 years, 25 of which as a Minister and Missionary in various roles in the Church and serving short term missions in two different countries outside the US as well as having been an Inner City Missionary here in the Phoenix area for 5yrs before that.

I was Plain Wrong about the ‘Plain Truth’ of Scripture

I didn’t know all knowledge about what I was saying or supporting. I trusted others who had these things ‘sorted’ for me. Now I know that THEY were wrong too, most of the time knowingly wrong, in what they ‘knew’ and supported about Reality.

“Christian Apologetics is NOT about “giving answers to those who ask for the reason for the hope within you”, it’s about giving “Answers” to Believers sufficient enough to STOP them from asking further questions… whether those answers are True, Accurate, and in accordance with Reality, History, Science or even Honest.”

From Bereshith to Bull$#!t

At the end of my 34 yearJourney as a Christian, I simply had to, with the help of new information from new ‘Unofficial’ sources apparently kept from us by the Official Sources (I guess I can say, Thank God for the Internet!!), realize that I had been lied to and kept in this Fantasy Land of Unreality called Christianity. I had no other option than to admit that I was no longer “The Know It All” I once thought I was. I went into Permanent Recovery where I am now. Because of learning these things about the Fantasy I gave my life and Identity to for the last 34yrs and continuing to learn newer and more mind blowing things about the Reality I once before denied and was denied, I will forever be…

The Recovering Know It All, at your service of course.


Evolution is a Religion?

(((Updating 5/6/17 for James with a comment on his once again recycled post on his blog… ugh! I won’t post comments on his blog anymore due to his propensity for editing them to say and creating comments for me that I did not say… lying sack!! Here’s what I would have posted on his blog post)))

No James, evolution is not a religion. Did you know that the majority of Christians even accept the Fact of Evolution? They just think God did it. Enjoy the Day and stop spreading propaganda. -kia

Enjoy the take down. -kia


Reposting this for Godless Cranium this morning. -kia

James, Evolution is a Religion like Gravity is a Philosophy… and like Abstinence is a Sex Position.” -kia

Enjoy the day and walk in Reality, not just Memes.


Evolution is an Indisputable Fact of Life

One Kia’s Current understanding:

Biological Evolution is both a process and a function of population genetics whereby biological life forms change and are modified as a species group over time in response to their environments, even their changing environments, both by the passing on of more ‘advantageous-for-survival- in-their-environments’ mutations’ and by the ‘selection out’ of individuals less equipped and ‘fitted’ to pass on their genes to the next generation.

Life itself is “plastic” to the environments it lives in, and over time and successive generations… changes and Evolves to fit the environment in order to both survive and thrive to continue into the next generations.

Evolution is a Fact of Life like Gravity is a Fact of Physics or Germs causing disease is a Fact of Biology and Medicine. Even though all of these are referred to as Theories, NONE of them are “just a Theory”. They are Indisputable and incontrovertible Facts.

Deal with it.


Evolution is an Indisputable Fact

So simple a Hovind-ite can understand it… if he wants to

There is no scientific definition of an immutable Kind of lifeform. From other videos I have watched, Kent Hovind seems to understand the concepts of genetic variation and differentiation ‘within’ a species and Natural Section ‘out’ of individuals less equipped to survive in their environments and pass on their genes to subsequent generations. He and other Creationists refer to this as Microevolution. But he and they are philosophically and religiously biased against the idea that one Kind can develop into a different Kind in the same way, no longer being able to interbreed and mate with their progenitor species… referred to as Speciation or by them as Microevolution.




“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” –Romans 1:22 KJV


There is no Micro and Macro Evolution. It’s all Evolution. And the Bias that the Kinds or Species of different lifeforms that fill our planet are Immutable past a certain Macro Barrier is not science. It’s Theology and willful ignorance. 

To maintain their Faith in a Biblical Story with no actual evidence For it and a lot of evidence Against it, they have chosen to Blind themselves and continue Blinding others to the Scientific Truth that the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is more than “just a Theory”.

Evolution is an Indisputable Fact of Nature. Deal with it.


Xtian Music and Lyrics  “The Jesus That I Used To Know”

Amazing skills… And then there is THIS adapted from the song by Gotye. Try reading my words as you listen to the music. Enjoy. -kia

“Just the Jesus That I Used To Know”

(In the Beginning…)

Now and then I think of when I followed Jesus
Like when I felt I was so happy I could die
Told myself that He died for me. I was hungry His company. 

Eternal Life and Hope and Love… I still remember

‘Not of This World’ supplies a special brand of sadness
Like knowing that “the end” is really The End… for ‘Them’

But when I realized it made no sense
I soon made enemies who once were friends
Still with a twinge I’ll wince and say I’m glad it’s over

(Chorus 1)

But you really didn’t have to cut me off
Say I was never Christian and that I’m “Apostate”
And how you really show your “love”? You treat me like a Bastard and betray His Word
No, now I truly know your heart, only interested in those who hold the same convictions

I guess He can’t control your tongue
Now that He’s just the Jesus that I used to know

Now He’s just the Savior that I used to know
Now you’re just the Jesus that I used to know

(True Repentance…)

Now and then I think of all the times I screwed my Family
He had me thinking it was them or “Serving God”

No longer can I live that way
Hating others ’cause of what God saith
He said I had to let them go

He’s watching me be caught up on the “Hell Bound” that I used to know!

(Chorus 2)
But I really had to cut Him off

Book of fables had me treat them as if they were nothing

Couldn’t ever be real love
Now you treat me like a Bastard when I broke your bread
No you didn’t have to be so cold
I was only asking questions that deserved an answer

I guess His Love has limits though
Now that He’s just the Jesus that I used to know

The Jesus
(I used to know)

My Jesus
(Now He’s just the Jesus that I used to know)

(I used to know)
(That I used to know)
(I used to know)
The Jesus…


Stay Thirsty my friends. There is a greater Fountain of refreshing than the Religious Fiction found in the pages of ‘scripture’ so-called.


Ah Brother Wally… the Irony of it all

Apparantly… “Si, se Puede”

KIAOctober 6, 2017 at 17:51


Have you read exodus 21 lately?


Have a great night brother Wally. Good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor.


Friday Poetry: “Work Week’s Done”

Work Week’s Done

work week’s done

it’s time for fun

maybe i’ll run

pretend i won

the power ball

or chuck it all

rise and fall

by glowing ball

sunrise wake me

sunset take me

dreaming maybe

all too hazy

early to bed

my cares to shed

of them well fed

they ache my head

my goal to sleep

to count my sheep

my snoring deep

in dreams i’ll leap.

from hill to hill

a slumber mill

new corners fill

of future will.

these words will write

perhaps fly kites

adventure nights

my burdens light.

work week’s done

it’s time for fun