On My Shelf

Reading is ‘Fun-Da-Mental’

“And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh” -Ecclesiastes 12:12

Books I’m reading

Jesus, a Revolutionary Biography by John Dominic Crossan (finished)

Lost Christianities by Dr. Bart Ehrman (finished)

What’s on your list or ‘off the shelf’ and in your Book Bag this month? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to trade ideas and books.



10 thoughts on “On My Shelf

  1. Lord of the Rings. A classic, no doubt.
    I read it a long time ago and the most significant thing I remember was Bilbo Baggins birthday party and thinking, enough already. Let’s move it along! Sheesh, Tolkein really dragged that out.
    Never read the other two. Must be honest not a great fan of poetry, although I confess to owning an illustrated book of William Blake once upon a time.

    My shelf consists largely of humour, fantasy and science fiction and includes authors Terry Pratchett, Tom Sharpe, Brian Alldiss, Stephen Donaldson, Robert Sheckley,Piers Anthony, among fiction writers. I also have loads of classic stuff including Marcus Aurelius, Edward Gibbon, Plato, Shakespeare, etc These came part of a collection with a set of encyclopedias I inherited from someone who emigrated.


    • coolio. LTR is a classic, much better than the Films (they butchered a lot of the story for the screen) but as you may have guessed, both of us are avid and wide readers. more widely in the last years. thx for the view from your bookshelf. looking forward to more exchanges. -KIA

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  2. I was a vegan back in the Nineties before there was any supporting industry for it. Nowadays it seems to be a piece of cake, so to speak, to be a vegan. Which is a good thing. One of my favorite books from back then was “Radical Vegetarianism.” My sons are vegan now and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it but it was a fun, radical (especially for the times) read.

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  3. I’ve read about your journey and find it fascinating. There are a few parallels to my own.

    I do believe in God of all-there-is and that religious sects are often used as a control mechanism. After having profound experiences with meditation, and after seeing the numerous times that the religions of science and salvation have been wrong, the idea of accepting information religiously believed in can be disappointing at best and disastrous at worst.

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